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Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme Update

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It's been a year since we introduced you to our first Shopify theme with sections called Multifly. The functional multipurpose eCommerce design managed to gain a great demand in the community. So, the time of the much-anticipated update has arrived. The theme became even faster and more functional.

Now, this is a truly multipurpose eCommerce solution that's ready to be used for as much as 7 different topics.

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2 New Skins

We were waiting for this moment to arrive for quite a while. The latest Multifly update delivers 2 more skins that are suited to be used for Jewelry and Cosmetics web stores. Thus, the theme contains the total of 7 niche-specific child skins that are delivered in a single pack.

Multifly Jewelry Store

Jewelry skin will be especially appealing to the fans of the black-and-white classic. The fully responsive layout of the theme is touch-friendly. The easy-to-browse pages are well-structured, making it easy for the online customers to come up with the needed items. The skin contains a sticky menu and integrated live search. Product badges and discounted pricetags are included to motivate the customers' buying decisions. In addition to the eCommerce features, the skin contains a fully-fledged blog. The latter will help you keep the audience notified on the latest publications, as well as boost your site's SEO.

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly Cosmetics Store

The bold yet usable design of this Multifly skin is the ideal match for the launch of beauty and cosmetics web stores. The skin contains a customizable MegaMenu, which can remain in a fixed position at the top of the page. The theme's header contains a selection of catching banners that are organized in a grid-based view.

The skin comes loaded with a bunch of pre-designed pages for the Catalog, Blog, Sale, About, and Contact information. The conversion-oriented layout of the theme contains product badges, discounted price, pre-designed banners, a separate field for the brands' showcase, and other elements that keep the web users alerted on the necessity to make a deal on the web page.

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Lightning-fast Page Loading Speed

The speed at which your eCommerce site loads plays a significant role in terms of its usability and ranking in search engines. According to Google PageSpeed Insights, Multifly stands out with 99 and 97 out of 100 points on mobile and desktop devices, respectively. So, you can only imagine how quickly the users will be able to come up with the desired products in your inventory.

Drop-shipping Ready

It's n longer an issue to resell any type of products from such giant marketplaces as Amazon and AliExpress directly on the pages of your web store. Multifly has become drop-shipping ready, letting you run drop-shipping companies and earn generous commissions from every order placed on your site.

Social Media eCommerce Ready

The popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is on the rise today. The channels are no longer used for the fun and entertainment purposes only. These are powerful marketing tools that companies use as sales channels. Thanks to the support of social media eCommerce feature, Multifly lets you gain extra revenue from social media sales.

Top Reasons Why Multifly Shopify Theme is Worth Your Attention

Wrapping it up, Multifly was an impressive eCommerce theme at its launch. The latest update has made it more mighty. The mobile-friendly design loads impressively quickly on handheld devices. Thanks to the multi-lingual and multi-currency support, the theme delivers a handy opportunity to provide online customers with a more enjoyable shopping experience.

What's more, the theme is drop-shipping ready. It supports social media eCommerce functionality, making it possible to sell collections of items on Facebook and Instagram.

The theme includes 15 ready-to-go and fully customizable sections that you can use to display any sort of content that you want.


Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

7 niche-specific skins are ready to be brought online with some minor tweaks or without any at all.

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly boasts with 99 points in loading speed on mobile devices:

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

The theme's pages are loaded at the 97/100 speed on desktop devices:

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme


MegaMenu is included in all of the theme's skins. The fully editable element lets you enhance the navigation of your web store, making it way easier and quicker for online customers to come up with the preferred offers.

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

The theme includes Slideshow and Gallery functionality. With their help, you can not only make your web page more visually stunning but also draw the extra attention of your customers to the featured deals. Featured Products and Collections list are the two essential eCommerce elements that are delivered as part of the theme's pack also.

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

By means of Instagram feed, you can establish a better relationship with your audience, letting them keep a close eye on your recent Instagram updates on your site.

Youtube video integration is essential for any eCommerce business. Videos are powerful online selling tools, which allow you better present your offers in action, motivating the positive buying decision of your customers.

While making purchases online, people need to trust the brand they deal with. By means of the user testimonials presented on the pages of your site, you can gain your customer's trust and grow your project's credibility. About Us and Map elements are well-suited for the respective purpose also.

Blog integration is a great bonus that's included in all skins of the multipurpose Multifly theme. It lets you communicate with your audience and better optimize your web page for the higher ranking in search engines.

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Wrapping it up, Multifly Shopify theme has become a truly fit-it-all eCommerce solution that's loaded with 7 skins and lightning-fast page loading speeds. This is a versatile solution that's loaded with the rich toolkit of all the major elements that make it easier and more efficient to launch a conversion-optimized web page. Just try Multifly theme in action and feel its full power by yourself!

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