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Owners of cafes, bistros, pubs, and bakeries need a strong online presence to be able to take their business to the next level. With our selection of coffee shop WordPress themes, creating a website is easier than it's ever been before.

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Best WordPress Themes for Coffee Shop Websites

People love their coffee in all its shapes, sizes, and flavors. If there's anything this tells us, it's that coffee shops are here to stay. But in this day and age, very few businesses can succeed without a well-designed and functional website.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

The majority of today's websites are using WordPress to deliver their content to visitors. There are many reasons why they choose it over other content management systems. First, it's completely free to download and install. It's also very easy to use and requires no coding or designing skills to launch a website of your own.

WordPress has built-in support for thousands of different <WordPress website designs. They can serve multiple purposes or be designed for a specific type of business. The templates are also fully customizable, which means that no two websites using the same theme have to look the same. What's more, with a wide array of useful plugins, you can enhance the functionality of your site to fit all your business needs.

Who These Templates Are Made For

All of our coffee shop themes for WordPress can benefit a variety of businesses. They are great if you own a cafe and are looking for a way to attract more customers. Those who own bars, pubs, bakeries, or bistros can use them to create eye-catching websites in a matter of minutes. If they specialize in coffee delivery services, our themes will give their customers the convenient option to order online.

But you don't have to own an actual shop to use a coffee shop theme for WordPress. If you're a manufacturer, they provide an excellent way to promote your own coffee brand. Brands selling their coffee beans to retail chains will also benefit a lot from using these templates.

No matter what you do, creating a website for your coffee or food business is a great marketing tool. You get to advertise your business and reach a lot more potential customers than you would otherwise. But that's not all. You also give your current clients a convenient way to get in touch with you and enjoy your products. With our coffee shop themes for WordPress, they're only a few clicks away from having a nice, hot cup of coffee delivered to their door. Who could say no to that proposition?

What to Look for in a WordPress Theme

Most people use search engines to look for coffee delivery services in their area. Because of this, your template must be SEO friendly first and foremost. When people search for the products you offer, this will help your website appear among the first results they see.

As you already know, people use different devices to surf the web. If they're on the go and feel like ordering coffee, they'll use their phone to do that. This is why it's also important for your website to be fully responsive. It's an option that ensures your site will look and work as well on a phone as it does on a desktop computer.

These are two main requirements a good template should meet. Every coffee shop theme for WordPress in our collection is SEO friendly and fully responsive. On top of that, they come with many other features that will help your online coffee business thrive.

The first thing you'll notice is that each template in our collection looks great. They have neat dropdown menus that allow you to categorize your website's content for easier navigation. Because the menus don't take up too much room, your product is the star of your website.

All templates come with a choice of different header layouts. This enables you to display your logo and important info about your business in the style that best fits your brand identity. You can also customize your website's layout to make it stand out from the competition.

Speaking of customization, it's made very simple. Each theme uses TemplateMonster's own drag-and-drop page builder. You can move all the elements around the page until you're happy with the design. If you wish to make changes to the layout, later on, you can do so with the Live Customizer. You also get to preview all changes before applying them, thus eliminating the hassle of having to refresh the page for the changes to take effect.

Custom pages allow you to share a story of your business with the visitors. You can write about your history, work philosophy, and introduce members of your team. You can share even more stories using the blog feature. It also gives you a chance to inform your customers of all important news, events, and offers.

What Other Useful Features You'll Find

With the templates in our collection, you can also create a digital menu with product photos and prices. When visitors click on an item, they'll be taken to the individual product page where you can share more info about it.

The appointment manager feature lets your customers reserve a table without having to pick up the phone and call you. They get to choose the date and time and even pick the table or seat they like the most.

If you have a delivery service, customers can order any product they want using your online store. All they have to do is find the item, add it to their shopping basket, and fill out their contact details.

Finally, the support for Google Maps allows you to share your location so that customers can find you more easily. You can also list your email, phone number, working hours, as well as links to your accounts on social media.

In today's highly competitive market, a great website can make a world of difference for your business. Take a look at our collection of coffee shop WordPress themes and choose the one you like the most. They take just minutes to install and will help you introduce your business to a whole new set of customers.

