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Best Selling WordPress Templates

Looking for a perfect template on a great working platform?
Here you can find the best templates for WordPress on our customer’s buying preferences. Easy-to-customize templates with great functionality and modern design will be just a perfect fit.

Why WordPress templates?

Expertly crafted by web developers, WordPress themes give you an opportunity to build powerful and beautiful website in fastest and easiest way possible. You don’t have to be a professional to create and present your website now.

Responsive design makes all themes perfectly scalable for any display resolution. As well as cross browser compatibility can assure that your website will look the same in all contemporary web browsers.

Suitable for any kind of content our themes are a great solution if you want to create a website with truly remarkable appearance . It’s incredibly simple to change the look of your website via multiple theme options. Add and customize diverse photo galleries to showcase your content in the most unique way.

Thinking about the combination of all the foregoing features, we prepared the selection of the most successful, best selling WordPress templates for you.
Take a chance to choose the best from the best!

Best Selling WordPress Themes

Looking for a perfect template to develop your business?

You can find the best layouts based on our customer's preferences. Easy-to-customize, great functionality, modern look will be just a perfect fit.

Expertly crafted by web developers, allows you to build a powerful, recognizable page in the fastest and easiest way. Building and presenting web pages now don't require being professional. Specially designed best-selling WordPress themes for easy installation and editing help you avoid wasting resources on development from scratch.

Who Can Use The Best Selling WordPress Themes

As it was mentioned, there is no need to order developer favors because the lightest installation that any person handles, 24-hour technical support lead to a convenient process of creating your platform, minimum time.

Elegant, uncluttered, with interesting decoration, professional interface, products fit for any category - blogs about traveling, food, photography, lifestyle; small business platforms, startups, online stores, agencies, restaurant pages or any other deal, online magazines, newspapers, fashion blogs - WordPress best themes appropriate for every preference and purpose.

Features of Best Selling WordPress Themes

Let's have a look at distinctive properties of given layouts:

  1. Search Engine Friendly. Measures set of internal, external optimization to raise site position in systems for certain user queries to increase online traffic. SEO targets unpaid traffic originating from different searches, including images, video, news, maps.
  2. Admin Panel. It is a tool for managing the web resource and its settings, adding new and removing old pages, changing appearance, and editing content.
  3. Retina Ready. The platform works perfectly on any device; images remain as crisp and vivid as ever.
  4. Multipurpose. Serving more than one purpose, suitable for different purposes, flexible
  5. Google map. Helps customers to find your business location.
  6. Advanced Theme Options. Ability to make additional theme settings: full-width content, change the header of social buttons, rating, similar entries, enable ads on pages, set micro-markup elements (telephone and address).
  7. Lazy load effect. Delays are filling unneeded images on the page immediately. Pictures not visible to the user while opening the page, load later, becoming visible when the customer scrolls. It helps not to overload the site, waste traffic.
  8. HTML 5. Open platform designed to create web applications using audio, video, graphics, animation.
  9. Dropdown Menu. Graphical interface element allowing selecting of one of several predefined parameter values. The list of possible options disappears after choosing the setting.
  10. Parallax. A brilliant way to highlight one object, "draw" it across the page and bring it to the foreground.

There are some features that you should pay attention to when choosing a WordPress hosting service. It must support:

  1. PHP version 7 or higher;
  2. MySQL version 5.6 or higher or MariaDB version 10.0 or higher;
  3. The HTTPS protocol.

All of these advantages are important for site continuity, performance.

Before you choose to host a WordPress template, determine what opportunities it should provide you with. Necessary to remember about the security; otherwise, your site can be subjected to hacker attacks, which entails losing all the information about the customers. Clearly define the necessity for your work and make choices based on available options, not service cost!

Suitable for any kind of content, the best WordPress themes are a great solution for a website with a truly remarkable appearance. It's incredibly simple to change the outlook of your resource via multiple items. Include and customize various photo galleries to showcase all benefits of your content.

Why is it Important that Best Selling WordPress Themes are Responsive and Mobile-Friendly?

This kind of processing is about the easily viewed site from any device, regardless of screen size. The main benefit is the fluid grid; the layout automatically reacts to changes in screen size, inflating or shrinking like a balloon; this ensures that the page will look the same in all contemporary browsers.

There are additional tricks to improve the quality of the platform:

  1. Prioritize and properly hide maintenance - you should exploit remote controls, especially for devices with small screens. Pop-ups, tabs, off-canvas menus, and other similar techniques reduce the resource's component number. Freeing up space from unnecessary elements, you submit an interface convenient and friendly to the consumer.
  2. Create a response action - animation that will hover over the element on desktop structures, touching the stuff on mobile devices.

