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Evolution Business Moto CMS 3 Template
Evolution is a feature-rich and highly responsive business MotoCMS 3 template which offers everything a modern business must have to be successful online.With beautiful interface, conversion-optimized design elements and simple user-friendly navigation, Evolution is deservedly considered one of the most advanced business templates on the market. Use the variety of awesome features like drag-and-drop website editor, 120 pre-made blocks, tons of Google fonts, advanced SEO integration and a wide range of useful widgets to create a one-of-a-kind website which perfectly portrays your business' values and builds trust among your target audience.Should you have any questions or propositions regarding this template, feel free to contact 24/7 Tech Support team — they are always there to give you a helping hand.
Sales: 355
Last updated: 19.01.21
Travel Blog MotoCMS Website Design
Meet a fully responsive and stylish travel blog website design perfect for building a blog of a travel agency or famous travel blogger! This theme ensures a fast and convenient website creation with a flexible layout, multiple editing options, and an excellent and easy-to-use website builder. Examine this template right now and create a lovely blog!
Sales: 6
Last updated: 30.08.21
Field Warrior - American Football Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
It's time to unite your favorite team fans by providing them with a multifunctional website! The ready-to-use American football website template will be a great solution, saving you a lot of time and money on development. With the finishing code-free touches, you can turn it into a web resource for a football club, stadium, or sports section in no time. Stylish and thoughtful design will perfectly emphasize your ideas. A convenient and competent structure will give visitors access to all the necessary information about their idols, upcoming events, and matches.
Sales: 12
Last updated: 05.11.20
Soccer Club Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
If you need to present your soccer club online the memorable way, this Soccer Club Moto CMS 3 Template is exactly what you need. Huge, high-quality photo of the stadium with a logo, main menu, brief welcome text, and ghost 'Learn More' button encourage the user to explore the website further. So, what else can they see there? For instance, they can get to know the score of the latest match, read players' bios and view their photos, watch the relevant videos, see the team's gallery, know the latest news, and do many other things. By the way, you can place club sponsors logos at the bottom of the page and link social media icons with your team’s profiles to promote it there.
Sales: 26
Last updated: 10.05.17
Skyline - Business, Dentistry, Architecture & Travel Moto CMS 3 Template
Are you looking for a unique solution? Meet the top website template from MotoCMS! What makes it differ from other popular templates and sites on the web? It includes 5 Home page layouts so you can choose the design you prefer more depending on your business preferences. We’d recommend you to pay attention to Home Black as nowadays it’s trendy to use black mode - visitors will certainly appreciate it and stay longer on site. Note that you can easily change any website part to achieve better results!
Sales: 81
Last updated: 03.08.17
MoonResort - Luxury Hotel Moto CMS 3 Template
The hotel business is an overcrowded but very rewarding area. That is why the online presence and uniquity play a significant role. The MotoCMS luxury hotel website template is the right choice to show your work perfection. Pleasant design, easy navigation, and trustworthy content on six standard pages are the things potential customers will appreciate. As a template owner, you’ll enjoy the intuitivity of its admin panel and the freebies.
Sales: 40
Last updated: 03.02.21
Manelity - Equestrian & Horse Riding Club Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
Manelity is a responsive horse club Moto CMS 3 template with a modern flat design and cutting-edge visual effects. If you need a robust, flexible and intuitive design for your website, this template is just what you need. It comes shipped with pre-designed pricing tables to help you sell your products and services with ease; a blog to inform your visitors about the latest news about your company; a collection of useful widgets and a set of pre-made pages designed with businesses in mind. With Manelity, you will be able to boost the online presence of your company at no extra cost.
Sales: 15
Last updated: 18.04.22
Luxury Yachting Moto CMS 3 Template
The sea air freshness and fabulous adventure feeling are a wonderful experience, without which no yacht trip can pass. But how can you attract your customers with this if they don't even know that beautiful boat waiting in the marina is waiting only for them? The newest yacht website template will help you quickly fix it and present all your opportunities in the best possible way! The multi-page solution is ready to become your reliable web assistant and promptly find the right company for sailing trips worldwide.
Sales: 26
Last updated: 11.01.16
Diving Club Moto CMS 3 Template
The punchline of the MotoCMS water sports website template is a bright and eye-catching design, bold typography, and impressive functionality. Add descriptions to your services, colorful images, and invite people to discover the underwater world! Besides, MotoCMS offers not only a full-fledged website but the opportunity to promote it in the future. There are SEO settings in the admin panel so you can optimize every page on your own by adding meta data, Alt texts, and tags.
Sales: 36
Last updated: 16.07.20
Tennis Club Moto CMS 3 Template
Are you an active person and enjoy playing tennis? And every time you sit at your laptop to fix something, it feels like you're losing your energy. However, you want to design a site about sports because you can't imagine your daily life without it?Consider getting our top-quality Tennis Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template. With Moto CMS 3.0. you will modify the template easily and all by yourself. We don't want you to waste time and have cared about all possible issues to enhance web development process. A drag-and-drop editing tool will save energy you'd better use for your passion instead of attempting to improve something in the design of your website. You don't need to learn web design, you will have a user-friendly tennis website builder which helps you create everything you wish, without any technical skills.When you try our premium Tennis Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme, you will get everything to start your online business - a plugged-in admin panel + an advanced design. We handle all the web design issues, and you take time for your hobby.
Sales: 13
Last updated: 20.11.15
BoboTravel - Travel Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
This responsive Moto CMS 3 template has been designed specifically for travel agencies. It boasts an impressive full-page header area with a photography-based background and a bright call-to-action button, which will instantly catch the visitors' attention. It is also supplied with a custom Tours page, where you can display all the information about the services provided by your company. The dedicated Contact Us page was designed to make the interaction between you and your customers more streamlined. The template is additionally compatible with Google Web Fonts and font icons to give you more control in customizing your website.
Sales: 52
Last updated: 06.03.17
Fieldrun - Baseball Club Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
