27 Bakery HTML Website Templates

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Bakery HTML Website Templates

Want to show to the internet what's baking? Or establish a pastry store? Put up those delicious goodies on your website with on a huge, full-color spread!

With the right Baking Website Templates, you can achieve just that, and more!

Cake Shop Website Templates

Having been intended for bakeries and sweet shops, these templates invest so much in rich colors and space for high-quality images. You can feature your best products to be displayed in the welcome page in high resolution, making them look like anyone could just reach in a grab them. Couple that featured image with a nice welcome message or a tagline that customers will remember you for.

The responsive design of most Bakery Website Templates mean that exploring through you bakery's treats will be easy, starting from the welcome page to the different product categories. This makes it convenient for people looking for wedding cakes, cupcakes, or birthday cakes to find exactly what they want. And with the help of HTML plus JS, the user experience can be enhanced with animations as well.

Contacting your bakeshop is also more convenient online because of the many features of the template, such as the drop down menus for placing orders online or the Google maps to people can find your location.

Showcase your most delicious treats in any one of these Patisserie Website Templates, making the most of their galleries, carousels, sliders, and other features.