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Houston WordPress Theme
This business services WP template sets an elegant tone through black and white aesthetics flavored with brownish accents. Its design is not only stylish, but is also easy for interaction due to a lot of negative space, concise portions of information, and minimalist icons. To engage readers with your impressive stats, you can make use of counters. The core of the theme is based on Cherry Framework 4, a feature-rich WordPress tool providing endless opportunities of customization. What's cool, you can turn off unnecessary options to make sure nothing distracts you along the way. Integration of innovative MotoPress Editor can let you bring changes to the visual side of the theme by simply dragging and dropping elements.This template is a part of our 15+ Responsive Photographer WordPress Templates top list. This is Design Blog WordPress design theme with Portfolio What is it?A portfolio is the must-have tool for any sort of internet business that want to establish a competent brand name. This is a showcase of project, services and goods that are sorted in the visually dazzling manner. Why is
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Web Designer CV WordPress Theme
There are many different designs of online CV, but this one is special. At least because it's single page with unusual burger menu and the timeline that makes viewing page comfortable. The page surprises with its originality. There are lots of options that make browsing CV interesting. Orange color of this layout is extremely trendy, and it looks nice when mixed with shadowed slider. Circular photo with a handsome male smiling easily attracts viewers. This theme is exactly what you need to bring your web designer resume online, underline your creativity, and show all your works. This is Graphic Designer Portfolio WordPress theme with Cherry Framework What is it?Cherry Framework 4 is licensed under GPLv3 object-oriented framework with independent pieces. Why is it Good?The built-in Wizard extension provides for the super quick setup of virtually all elements of the framework. Producing custom-made shortcodes is actually achievable with the Shortcode Template Editor. The framework boasts many pre-built blogging site and website page designs. Moreover, you can create customized ones with the help of Static Area Builder.Find latest Cherry Framework WordPress templates
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Page of Fashion Photographer WordPress Theme
All stuff that is necessary for the prosperity of the photographer is a good site with a personal portfolio, resume and blog. This theme is exactly what you need to set up such a website. Colorful combination adds emphasis to subtopics, About section, progress bar and the rest of content. A full-sized photo in the portfolio just commands attention. Big central photo also attracts readers' interest. Google map offers convenient search of your location. This design has everything to jump above your competitors and make great advertisement of yourself as an artist.This template is a part of our 15+ Responsive Photographer WordPress Templates top list. This is a Bootstrap Photo Portfolio WordPress theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for creating web pages. Why is it Good?Bootstrap is highly flexible for any customization. It's easy to work with, contains a superior grid system and considerable elements quantity.Find latest Bootstrap WP themes here This Photo Album Portfolio WordPress template is Responsive What is it?This is actually the ability of the layout to transform according to the width of the display.
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Personal Design Integration WordPress Theme
Designers are very creative people and their works are the personification of original ideas. Starting a site that promotes designer's works, you have to bear it in mind and turn this personal page into professionallydone one with a power of pulling people in. Here is the theme you may need to create such an informative website with a beautiful cover. A lot of negative space space, places for subtopics, an appealing slider, a blog section, boxes for quotations a popular modern trend, Instagram photos and even place for videos this theme makes use of all possibilities to advertise your content. Take advantage of this offer and develop your business successfully. This Design Blog WP template is Search Engine Friendly What is it?SEO-friendly WordPress themes are templates that are suitable for the most common SEO plugins for WordPress. Why is it Good?By means of a SEO-friendly web templates, you find the basis to build a noticeable cyberspace project that can be easy-to-find through the ordinary keyword phrases research. Also, you may make your web presence achieve greater rankings in search engine
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Web Designer WordPress Theme
