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Skyline - Business, Dentistry, Architecture & Travel Moto CMS 3 Template
Are you looking for a unique solution? Meet the top website template from MotoCMS! What makes it differ from other popular templates and sites on the web? It includes 5 Home page layouts so you can choose the design you prefer more depending on your business preferences. We’d recommend you to pay attention to Home Black as nowadays it’s trendy to use black mode - visitors will certainly appreciate it and stay longer on site. Note that you can easily change any website part to achieve better results!
Sales: 81
Last updated: 03.08.17
Mind Healer - Psychologist Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
The Psychologist website template is presented in the form of a modern business card site and is made in a pleasant warm color scheme that attracts site visitors to you. The website template has a ready-made structure, with special blocks for services presentation, contact information, photos, etc. A suitable website template for a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, or life coach will help to transform potential clients into real ones. See for yourself now!
Sales: 20
Last updated: 09.12.20
Chiropractic MotoCMS Website Design
Check this stylish chiropractic website design if you are looking for a contemporary website template for a chiropractic treatment clinic. Its carefully structured pages introduce the organization, demonstrate available services, describe treatments or disciplines, showcase achievements, and provide customers’ testimonials. With the booking functionality of the website template, customers can make an appointment directly on the website. Customize the design and promote your clinic with this MotoCMS template.
Sales: 3
Last updated: 25.01.22
Diagnostic Center Moto CMS 3 Template
People often stand the pain and delay going to the doctor. When they are concerned about their health, they start searching the symptoms of various diseases on the Internet. Thus, if you provide any medical services, it’s essential to present them online so that users can find useful information on your site and book an appointment. Medical website design template from MotoCMS is tailored to visitors’ needs so that it ensures increasing the number of clients. Moreover, it’s already optimized and includes necessary tools for SEO so you’ll also get more traffic and reach the top of search results!
Sales: 28
Last updated: 10.09.15
Pediatric Dentistry Moto CMS 3 Template
Your goal is to market qualified and reliable online services, however, you don't like all these HTML, Photoshop, and Web Design things and need a simple dentist website builder? Our team of web dev specialists has created a great Dentistry Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template fitting your orthodontist business project perfectly.Our website layout is not just a set of well-designed PSD images, it already contains an admin panel fitted with Moto CMS 3.0. What does it mean for you? It means you will be able to adjust and manage your site on your own with no extra help and money. We took care to put all the goodies in one package + lifelong 24/7 free tech support if any issues occur. Don't trust our words? We offer a free 14-day Moto CMS trial, so that you can test all the features to simplify your life with your own hands.We wish you won't waste your time for something that isn't important. Use our Dentistry Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme to feel like a real web developer without special skills and extra
Sales: 12
Last updated: 17.12.15
Hypnotherapy Moto CMS 3 Template
Among the many medical specialties, we could not miss hypnotherapy, which is actively used by professionals worldwide. Thus, talented MotoCMS developers made the newest hypnotherapy website design. It is a responsive multi-page solution that can become excellent online support for your practice, with no customization and launch problems. This elegant template, designed in pastel colors, reflects all requirements for medical resources, helping to establish a trusting relationship with visitors at a glance. Test it now to familiarize yourself with an ideal choice for experts who care about their reputation!
Sales: 26
Last updated: 10.07.20
Health - Acupuncture Clinic Moto CMS 3 Template
Are you looking for a harmonious and suitable acupuncture website template? Take a look at this entirely responsive light-colored website design! It consists of a set of nicely designed website pages with a niche-oriented layout. Due to the comprehensive admin panel and useful drag and drop website builder, you can quickly fill pre-designed pages with suitable image and text content, change metadata, add your acupuncture center contact information, and start your website with ease!
Sales: 3
Last updated: 09.10.20
Optometrist MotoCMS Website Template
Need an awesome responsive website template for your health center or clinic? Take a look at this bright and attractive eye doctor website design with an easily adjustable website layout and incredible functionality. Choose this optometrist website template for starting a modern eye care website and feel how fast and comfortable the site creation process may be!
Sales: 3
Last updated: 18.08.21
Weight Loss Moto CMS 3 Template
