Sci Fi Gun - Encre 3D Model

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Sci Fi Gun - Encre 3D Model

Created: Dec 7, 2020

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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_Desc._ Sci-Fi Laser Bluster Assault Gun. It is rigged and properly skinned for animation. Provided the a Blend File, High quality textures, FBX file (For Unity and Unreal Engine) to export to Game Engine.

_Mesh_Total 1 meshes. Game engine optimized. Meshes have Clean profesional UV layout with Quad dominent faces. UV maps are professionally unwrapped and packed. Non-overlaping UV unwrapped topology. It has Catmull–Clark Subdivision surface modifier compatible for fine smoothing of mesh. Total mesh resolution: 2889 Polys / 2972 Verts/ 5466 Tris. 2557 Quad faces, 312 Triangle faces. Quad percentage 88.5%.

_PBR Textures_ The mesh have its own procedurally made PBR texture set for customization. The texture set contains Albedo/Diffuse map, Ambient Occlusion Map, Metallic Map, Roughness Map, Normal Map, Height Map, Emission Map. Texture resolutions are 4K. Format is EXR(Linear color mode) for Highest quality. Included Unity HDRP and Unreal Engine Compatible Texture set with combined map and Mask map (4K EXR).

_FBX Format_ Exported in FBX Format for Unity and Unreal Engine FBX format. Contains rigs that controls the trigger and magazine. The images demonstrates all rig controls.

_Blender Package_ Rigged Model in Blender 2.90 Packed with Textures. For offline rendering Catmull–Clark Subdivision can be added on mesh.

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