Have you already used one of these templates? Send us an email and share your impressions!

In case you would like to explore more choices of topical templates, be sure to check out our cafe WordPress themes.

Great Video Tutorial for Best Coffee WordPress Themes

Coffee Shop Wordpress Themes

What do the customization offers for coffee shop WordPress templates mean?

TemplateMonster.com just makes professional assistance of our customization partners available to you for purchase.

Do I need to order the customization service in the checkout?
It's not a requirement, just an option for our clients' convenience. If you're interested, please contact us any time through pre-sales chat for a free quote on your customization request.

Will I be able to customize your coffee bar WordPress templates on my own?
That's difficult for us to answer as it depends on what product you want your website based on or powered by and how familiar you are with it. Before making your purchase, please feel free to contact us via our Pre-Sales Ticket System so we can help you make the best product selection to match your skills when it comes to editing websites.

How can I preview the admin panel for your coffee shop WordPress templates?

We currently do not provide access to demo control panels of 3rd party software site builders, online stores, etc., as we only offer the skins or coffee shop restaurant WordPress templates for the software. You should be able to locate the sample panels via search engine results.

I have bought many WordPress web templates for coffee shop restaurant from you. May I get any discount for my next purchase?

Thank you for being a repeat customer and purchased one of our coffee bar WordPress template. We've recently created "My Account" for our clients to use to help keep track of their sales. Coming soon – rewards for repeated purchases :)

Can I use the coffee shop restaurant WordPress template for several sub domains?

Yes, you can install the coffee bar WordPress template on one domain and its sub-domains. Please review this help topic for a more detailed answer with examples.

Can I use graphics from WordPress web theme for coffee store I purchased for use in printing?

Yes, it's not prohibited to use the WordPress web theme for coffee store graphics for printed material, but the resolution of the templates graphics ( except for logo templates) is not enough for printing.

Can I resell the WordPress web templates for coffee shop restaurant I bought the extended license for?

No, you cannot resell the coffee store WordPress templates as is. You can only sell them as the integral part of your new product.

Do I need to slice the coffee shop WordPress template PSD files myself?

We sell pre-sliced WordPress web templates for coffee store, you won't need to re-slice them.

Do your WordPress web templates for coffee store support RTL?

Our templates do not universally support RTL. Please create a Ticket so we can advise if the WordPress web theme for coffee store you selected will work for you. If not, we'll be happy to assist you in finding one that will suit your needs.

Can I integrate videos into the coffee shop restaurant WordPress template?

For the most part, yes. It really depends on the type of coffee bar WordPress template you've selected. Please create a Support Ticket so we can check for you before your purchase.

Do you have a refund policy for WordPress web templates for coffee bar?

Yes, you can review a refund policy for WordPress web templates for coffee store at Return Policy page.

Can I customize the WordPress web theme for coffee store?

Yes, you can customize the WordPress web theme for coffee bar to any extent needed. You cannot use a header of the template for one project though, and images from the template for the other project.

Сan I use Windows Server instead of Apache for WordPress web theme for coffee store?

For the most part – yes, but please check the requirements section located on the coffee shop restaurant WordPress template preview page and check with your hosting provider to insure it's a match for your project.

Will I get all the blocks/modules I see on the demo (sample data) of coffee shop restaurant WordPress template?

Yes, everything you see on our WordPress web theme for coffee bar demo is included.

I paid "regular + Installation" price. When will I get my coffee store WordPress template installed?

Thank you for choosing our products and services! Your coffee bar WordPress template installation is normally scheduled for completion within 72 hours of purchase. The amount of time it takes depends on the product selected, as well as on the time lapse between our staff's correspondence to you and your replies, i.e. the time it takes to gather user names / passwords as we'll need this information to start your project.

What is Extended License for coffee shop WordPress template?

The extended license is a website design solution for software companies, sitebuilders and any other businesses working with CMS, software, freeware and applications (excluding those that are the part of the product offered by TemplateMonster). For example, a company produces some kind of an application that is selling very well but there is no website design to integrate with this application. Extended license allows to buy our WordPress web templates for coffee shop at half of their unique price and integrate with the application ( CMS, software, freeware, sitebuilder) thus creating a "new" product. This new products is the property of the company that developed the product, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company's policy and terms of use. The extended license in no way means the reselling of TemplateMonster templates.

