Metan - Metaverse WordPress Theme
Metan WordPress Theme is a wordpress theme designed for Metaverse, NFT, Ico, Bitcoin Digital assets. The metaverse, the last age of the internet in the digital industry, has entered our lives.
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Crypto Currency WordPress Theme
Cryptocurrency WordPress theme can be appropriate for bitcoin mining websites, cryptocurrency change, trading, and any different individual who wishes to increase their administrations on the web.
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Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

A well-made site is a must for online strategy in just about any market nowadays, especially when it comes to the fast developing one, like cryptocurrency exchange. For that reason, our developers have created the collection of WordPress themes for cryptocurrency! Create a website with our templates and start growing your client base as we speak.

Crypto WordPress Themes

Features of Cryptocurrency WordPress Templates

Considering the astounding interest in cyber currency, like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ether, a great necessity for mining WordPress themes was not long in coming. Whether you are aiming to fit into a niche of money converting and cryptocurrency distribution, inform the ones curious about trading on your blogging site or become a financial advisor, you will find a template to suit your needs. No matter what digital project you have in mind, be sure to discover the very best for your website.

Let's take a look at some features you will benefit from while using Bitcoin WordPress Templates.

100% Responsive
Each of our WordPress website designs is fully responsive right from the start. As a result, with no additional work, your webpage will resize on its own to match the viewer's screen resolution. Regardless of what gadget your website visitors work with - be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone - they will be equipped to view your posts with no difficulties.

Optimized Source Code
We ensured that the program code of ICO WordPress themes has run through optimization procedures. Our programmers have composed the code employing high development standards. Any person looking through it will be able to grasp what each and every section of the code is performing quite easily since the code is well commented. This can be useful in case you ever require to modify the source code by yourself. For instance, if you'd like to include additional features, you will be capable to find the place you need to change.

All the Best Small Business WordPress Themes at are optimized in accordance with Google guidelines. You are able to type in metadata for every single page, which will increase your website's Google page ranking. Moreover, we've ensured that our templates are compatible with the most popular SEO plugins. This means that the websites you set up with the help of our themes will gain a top position in search engine results. Considering that, the higher your place on the results page, the better is the potential for new customers coming to your site.

Free Technical Support
Purchasing our WordPress templates, you may rely on 24/7 technical support completely free of charge. You can get in touch with our friendly helpline who will assist you with any difficulties or uncertainties you may pass by while setting up and operating themes.

There are lots of additional advantages you receive when choosing our WordPress themes. The installation process is quick and easy, enabling you to set up a template in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, our themes update automatically, not requiring any additional guidance on your part. Because of this, you will always have the most up-to-date version. Take a look at details and live demos above. As you can easily see, you have a lot to obtain by purchasing crypto WordPress themes at

Be sure to browse our Business & Services WordPress Themes to widen up the number of options in your search for a perfect theme.

Who Can Benefit From WordPress Cryptocurrency Themes?

The great demand from investors in various countries of the world led to an increase in the prices of digital currencies in the global markets, which encouraged many to buy them with the hope of a quick profit.

Many professionals might take advantage of our crypto WordPress theme. We can classify cryptocurrency dealers into several groups, which include not only individuals. Even some countries have agreed to deal with these currencies to control them and know their volume. Other countries saw an opportunity to get rid of the ruling global monetary system, especially after the financial crisis in 2008.

Anyone can find wealth in this new field, especially since digital currencies are a new market. Its early pioneers reap huge profits, so some seek to gain this advantage. However, it is noted that young people are the most popular group in dealing with these currencies, because of their good knowledge of technology. So, whatever category you belong to, download any professional crypto theme from the TemplateMonster digital gallery and trade bitcoin like a pro.

Key Features of WordPress Cryptocurrency Themes

Each web asset we present comes with many handy features, to name but a few:

  • SEO optimization. It is the best way to advertise your site through search engines.
  • Responsive layout. It is about the flexibility of use on different screen sizes, from large computer screens to mobile devices. We cannot ignore the importance of mobile-friendly design as well. After the increase in Internet smartphone users' number, mobile responsive websites have become users' favorite. Also, search engines will prioritize your visibility with our bitcoin trading WordPress theme.
  • Social network integration and marketing through it has become indispensable. Use free promotional channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with ease.
  • Technical support. Our assets come with expert tech assistance. It's always available to answer all inquiries and help solve problems via chat windows. In case you need a more complex troubleshooting service, please consult our premium procedures page. At an affordable price, we can do a service that websites love.
  • Control Panel. One of the most important features is the ease of use of the template control panel. The template can be easily customized without the knowledge of coding.

Great Video Tutorial for Cryptocurrency Advisor WordPress Themes

Interested in trading Cryptocurrency? MineBit is a Bitcoin WordPress theme with beautiful pre-made pages, Free high-quality images, and Jet Elements plugin included absolutely for free. This template will help you build a stylish-looking cryptocurrency themed website and keep pace with the digital world

Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes FAQ

Can you modify Cryptocoins WordPress themes?

You can apply any sort of changes to ready-made WordPress themes. As a rule, such pre-designed themes include a number of layout options, extra pages, skins, plugins, and visual page builders that simplify the task to the great degree.

How does a Cryptocoins WordPress theme install?

  • Login to your WordPress admin area.
  • Next, click on Appearance >> Themes.
  • Look for the needed theme using an advanced search.
  • Next to the theme's preview, there is an install button.
  • As soon as the theme is installed, activate it.

What are premium Altcoins WordPress themes?

Premium WordPress themes are the fully-fledged web designs featuring sets of custom tools and customization options, which are included in the themes' download packs.

Can Cryptocurrency WordPress themes be customized in the visual mode?

Definitely yes! There's a number of drag-and-drop page builder that allow you to apply any sort of changes to your theme's layout in the intuitive visual mode. For example, you can try working with Elementor and Power page builders.

Which Altcoins WordPress theme is the most customizable?

If you want to feel the ease of customization of a ready-made WordPress theme, then working with Elementor WordPress themes will be the best solution. These are intended to be modified in the visual mode, without any special coding skills.