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Glossel - Car Blog Website Template based on WordPress Elementor Theme
Car Blog Website Template with Elementor Page BuilderExtremely unique in its design, the car blog website template for WordPress will be a godsend for auto bloggers and news agencies. Glossel is an ideal option for those who want to create not just a simple website but a large news platform for the world of vehicles.The big advantage of a car blog website template is the number of various pages. On the homepage, you can put the latest news, popular product categories, and car reviews.You also will have an opportunity to use a large page section for the product description and singular categories. It can be used for machine reviews, for example. Because there are all the necessary car template options for good storytelling blog, this website template will be great for any car blogger or enthusiast.
  • It is important to have a lot of main blocks for this kind of template. Therefore, the developers took care of a large number of visual blocks for Glossel car blog website template, that let you:
  • set a product categorization;
  • add content and navigation buttons to hero
Sales: 28
Sail - Yacht Club WordPress Theme SALE
Sail WordPress Theme is a modern and aesthetic wordpress theme developed for Yacht, Yacht Club, Sea Tour, Yacht Tour, Yacht Activities, Yacht Charter and All Sea Activities.It is a special yacht wordpress theme designed to show your yachts and events in a new generation order and to attract fast customers.You can make a big impression with the special slider area. With 3D effects and special animations, you will be able to impress your customers and get feedback.You will be able to show your yacht tours professionally in a table and list view. You will have a quality web experience, especially with the new generation and impressive event filtering area.You will be able to show your pricing and Yachts with amazing effects and animations.You will gain a solid place in search engines with our fully seo compatible and fully responsive design.If you want to be an unforgettable yacht site in the digital environment, do not miss this template.You will provide superior customization with special icon sets, special effects, special web fonts and special theme pages.Here are the Sail WordPress Theme Features:
  • Easy
Sales: 4
Pleasant Yachting Experience WordPress Theme
At yacht clubs, people can expand their sailing opportunities to a great degree. When it comes to choosing the right one, close attention is usually paid to various factors, from cost to whereabouts. But today online representation of yacht clubs also matters, and it can be successfully carried out by means of this theme. Looking at its bright visuals, people will get a feeling that the promoted organization has a convenient location surrounded by beautiful sceneries so that each yacht trip will be an unforgettable experience. Due to its vibrant palette with the dominant blue color, everyone fond of water activities will be inspired to join this club. By sharing positive photos of its team at the bottom of the homepage, youll have an opportunity to assure yachtsmen that their vessels will be under thorough supervision. Use this template to boost yacht clubs' membership dramatically. This Sailing Club WordPress design is Responsive What is it?Responsive design means well adjusted to the screens of all resolutions on any device. Why is it Good?Responsive design is the reason why the website will
Sales: 55
Politics Board WordPress Theme
Politics is definitely one of the mostdiscussed topics worldwide. Why not to start a political website and keep the world informed? This responsive template allows people to talk over the most controversial topics. Check out the scheduled events, expert opinions, electoral programs, party ads, etc. Thanks to its flat layout with recognizable dark, white and coral color scheme, you can create a powerful content oriented web presence promoting a candidate. The dropdown menu and wellarranged thematic blocks provide easier navigation through the site, whereas a slider gives a visual overview of the provided services. Grab this SEOoptimized theme to build a solid online presence and engage more users in discussing political issues. This Society & People Support WP theme is Search Engine Friendly What is it?Search engine ready is a WordPress theme that allows to successfully crawl and index the website. Why is it Good?You don't need to be an expert at SEO to get high positions in Google. WordPress SEO plugins help to compose SEO-ready titles and meta descriptions, not to mention analyze on-page content, enable you to make
Sales: 78
Yacht Club WordPress Theme
Sunny day, luxury yacht, ocean breeze... What can be better for a professional yachtsman? Even if you're a beginner and a huge fan of this sport, communicating with mature seamen will help you uplevel in this sphere. Online websites are the right place to find like minded people and get all necessary information. Here is a professional design for such a site that needs just minor changes to be turned into the one you need. Well done blog section and portfolio will provide the visitors with everything they need to know about the company it presents. Due to theme responsivity, they will easily browse the site from various handheld devices. If you're one of those who possess a good taste, this theme is definitely for you. This Sports WordPress design theme is Responsive What is it?It is an ability of the website to promptly adapt to any screen size and resolution. Why is it Good?Responsive design is the reason why the website will provide a good browsing experience to all users throughout all devices. Browse for more Responsive WordPress themes
Sales: 11
Yacht Vacation WordPress Theme
Many of us like yachts, and there's good reason. While for some buying a luxury yacht is a way to show off their wealth, for others this is a great means to leave for a vacation and see the world. Running or owing a yacht requires special skills and knowledge, and you can share such knowledge with your audience by means of this theme. The home page captures attention with quality, bright visuals organized in a two column grid. Moving mouse over an image, users will be introduced to additional information about your services. Making every element clickable, you will provide the audience with a more pleasant browsing experience. If you are looking for a great and effective solution for introducing users to your business and engaging more people in, this template is the way to go. This is Sport Gear WP template with MotoPress Editor What is it?MotoPress Editor is a complete solution for constructing web pages with no need of html coding. Why is it Good?MotoPress Editor lets you edit pages quickly, with the help of content modules
Sales: 66
Political Candidate Responsive WordPress Theme