If you wish to launch a website for a baseball club effortlessly, take advantage of this incredible baseball website template. Its design and functionality let you present the club’s history, team, achievements, etc. Also, you can keep fans informed by posting match results and updating the league table on the specially designed pages. Encourage new visitors to join your club and unite sport fans on a beautiful site designed with MotoCMS templates.
Sales: 8
Last updated: 03.11.20
Hotel - Hospitality Moto CMS 3 Template
What should the site of a hotel include? This template has the answer. The hospitality web template will help hotel business owners improve communication with customers and increase income with minimal investment in development. Moreover, this website template for a small hotel will help you grow your business. Every business should have a website, don't be an exception and make yourself known online now!
Sales: 15
Last updated: 05.05.20
Resortex - Hotels Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
Resortex is a gorgeous Moto CMS 3 template designed with luxury hotels in mind. Based on a convenient and feature-rich drag & drop builder it provides you with unparalleled ease of customization and the ability to create endless layout combinations. The default homepage layout comes with an embedded Google Map, where you can indicate the location of your hotel to help your clients quickly and effortlessly find it. This template is seamlessly integrated with the most popular social networks and web-friendly Google Fonts, is fully responsive and SEO-optimized.
Sales: 45
Last updated: 17.02.17
Chess MotoCMS Website Template
This chess website template's contrastive and attractive design allows you to effortlessly build a professional, attention-grabbing presentation of the club, individual and group classes, or tournaments. Pre-designed pages let you tell customers your club's history, introduce the team of chess trainers, demonstrate pricing for lessons, showcase students' reviews, build startling galleries, and publish chess news frequently.
Sales: 2
Last updated: 17.06.21
Cricket Club Moto CMS 3 Template
Your life is quite dynamic and you dedicate lots of time to sports? You hate spending day in and day out with the computer and feel frustrated when you need to? But still, you really would like to have a site and want to find a cricket website builder?Have a look at our prime-quality Cricket Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template. With Moto CMS 3.0. you will have everything to modify this theme quickly, without hiring any specialists. We don't want you to waste time, so we have taken care of all possible issues to make a development process more comfortable for you. Our drag-and-drop editing tool will save time you'd better use for your hobby instead of attempting to adjust one particular thing in the design of your website. An easy-to-manage admin panel has been made to minimize your efforts and help to get the desired end result without being a web expert.If you purchase our Cricket Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme, you will receive everything you need for your online project - the integrated admin panel + high-end design.
Sales: 5
Last updated: 29.10.20
Personal Trainer Moto CMS 3 Template
You're quite an active person and enjoy sports? And every time you sit at the laptop to fix an issue, it feels like you're losing all your precious time. But still, you want to design a site and keep looking for a fitness website builder?Consider getting our premium Fitness Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template. With Moto CMS 3.0. you can modify our template quickly without hiring web design specialists. We know the real price of time, therefore, we have taken care of all the issues to make a web development process more comfortable for you. The drag-and-drop editor will save your time you can spend on your hobby, instead of clicking a lot of buttons to modify one particular thing in the design. An easy-to-use admin panel was built to minimize your efforts and help to get the intended result without being a web development specialist.When you obtain our 100% adaptive Fitness Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme, you will have all you need for your website - the efficient admin panel + high-end design. You'd better use some energy for
Sales: 48
Last updated: 29.10.15
Airlinerra - Private Airline Moto CMS 3 Template
Choose this airline website design to create a one-of-a-kind online presence of private airline professionally and easily! It is a full-featured template that lets you make a professional-looking website for a modern airline in a visual mode. The layout is absolutely responsive, and the editing or modyfying process with the help of drag and drop builder is simple. Buy a template and in a couple of days you will have a website up and running!
Sales: 4
Last updated: 24.09.20
Karting Club Moto CMS 3 Template
People are always looking for different ways to spend their time and carting club is among the top of searches. Thus, the carting website template for sport club from MotoCMS is an awesome chance to make profits and develop your business. Present your advantages, upcoming events, specify prices, add media content and GoogleMaps widget to ensure users will easily find your location and will have a wonderful time as soon as posible!
Sales: 3
Last updated: 18.09.20
Sports Team Moto CMS 3 Website Template
Meet a modern, fully responsive sports team website template! This sports club website design is fully functional and characterized by an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder, comprehensive admin panel, and additional site-building features. With this sport-oriented template, you can create a professional website for promoting your sports team or club. No design or coding skills are needed - you can edit any element in a couple of clicks!
Sales: 7
Last updated: 10.06.21
Golfinno - Golf Club Moto CMS 3 Template
This Golf Club Moto CMS 3 Template has really luxury design. It greets the visitors with a spectacular screen-wide image of a man playing golf. There are two hollow call-to-action buttons over it. They seamlessly blend with general design concept and serve as perfect attention grabbers. More info about the company with stylish icons is placed right under this photo. Golf gallery block is animated. The pictures there can be opened at the pop up windows. Four club membership plans are also featured on the home page. Google Maps plugin will help your customers find physical club location. The map is placed next to the company contact details. Build a website on the bases of this template and let your visitors feel how much you care about them.
Sales: 13
Last updated: 19.04.17
Bodybuilding & Fitness Club Moto CMS 3 Template
You're quite a sporty person and love bodybuilding? That's why each time you sit at the computer to work on some issue, it feels as though you're losing energy in vain. On the other hand, you decided to make a site and need a bodybuilding website builder?Consider our best Bodybuilding Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template. This theme has Moto CMS 3.0, that allows designing your future website without trouble. It was created for users who understand the real value of time and need to get a fast effect. The drag-and-drop editor makes all the improvements possible for you in a few clicks and releases time for something more interesting. No extra moves, you've already got an easy-to-manage admin panel that enables you to achieve just about everything you want without special web design skills.Choose our Bodybuilding Responsive Moto CMS 3 Theme and get a fully responsive web product + a plugged-in admin panel. Nothing should prevent you from enjoying a good old workout! Just try how quick and easy it is to operate this theme.
Sales: 17
Last updated: 04.12.15