Have you chosen to live a healthy lifestyle as well as to dedicate a lot of time to helping people lose extra weight? Each time you sit at your laptop to fix some issue, it seems you're losing your energy? Nevertheless, you would like to create a site, specialized in healthy eating since you can't imagine your daily life without it? Look at our prime-quality Weight Loss Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template. Using the Moto CMS 3.0. software, you will have everything to customize the template easily with, so hiring experts will become unnecessary. This tool was designed especially for people who don't have much time and need to get a pretty quick and efficient end product. Speaking about the drag-and-drop editor, it makes all the improvements possible for you in a few clicks and will release your time for something more interesting. No need in making extra moves, you've already got an easy-to-use weight loss website builder that lets you realize all of your plans without any special web design skills. After you purchase our Weight Loss Responsive Moto CMS 3
Sales: 3
Last updated: 07.08.15
Plastic Surgeon Moto CMS 3 Template
Your goal is to market high-quality and effective online services, however, you are quite frustrated by things like HTML, Photoshop, and Web Design? Our team of web dev professionals has developed this great Plastic Surgery Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template that will fit your business perfectly.Our web theme is not only about well-structured PSD pictures, it already has a plastic surgery website builder powered by the Moto CMS 3.0. admin panel. What positive factors does Moto CMS 3.0 have, you may ask? Well, it makes possible to adjust and manage your online business by yourself without any extra help and expenses. You get everything to achieve success and even a permanent round-the-clock professional support if you have any questions. Seems like empty promises, you will suppose? Test drive our free 14-day Moto CMS trial to check out its useful features, included to save your time and effort.Draw attention to our high-quality theme to get a trustworthy Internet site and offer your medical services using the web. With our Plastic Surgery Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme you will try a hand
Sales: 19
Last updated: 22.12.15
Hair Clinic MotoCMS Website Template
As soon as you start thinking about your website, do any puzzling words like Javascript, CorelDraw, and Coding appear in your mind? Leave them behind since there is an across-the-board Hair Clinic Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template with a specially developed hair clinic website builder.Behind an exclusive design, our template has a ready-to-go Moto CMS 3.0. admin panel. One could ask what positive features does Moto CMS 3.0. have? Using Moto CMS 3.0., you can change and handle your website alone with no extra help and money. Everything you need will be in the same package as well as a permanent round-the-clock tech support, in a case you need assistance. Seems like fair words, you suppose? Test drive a free 14-day Moto CMS trial to check out all its innovative options specifically developed to save your time and energy.Our company doesn't want you to waste your time on a thing that isn't important. Our Hair Clinic Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme is tailored to assist you in putting up the website quickly and getting more satisfied clients!
Sales: 12
Last updated: 10.09.15
Neighborhood Pharmacy Moto CMS 3 Template
Promote your local pharmacy with a beneficial website builder! This pharmacy website template is fully responsive and has a minimalistic and stylish website layout. Multiple pre-made content blocks and right-fit widgets make site construction and optimization even more accessible and convenient. Add any details or modify elements on your website in a couple of clicks!
Sales: 8
Last updated: 30.10.20
FourthEye - Therapy Services Moto CMS 3 Template
If you are a hypnotherapy specialist, this hypnosis website template is your best match to take your medical office online! It is a high-end theme that boasts a robust drag and drop website builder in the core and allows you to create and manage a striking website in a visual mode.
Sales: 2
Last updated: 17.08.20
GlobalHealth - Doctor & Medical Moto CMS 3 Template
Are you looking for the best website design to launch a clinic or medical office website? Take a look at this medical clinic website template that features a fully responsive website layout, stunning functionality, and a user-friendly website builder in the core! Choose this theme right now and create your medical website with ease!
Sales: 2
Last updated: 17.07.20
Medical Moto CMS 3 Template
Is your goal to promote qualified and reliable health services online, but you are quite distressed with such things like HTML, Photoshop, and Web Design? Our team of web dev specialists has created this great Medical Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template that will fit your business project perfectly. Our template is not only a set of well-arranged PSD pictures, it already has a medical website builder fitted with the Moto CMS 3.0. admin panel. What does it mean for you? It's quite apparent - you will be able to create an online resource by yourself, even though you may be coping with it for the first time and have never set your mind on learning web development. Everything you need will be in the same package, as well as 24/7 lifetime tech support, in a case you have any questions. Seems a lot like empty promises, you may think? Expect a free 14-day Moto CMS trial meaning you can explore and try all the functionality to improve your life with your own hands! Our company doesn't want you to lose time on something
Sales: 33
Last updated: 30.04.15

