Smartphone Old Version 3D model
3D Smartphone model Old Version. You can use it in your render projects or game projects. This model is not a very high quality model, but you can choose it according to its price. If you wish, you...
3D Illustration of Dentist
3D illustration designs with a dentist theme which is very suitable for those of you who want to create designs related to dentists, dentistry, dentistry, medical, tooth, care and health
Business Schedule 3D Illustration
Helping your projects related to UX UI design, web designer, web development, mobile app. Anyway, the design related to the web fits perfectly with the design I made.
Monitor Low-poly 3D model
Monitor 3D Model Geometry: Polygon Count: 1166 Vertice Count: 1097 Textures: Yes Materials: Yes Rigged: No You can use for your custom projects
Smart Watch Beta 3D Model
3d model smart watch beta. It will give you a great advantage with low polygons. The 3d model of the smart watch, which is a technological tool, is ready
Industrial Steam Pipes PBR 3D Model
3D model of modular Industrial Steam Pipes PBR- 4k Resolution of textures- Originally created with 3ds Max 2018 - Textured created with Substance Painter - Texture Set: Diffuse, Base Color, IOR,...
Mech Fighter 3D Model model Game Ready
Mech Fighter Robot 3D Model this 3D model is ready for your game. This model is a low polygon, which will allow for fast rendering times. This model comes with UVs, textures, and a game-ready file....
3D Illustration of Scientist
3D designs with the theme of scientist illustrations which you can use for design purposes about science, scientists, technology, research, laboratories, labs, etc
Virtually - AR-VR 3D Icon Set
Virtually is modern & creative 3D icon set to beautify your website, mobile app, social media, and any design prototypes for any technology AR-VR industry
Spacey - Space 3D Icon Set
Spacey is suitable for the Space and Science niche. Editable and ready to use for your requirements. Make your product or project even more visually appealing by using spacey 3D icons.
3D Illustration of Industry
3D Industry Pack is a collection of 3D illustrations with an industrial theme which you can use for various design needs such as factory, industrial, waste, chemical, energy etc

5 Best Best 3D Computer Graphics of Technology Objects 2024

Template Name Downloads Price
Digitally - Device & Work 3D Items 1 $35
Banky - Banking and Finance 3D Icon Pack 1 $35
3D Animated Education Illustration 0 $31
Spacey - Space 3D Icon Set 0 $35
3D Illustration of Dentist 0 $22

Best Assets for 3D Graphics Technology Projects

The 3D graphics technology industry is the most popular among projects related to 3D printing. Specialists use it for various purposes: presentation of gadgets, engineering design of parts, development of mock-ups, creation of medical equipment, etc. In the future, this is the best prospect to save time and resources for the manufacture of parts; it is a new type of visualization, as well as the opportunity to work with the most accurate models of any scientific and technological field of activity.

3D Graphics Meaning

3D modeling is a combination of art, geometry, and mathematics. With the help of special programs, you create files that are instructions for 3D printers. The work of such software and specialists can be compared to a sculptor, architect, and engineer at the same time. If a drawing is a two-dimensional image, then a model is a three-dimensional layout developed using mathematical formulas. In special programs, designers create files describing the position of points in space. There are many geometric shapes involved. As a result, they represent a 3D graphics.

So 3d graphics technology is a three-dimensional digital image that specialists model using a three-dimensional coordinate system, splines, or sculpting. Depending on the final goal, requirements for 3D may differ. For example, to create characters and landscapes for a computer game, you use specific principles and software, which will not be effective for developing device details for an engineer.

How to Create 3D Graphics Technology

The creation of the required design can be divided into processes:

  • modeling - the developing of a three-dimensional mathematical model of the scene and objects in it;
  • texturing - assigning raster or procedural textures to object surfaces;
  • lighting - installation, and adjustment of light;
  • animation - giving movements to item components;
  • dynamic simulation - automatic calculation of the interaction of parts;
  • rendering - building a projection following a physical object;
  • compositing - refining the image.

To achieve an ideal result and take advantage of all stages, you should choose the right program and method for developing 3d graphics technology.

Software for 3D Graphics Technology

Choose a program that matches your skills and the goal of the result.


This tool will help designers of any level of knowledge. The interface is not overloaded. You can design beautiful interior designs of apartments, houses, and rooms. The Google team has been supporting this program for several years, so you'll find plenty of instructions and documentation.

Autodesk AutoCAD

This option is suitable for two-dimensional engineering drawings but also has functionality for 3D modeling. You create small technological parts or a large building. You will also need it for printing.

Cinema 4D

A simple interface allows you to work with sculpting, rendering, texturing, and animation effects. Some processes speed up the development of scenes.


This option has all the technological possibilities for sculpting, so you work with the elements as with clay. Working with such a program is comfortable. Also, you will have a lot of fun.

Autodesk 3ds Max

This is a tool that reveals all the possibilities of three-dimensional graphics. We recommend it to professionals. Here you can make any design wish come true.

Kinds of 3D Graphics Technology Design Process

There are three types of 3D design modeling.


This is a way of creating structures using a coordinate system and manually entering points X, Y, and Z. You use these elements as edges. This is how you form polygons. Each of them has a shape, shade, and texture. In the final result, you get a three-dimensional object.


Here you use curves that form splines. The lines construct a frame. The model gets a full-fledged surface. This method is ideal for objects that do not have sharp corners.


This is a unique opportunity to create an object as if from clay. You bend, twist, and pull the thing. This method is suitable for beginners in this field.

3D Graphics Technology Video

Are you looking for examples of beautiful and modern 3d graphics technology images? We recommend watching this video.

3D Graphics Technology Q&A

What Are the Reasons to Use 3D Graphics Technology?

Every year there are more and more areas where new design technologies are used. Visual three-dimensional objects can be transformed into physical objects using printing or other traditional manufacturing processes.

The main advantage is the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the subject before its full development. This simplifies the creation process and also saves your resources and money. You understand the structure of details of any device in the context of the environment. Using this design method allows you to approach the selection of materials carefully. You can also add animations. You view components from all sides online.

How to Choose the Correct File Format for 3D Graphics Technology?

The marketplace provides items for various purposes: characters, details, landscapes, flora, fauna, ships, cars, gadgets, robots, etc. We recommend using the panel on the left to speed up the search. With the help of tags, you can specify which elements you are interested in the game, low-poly, PBR, metal, art, realistic, gun, weapon, furniture, industrial, building, electronic, etc. Also, pay attention to the program you're customizing with ZBrush, Unreal, Unity, SketchUp, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, and 3DS Max. For the item to open correctly, you must choose the correct file format: fbx, obj, blend, dae, stl, max, 3ds, unitypackage, uasset, etc.

How to Customize 3D Graphics Technology from TemplateMonster?

Choose a convenient software and the correct file format. Any item from TemplateMonster is fully editable.

Where Can You Use 3D Graphics Technology?

In addition to the obvious areas of use of three-dimensional technologies, you can meet 3D in the following activities:

  • advertising and marketing - the creation of advertising layouts and outdoor advertising, development of packaging designs, exhibition stands, etc.;
  • urban planning - creating a model of urban architecture and landscape;
  • industry - rolling out prototypes of parts and machines;
  • architecture - interior and exterior;
  • cinematography - the developing of characters, images, scenes, clothes, props, etc.;
  • cinematography - the drawing of realistic images that cannot be achieved when shooting with a camera;
  • jewelry - modeling of precious stones and metal parts.