Can I buy the images/sound samples/effects from WordPress web templates for coffee store separately?

No. coffee shop WordPress templates are created for specific designs and we sometimes use our own stock images to create them.

Are there any extra costs involved into WordPress web theme for coffee bar purchase?

During the checkout of the coffee store WordPress template you might see additional offers you can opt to purchase, but we do not have any hidden cost involved in our template sales. If you're not used to utilizing templates for website projects, we'll be happy to assist you in choosing the correct template/product for your project.

What is a one time usage license for a WordPress web theme for coffee shop?

When you buy the coffee shop restaurant WordPress template at usual price you automatically get the one time usage license. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same template again if you plan to use the same design in connection with another or other projects. When passing files to your client please delete the template files from your computer.

What is the price for acquiring the extended license for WordPress web theme for coffee bar?

There is no set price for acquiring the extended license. The price is based on the coffee shop WordPress template's unique price for those templates you would like to use for the integration. The price for purchasing license for a single template is half of the template unique price.

Where can I find tutorials on coffee store WordPress templates editing?

Check out our help section regarding coffee bar WordPress templates on TemplateMonster.com as well as our Web Design Library.

Is there a way I can view your WordPress web templates for coffee bar in action? Can you provide the links to your Customers' sites based on your templates?

If the coffee store WordPress template has a demo, you'll see a banner allowing you to see its live installation. However, we're not able to provide links to our clients' websites/projects due to our privacy policy.

What will I see instead of the images after installation of the coffee shop WordPress template?

After coffee shop WordPress template installation you will see blurred images included for demo purposes only.

For how long am I allowed to use your WordPress web theme for coffee shop? Is there any time-limit?

There is no time limit. As long as you're the owner of the domain/template, you can use WordPress web theme for coffee store for a lifetime.

Are there any discounts if I'm buying over 10, 20, 30 or more coffee bar WordPress template?

Please email to marketing@templatemonster.com with your inquiries about WordPress web templates for coffee bar.

Whу do I need the "required software" in coffee shop WordPress templates?

CMS websites have admin control panels that do not require special software to add pages, images, etc. However, if you want to edit images or alter the site layout, we indicate what software was used to design your WordPress web theme for coffee store and recommend that you utilize it as well.

How can I get a bigger discount for a coffee store WordPress template?

A great question! Actually, from time to time you can find special promo codes for coffee shop restaurant WordPress templates on our Blog, within our Newsletters and even on social media sites such as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

How many applications, programs etc can I use to integrate with the WordPress web templates for coffee shop under one extended license?

The extended license gives you the right to use the purchased coffee shop restaurant WordPress templates for the integration with one software/freeware/application/CMS/sitebuilder only. In case you would like to use the template with the other application, the other license is to be acquired.

Will the coffee bar WordPress template be deleted from TemplateMonster database?

No, the WordPress web theme for coffee store will not be deleted from TemplateMonster database.

Can I get the extended license for some other pricing than the half of the initial WordPress web theme for coffee shop restaurant price?

No. The price for purchasing license for a single coffee shop restaurant WordPress template is the half of the template unique price.

Can I remove the reference to TM from WordPress web theme for coffee shop on the website?

Yes, you can remove the reference to TM from coffee bar WordPress template on your website.

What is a buyout purchase license for WordPress web theme for coffee store?

If you purchase the product at a 'Buyout price' it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. It means that this coffee bar WordPress template may have been sold before a couple of times (see 'Downloads' number in item's properties) but only you and people who bought the template before you will own it. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The buyout purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project.

What coffee shop restaurant WordPress templates can I use for my affiliate site (to display your templates on my site)?

Our affiliate codes are available to use in almost any WordPress web theme for coffee shop restaurant but we do not recommend using them in a pure flash website and ecommerce type sites. You can also use our Affiliate RMS 2 setup already loaded to promote our products. Please find this in your Affiliate Control Panel at www.mytemplatestorage.com.

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