5 Best Sports, Outdoors, and Travel MotoCMS Templates with Website Builder 2022

Template Name Downloads Price
Evolution Business Moto CMS 3 Template 355 $139
Roy Bed & Breakfast - Hotel Moto CMS 3 Template 11 $139
Travel Blog MotoCMS Website Design 6 $139
Lewis - Bed and Breakfast Moto CMS 3 Template 27 $139
Whelex - Bike Rent Moto CMS 3 Template 6 $139

Travel Website Builder Templates

It's not a secret that nowadays a fully-functional website is a lion part of any travel company success. Whether you're just a novice in this field or an experienced travel agent, you need a perfect travel website design. Are you going to create a travel website or build a hotel website? Then you're definitely looking for the best outdoor website design templates with builder. If so, you just can't pass by travel website builder templates from MotoCMS.

Whatever kind of travel services you offer, travel website builder templates will pave you the way to the top. Alongside with amazing travel website design the builder also suggests gorgeous sports website design templates. You'll find everything from travel agency and travel guide to sport club and personal trainer premium themes. The best thing is that with the set of pre-made pages each template is almost a ready-to-go website. Take time to look through this collection of outdoor website design templates. They will undoubtedly impress you both by their quality and the wide range of fascinating features.

What Makes Travel Website Builder the Best Choice

Perhaps, you know that today there are various ways to build an appealing website. However, travel website builder is definitely the best variant possible.

To begin with, it was created with the needs of novices in mind. Consequently, you don't have to know a single line of code to launch a functional website. Everything you should do is just choose travel or sports website design and customize it simply using your mouse. Travel website builder is intuitive and convenient. In a word, it's the very thing an inexperienced web designer needs.

Next, travel website builder Next, travel website builder is cost-effective. All you have to do is just to invest once into a professional outdoor website design. You won't have to hire a pro each time your website requires an update. With travel website builder you'll get regular updates available in your admin panel via one click.

Finally, with travel website builder you have lightning-fast 24/7 support. Whatever question you come across, a professional customer support team is always at your disposal.

The Advantages You Get with MotoCMS Travel and Sports Website Builder

MotoCMS travel and sports website builder offers you a number of advantages that are simply impossible to ignore. Here are just a few of them.

100% responsive travel and sports website design. Travel and sports website builder guarantees that your website will look attractive on any modern device. Whether your visitors use desktops, tablets or smartphones, your website will please their eyes.

Endless opportunities for customization. A handy drag-and-drop editor of MotoCMS travel website builder lets you customize any element you want on the fly. Moreover, you'll instantly see every change you've made.

Wide range of fascinating widgets. A large number of helpful widgets allow you to add any functionality you wish. You don't need any additional plugins with MotoCMS travel and sports website builder.

SEO integration. The opportunity to add keywords, meta descriptions, ALT and title for images will make your website noticeable for search engines.

White Label for developers. The developer pack assists you in building your own brand while saving your money for promotion.

To sum up, travel website builder from MotoCMS is definitely worth trying. Are you still hesitating? Then make use of a 14-day trial period. Believe, it will be quite enough to make sure that this travel and sports website builder is a perfect choice.