The mobile network becomes more significant, so some of the most important requirements' development are:

  1. Show the most important content first.
  2. Websites must be lightweight and optimized, as mobile network speed connection may be weak depending on the client's location.
  3. The website must not load more resources than the user needs to get the information he wants. Additional information should be downloaded only when the user requests it.

To get more pluses, do not refuse to confirm the site in Google Search Console. Pay attention to the speed of loading of the site, Stop underestimating the structured data, on-page SEO, place different content in the desktop and mobile versions of the site, refuse redirects based on the type of device, and then the functioning is done better.

Plugins for Best Selling WordPress Themes

They contribute your online resource to be much friendlier to visitors. Adding functions provide a more attractive, functional page.

Very stiff competition exists in almost every niche of selling goods, services. This fact motivates owners to utilize new technological solutions that facilitate improve business growth. Invite you to view a checklist of the best WordPress templates plugins:

  1. Hotel Booking WP Plugin - actively applied in hotel booking and reservation. Perfect decision for operating with long-term, short-term rentals. Displays property description, ability to create a personal form searching accommodation. Payment is implemented online. The add-on sends administrators booking notifications.
  2. Stratum Extras WP Plugin. A great choice for a variety of deal portfolios, creative blogs, landing lists, etc. It assists clients to easily generate, customize eye-catching price tables, galleries, blog posts, many useful visual items, and simple tools for social media integration.
  3. Next Campaign WordPress Plugin is a powerful multipurpose add-on allowing members to collect emails from attendees. Administrators send them notifications of your profile updating. It has multiple support areas (email, phone number, first name, last name, city, state, etc.). Useful technology solutions help with easy integration to MailChimp and other matching tools.
  4. PDF Creator WordPress Plugin. Build beautiful files from various sources with the ability to upload entire blogs, sites, and popular posts with a single click. Users can create PDF designs through the WordPress editor, add a watermark, and customize file sizes effortlessly.

Recaptcha Plus Plugin - qualitatively helps get rid of spambots and comments. Consumers can use the Recaptcha plus plugin for comments, login, and password recovery forms. Provides the user with simple settings, does not require knowledge of any programming language, multilingual, and RTL ready.

Top 5 Best Selling WordPress Themes

Are you looking for responsive and great looking pre-made WordPress themes? For this video, we've picked top 5 responsive best selling WordPress themes to get!

Best Selling WordPress Themes FAQ

Is Best Selling WordPress Themes free or premium?

Let's admit that many people enjoy using free add-ons TemplateMonster WordPress presents. Folks understand that it's impossible to create excellent content related to big selling with the help of free tools and services. For serious business projects, you need to utilize premium add-ons. It would be impractical to give a stranger something stable and high quality for nothing. People need to pay if they want top-notch commodities. Coders, developers, designers are motivated to do their job in the best performance, retrieving money for their services and products. Each selection in WordPress top themes has many advantages. Thanks to the paid version, it appears confident in quality assurance. 24-hour technical support, installation assistance, accompanying supplements, promotion tips — not a complete list of premium benefits.

How to edit Best Selling WordPress Themes?

Correction is quite uncomplicated:

  1. Open the WordPress admin interface.
  2. Next, select Appearance-Edit.
  3. In the right column are located editable project files. Choose the desired option, change it, click Update.

This method is convenient in case of necessity for slight modifications. Edit through admin panel - quick, easy, and no running special programs with password input.

How and by what criteria choose Best Selling WordPress Themes?

The left sidebar filter provides a choice of options:

  1. Topics. For example, business & services, fashion & beauty, sports, outdoors & travel, design & photography.
  2. WordPress builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg Editor, WPBakery.
  3. Colors of your future web page. Unusual benchmark, but extremely helpful.
  4. Advantages that interest you more.
  5. Various styles — clean, corporate, neutral, minimalist, mobile, dark, flat.

A couple of other significant criteria — price, last time updated, downloads amount.

Why is it good to use Best Selling WordPress Themes?

Reasonable price — not necessarily low. For the money, you’re guaranteed to get a finished asset, while project development cost from scratch is rather poorly predictable. Development of individual styling time-taking. The executor prepares offerings, gets your comments, suggestions, and finalizes them. Quickly find a fully satisfying version in the shortest possible time to run your project by working with templates. In today's web design, a lot of nuances are difficult to trace immediately. The best themes, WordPress, are technically polished in this respect. Interesting phrase — good processing is the one you don't notice. The content is important, but it is easier for a person to navigate the already familiar platform structure than to understand innovations.