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The right graphics, fonts, and colors make your presentation attractive and easy to remember. Sometimes we don't have the time or, let's be honest, the desire to create the perfect presentation ourselves. And ready-made computer themes Google Slides become the wand of choice. Among more than 50 themes you're sure to find the one that will perfectly fit the theme of your story. By choosing TemplateMonster themes you bring your ideas to life and save time.

What Is Google Slides?

When we talk about Google Slides, we mean a narrowly specialized application for creating presentations and creative tasks, holding online meetings and communication, etc. In layman's terms, it is the analog of the well-known Microsoft PowerPoint, which overtakes its predecessor.

Google Slides Benefits

  • Always at your fingertips with the ability to work across devices: phone, tablet, and computer
  • Auto-save changes ensure you're always safe
  • Compatible with virtually all modern browsers
  • Full compatibility of the layout with the recipient's products and software. That is, the theme is fully adjusted to the screen of the device without distorting the content
  • Elements of the template are automatically adjusted to a square (4:3) or widescreen (16:9)
  • Presentations can be worked on by multiple people from different computers in real-time.
  • Setting up access allows the owner of Google Slides to determine who can see, edit, or comment on the presentation.
  • Google Slides can add not only an image but also an audio \video file in a few clicks
  • Presentations can be created either from scratch or use ready-made templates

Tips For Creating an Effective Presentation with Computer Themes Google Slides

  1. Instant attention-grabbing. Start by voicing an unexpected thought, an unusual or unknown fact, a joke, or an exclamation for action.
  2. Persuasiveness. Use as many charts and graphs as possible to support your points. Use ready-made templates for this purpose.
  3. Illustrative example. Give examples and illustrate them. The recipient should not sit with his head in his hands from a pile of unfamiliar terms or fall asleep from boredom. Imagine you are a spectator. What questions arise for you?
  4. Dialogue with the recipient. A great ending to a narrative is answering questions from the audience or stimulating dialogue by asking questions of the audience.
  5. Stay calm and rely on Google Slide


Whether you're a computer geek or a high school student, the process of creating a presentation is familiar to you in one way or another. Moreover, now, thanks to the introduction of Google Slide to the masses, the process has become faster, more efficient and easier. It is also the best option for remote work in a team whose members use different operating systems. Among the wide range of ready-made themes you can choose the most suitable. By choosing to work with computer themes Google Slides, you not only follow the latest standards of the IT world, but are also guaranteed to create an informative, innovative, attention-grabbing presentation.

Create Originally with Computer Themes Google Slides Presentation

Do you want to create the most attractive and modern presentation possible? Learn how to use the best fonts in the world of web design. Create content with quality and beauty!

Computer Themes Google Slides FAQ

For what purpose are computer themes Google Slides used?

Computer themes Google Slides can be used for any variety of purposes, such as: education, academic, book, certificate, classroom, college, computer, course, diploma, e-learning, graduation, knowledge, learn, learning, library, pencil, school, science, seminar, student, study, studying, teacher, technology, university, and also can be used for Personal Portfolio.

Can I save money on computer themes Google Slides purchases?

Of course you can. We advise you to check out MonsterOne, a subscription that allows you to use multiple themes at once at reasonable prices.

How do I get started with Google Slides?

All you need is a Google Account. That is, if you have an email “”, you just go to Then you click on the + icon under the "Create Presentation" heading in the upper left corner of the screen. A new presentation will open.

How do I download my finished presentation?

There is an export in pptx, pdf, txt, svg, png, jpg formats, which gives the presentation more potential to be used as a text document, a graphic file, or the usual well-known presentation.