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Stratum Elementor Addon is a collection of 20+ advanced Elementor widgets with a strong business orientation. The addon enhances the functionality of the existing Elementor widgets collection with extra multipurpose elements for all kinds of websites - from personal portfolios and blogs to business websites and large eCommerce projects.

Although Stratum widgets are fairly equal to premium-like solutions,even Elementor Pro the addon users can try all 20+ widgets for free. Moreover, the addon gives access to exclusive and highly-demanded options unavailable even in the Elementor Pro packages.

In case you only need a couple of advanced widgets from Elementor Pro but you are not ready to pay for the plugin premium subscription, Stratum becomes the solution “in-between”. For the cheap at half the price of Elementor PRO, you will get a handy set of 6 analog PRO widgets:

  1. Advanced Slider
  2. Advanced Posts
  3. Masonry Gallery
  4. Testimonial Carousel
  5. Price List
  6. Flip Box

...and more 14+ more Elementor essential addons to take advantage of.

Key Features of Stratum Elementor Extras:

  • 20+ Elementor add ons with extensive customization options
  • Highly business-oriented widgets for all kinds of projects: from small personal blog to business websites and online stores
  • 6 exact analogs of paid Pro widgets & alternative Basic widgets but with extended functionality
  • Advanced design toolchain: deeper alignment, animation effects, etc.
  • Easy API Integrations for Instagram & Google Maps
  • Support of the Elementor template library integration
  • Stratum automatically adjusts the visual styling of widgets to the current theme
  • Works fast & does not slow down your website
  • Fully-compatible with other addons

Among the similar Elementor plugins, you will not encounter such an affordable solution as Stratum. The annual subscription costs only $19 for a single website versus $49 and $39 on average for other Elementor element packs.


= 1.3.3, Aug 28 2020 =

  • Added Vertical Timeline widget.
  • Added Horizontal Timeline widget.
  • Added Lottie Animations widget.
  • Added Countdown widget.

= 1.3.2, Aug 12 2020 =

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.5.

= 1.3.1, Jul 31 2020 =

  • Fixed an issue with Instagram widget.

= 1.3.0, Jun 10 2020 =

  • Added Advanced Accordion widget.
  • Added Advanced Tabs widget.
  • Added Image Accordion widget.
  • Improved the plugin color palette.
  • Added the Templates Library control.
  • Fixed an issue with "Instagram getToken" in the Instagram widget.
  • Fixed an issue with controls in the Advanced Google Maps widget.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

= 1.2.0, Apr 29 2020 =

  • Added Advanced Google Map widget.
  • Added Advanced Posts widget.
  • Added Advanced Slider widget.
  • Added Testimonial Carousel widget.
  • Added Flip Box widget.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

= 1.1.0, Mar 30 2020 =

  • Added Image Hotspot widget.
  • Added Masonry Gallery widget.
  • Added Circular Progress Bar widget.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

= 1.0.0, Mar 6 2020 =

  • Initial commit.

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