What do visitors want to see on your personal page? Those are creativity and professional design. Using this template you have possibility to place resume, portfolio, progress bar of skills all technical features, including testimonials and diplomas, to let your employers know more about you. Quaint layout, spacious place for content this is how design works for promotion. Enjoy convenient and easy construction of this theme and bring it to your page, your visitors will like it. This Photography WP template is WPML ready What is it?WPML ready means WordPress themes and templates with multilingual support. Why is it Good?WPML readiness can help you translate all the necessary content of your website and attract foreign audience. This option will be particularly beneficial for online business.Latest WPML ready WordPress designs here This Graphic Designer Portfolio WordPress theme is Responsive What is it?Responsive web page design strategy makes a internet site's interface adaptable to a type of screen resolution. Why is it Good?Responsive design ensures that the website will provide a good viewing experience to all users across all devices. Fresh Responsive
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Creative Project WordPress Theme
This template can be your favorite among other Best WordPress Themes 2014. This Design & Photography WP theme is WPML ready What is it?If you find out or hope that your target audience talks many different languages (sometimes they are really from different countries or they may be linguists), you must have your website to be made in a range of languages. WPML extension provides a multilingual switcher to the web-site, making it possible for the potential customer to easily modify the page's language. Why is it Good?WPML is a feature which allows to make your online resource multilingual.Click for more WPML ready Wordpress design templates here This is a Bootstrap Photography WordPress template What is it?Bootstrap can be a cost free front-end framework that can offer for faster and simple and easy web development expertise. Why is it Good?Bootstrap is tremendously variable for any customization. It's not hard to work with, has a wonderful grid system and wide features selection.Browse for more Bootstrap WP themes here This is a Parallax Designer WP theme What is it?It's a special method
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CorpoRational WordPress Theme
CorpoRational is a business consultant WP theme with a SEO-friendly code, video integration, and drag-and-drop content editor. Its design boasts a page-wide slideshow overlaid with functional elements, particularly a language switcher, navigation and CTA buttons. To categorize your services, the theme features elegant banners arranged in masonry tiles. There are also carousels meant to display your info compactly on the page. On hover, your team members appear with social icons linked to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can also show logos of the companies that have already used your services and got satisfied with them. It will let you represent yourself as a trustworthy person to deal with. This is Small Business WordPress design with MotoPress Slider What is it?MotoPress Slider is a WordPress slider plugin that works with video clips and animated layers. Why is it Good?It has an intuitive interface and a layered format, which is essentially really important considering that it simplifies the process of constructing every single slide. You don't have to edit them in an photo editing program, such as Photoshop. In addition, its
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Web Developer CV WordPress Theme
Development of your own CV is always important and complicated work. Every great work starts with the presentation of yourself to your employers. Make it memorable and you'll win. Choose this theme, a cutting-edge CV for a web designer or developer. A photo in a circle, place for a quote, resume button and progress bar of skills it makes use of each piece of layout for presenting creative ideas and telling about its author. Single page design makes content easy to browse. Generally, this style is very trendy. If you want a unique self-presentation, think about this design. This is Design Store WordPress design with Portfolio What is it?The portfolio is a sort of an album, demonstrating examples of your jobs. For an interior designer that would be images of suites he designed, for web-developer, it can be a listing of webpages he constructed. The portfolio is known as a business presentation of your proficiency. Why is it Good?Properly-structured portfolio may contribute to sales and revenue growth. Furthermore, it may bring in more potential customers to your business. Find fresh
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Designer's Portfolio WordPress Theme
If you think that it's time to step into big business, you need a portfolio. As you claim web designer's position, your future employer will expect something really impressive from your CV. Surely, we will be happy to help you successfully start your career. Our portfolio template has everything you might need to showcase all your skills on the labor market. The author uses amazing graphic techniques to avoid tedium and single out your portfolio from many others. If the combination of seriousness, uncommon solutions and visual appeal is what you are looking for this theme is your number one choice. This is a Bootstrap Design & Photography WP theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for webpage and apps design. Why is it Good?Bootstrap is extremely flexible for any changes. It's simple to work with, features a superb grid system and wide elements collection.Latest Bootstrap WordPress design themes here This is Design Blog WP template with Cherry Framework What is it?Cherry Framework 4 is registered under GPLv3 object-oriented framework with independent pieces. Why is it Good?Because of its
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