Medical Website Builder from MotoCMS

It's a common fact that no business nowadays can succeed without online presence. Medicine is not an exception. Whether you are a doctor or an owner of the medical clinic you need to popularize your medical practice on the web. Medical website builder gives you a real opportunity to launch a highly functional medical website.

Medical Website Builder Templates

Medical website builder from MotoCMS is a convenient tool for both novices and pros. It has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation. This medical website builder enables everyone to create an effective website from scratch in no time.

Medical website builder from MotoCMS comes with understandable dashboards and loads of powerful customization tools. The drag-and-drop functionality of the admin panel lets you build a great website without a line of code. A gorgeous set of healthcare website design themes makes this medical website builder stand out among the competitors. Whether you deal with traditional medicine, naturopathic or use unconventional approaches and innovative techniques, medical website builder can become your number-one choice.

Whatever medical sphere you are into, you'll definitely find a perfect medical website design. Medical website builder offers you a wide choice of stunning themes capable of attracting new clients. Are you an owner of a private clinic, diagnostic or consulting center? Are you a physician who wants to create doctor website or a nutritionist wishing to build weight loss website? In any case, medical website builder can provide you with the best healthcare website design templates.

First and foremost, all medical website builder templates are professionally designed. This means that real experts have carefully thought out each and every element of the medical web design.

Next, medical website builder templates are responsive and cross-browser compatible. They will work well and look good in all browsers on any modern device.

Finally, medical website builder templates from MotoCMS have all necessary functionality to grow your medical business. They provide you with everything you need to add all must-have components of a great medical website.

Must-Have Components of an Effective Medical Website Design

It goes without saying that building a medical website you intend to increase your brand awareness and attract new clients. That's why it's so important to focus on the certain medical web design elements. Here they are.

Health services and prices. It's not a secret that approximately 80% of users surf the net while looking for medical services. Therefore, this section is so crucial for any medical website. Create informative profiles of all medical services and consultations you provide.

To begin with, make use of various galleries MotoCMS medical website builder suggests. It will enable you to showcase your services in the best possible light. Next, add a short description of each service. Finally, don't forget to include its duration and price. These factors can be determining when your potential client takes a final decision.

Online forms for patients. There's no doubt that effective healthcare website design can't do without online patient forms. Such forms can vary in their purpose starting from simple sign-up forms up to online appointment schedule ones. Whatever forms you choose, they will significantly simplify your patients' life. If they are easy to find and work well, you'll constantly get more satisfied clients.

Blog with regular updates. A relevant blog with the current news and medical articles is an irreplaceable part of any medical website design. Blog functionality of MotoCMS medical website builder will help you keep your audience well-informed. What's more, a blog can also increase the ranking of your website in search engines.

Contact info. Of course, your medical website is simply useless without your contact details. Add your phone number and email to the header or footer of each page. Use a Contact Us page to provide more detailed info such as address and social networks accounts. Take an advantage of Google Maps to make your clinic easy to find.

As you see, it's not a problem to create medical website with MotoCMS medical website builder. So, don't waste time. Examine MotoCMS medical web design templates, choose the appropriate theme and start building your website without further delay.