This is a Bootstrap Political Candidate Blog WP theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for designing online websites. Why is it Good?With Bootstrap, you can make absolutely responsive internet sites by means of HTML and CSS based themes for typography, print styles, forms, buttons, tables, etc.Find more Bootstrap WP templates here This Society & People Support WordPress design is WPML ready What is it?It's a wordpress tool for designing multilingual sites based on WP. With WPML, it is possible to translate web pages, articles, custom post types, a taxonomy, and menus. Why is it Good?WPML ready templates are those that can be translated and used in several languages. View latest WPML ready WordPress templates here This Politics WordPress design is Search Engine Friendly What is it?Any time a user types a thing to the research bar, the search engine searches for it based on quite a few rules. Search Engine Friendly web theme's code is definitely particularly straightforward and structured to make Web optimization work considerably easier. Why is it Good?The Search Engine Friendly web design is without
Sales: 59
Updating Business Website WordPress Theme
This Political Elections WordPress design is Responsive What is it?Responsive design means properly adjusted to the displays of all sizes on any gadget. Why is it Good?Regardless of what sort of device your clientele might use to enter the web page - they're going to view a vivid picture which has a convenient navigation menu. It really is an especially valuable feature, taking into account that a large number of consumers these days favor their phones for internet surfing.Find more Responsive WordPress themes here This is Society & People Support WP theme with Portfolio What is it?Portfolio is a variety of work samples, proof of the skills and abilities. It shows your competence in the industry you work in. Why is it Good?A well-produced portfolio that displays the best pieces is a solid addition to CV. It reveals a work experience, a individual style and, most importantly, skills.Find latest Portfolio WordPress templates here This is a Bootstrap Political Elections WordPress design theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open source grid-based framework that allows the creation of mobile-ready websites. Why is
Sales: 60
Politics WordPress Theme
This bright, outstanding design is a great option for online politician's website or political party. Red color in the layout of politics WordPress theme symbolizes activity and quick mind. Colored blocks make the page modern, which is rather important nowadays. All text information on the website is concise and perfectly styled, which makes it easy to scan and remember. In general, the web page looks trustworthy. It makes it attractive for politicians and political parties. Nice visual effects make the website interesting to navigate through. This is Political Debates Wordpress design template with Portfolio What is it?The portfolio is some sort of an album, exhibiting examples of your work. For an indoor expert that could be photos of suites he designed, for web site-developer, it is a set of websites he built. The portfolio is known as a business presentation of your abilities. Why is it Good?It serves as an independent means of advertising. Any website guest can see your works and creations. You could attract potential customers and operate without intermediaries - consumers on their own should come to
Sales: 35
Politics WordPress Theme
Whether you are an aspiring politician or have some experience in this sphere, this politics WordPress template will definitely make your future website highly acclaimed by electorate. Its drop-down menu and nicely sorted thematic blocks will provide easier navigation through the site. Due to its flat design built in white, dark grey and coral colors, this template will make your future site modern and content-oriented. Website content will be very easy to read thanks to lots of negative space and clear structure. Big circular poppy red icons will draw your potential voters attention to your mission, issues and featured news. This Politicians WordPress design is Search Engine Friendly What is it?Search Engine Optimized themes were constructed to draw in online surfers and google search bots to your web business. Why is it Good?SEO enables to make it to the top of search results and fit the ranking factors required by the most popular search engines. Because of thas your website is visible on the web. Fresh Search Engine Friendly WordPress templates here This is a Bootstrap Society WP theme What
Sales: 130
American Politician WordPress Theme
Its important for each politician to have an efficient website that can beat competition. Make use of this premium theme with engaging appearance and rich functionality to gain a similar result. Bootstrap framework empowers it with a vast amount of features, and Cherry gives plenty of customization options. Choosing the theme as a foundation of a site, youll effortlessly customize it to meet your needs. Stunning Accordion and Carousel sliders will have a pleasant visual impact on visitors. Along with retina-ready images, audio and video integration, it will communicate all ideas to the viewers effectively. Time-honored blur, red and white color scheme of the politics WP template will make a political site look trustworthy. This is a Bootstrap Politician WordPress theme What is it?Bootstrap is a free of charge grid-based framework that enables the creation of mobile-ready websites. Why is it Good?Bootstrap is extremely adjustable for any customization. It's easy to manage with, includes a wonderful grid system and extensive features range.View more Bootstrap WordPress themes here This Society & People Support WordPress theme is Search Engine Friendly What is
Sales: 53
Leader WordPress Theme
Leader is a Management Company WordPress Template running on Cherry Framework 4. In redard to the growing popularity of handheld devices, the theme was made fully responsive. Leader is a versatile template that lets you display your company story, its offerings and services in an impressive manner. Just cast a glance at its front page. A large hero slider accompanied by eye-catching banners, galleries and Retina ready images cannot leave any of your site visitors indifferent. Social sharing options, contact details and Google map was made easy to reach. This is a Parallax Financial Management Company WordPress design theme What is it?Parallax is a CSS animation effect that makes background elements move slower than the front ones. It is one of the most cutting-edge tendencies in the current web design. Why is it Good?Animation effects make the online site more compelling and also engaging. Parallax is a sort of modern day trend, so that using it at your own web business not simply makes it more appealing but additionally fancier.Click for more Parallax WordPress templates here This Financial Management Company
Sales: 65