Male Head Sculpt 3D Model
Male Head Sculpt, 3D Head Sculpt model, that is created to help you create your character. The model is suitable for any visual production - zbrush, other sculpt application and the broadcast,...
Naina Female Rigged 3d character
Niana 3d is a high quality realistic rigged female character.Naina character is high hd quality and detailed 3d model This is a concept 3D model of europen/american woman 3dcharacter|| REALISTIC...
Racoon - Low Poly 3D Model
Low Poly Racoon606 Faces / 1,192 Triangles eachIncludes the next files in OBJ, FBX, DAE, GLB and BLEND (Native): — — The Base Mesh (546 faces): A quad face based in static pose and mapper...
Police people 3D Model
Total Models Included (79)Verts 33,604 / Faces 33,406 / Tris 64,412Props (19): Verts 1,838 / Edges 3,460 / Faces 1,681 / Tris 3,362Men (30): Verts 15,110 / Edges 29,712 / Faces 15,246 / Tris...
Kangaroo 3D Model

Kangaroo 3D Model by studioochi

Includes the next files in OBJ, FBX, DAE and 3DS — The Base Mesh: A quad face based in static pose and mapper texture. — The Pack: A pack with 7 poses (Rest Pose + 6 different). — UV Layout:...
Sales: 1
3D T-Shirt Set Model - made in blender
4 T-shirts (folded, on the ground, hanging) These models use the same uv, which will be very useful when making mock-ups for branded T-shirts. The models are compatible for upload with most 3d...
Human Eyeball Pack Low-poly 3D model
Human Eyeball Pack 3d model with PBR maps 4 colors: Blue, Brown, High Quality Blue, Illustration Blue Eye Use this model for any purpose. It is suitable for video and static visualization.
Sales: 1
Grizzly Bear 3D Model
Includes the next files in OBJ, FBX, DAE, 3DS and BLEND (Native): — The Base Mesh: A quad face based in static pose and mapper texture. — The Sketchfab Scene: The scene as shown in our...
Back Garden - Animation Asset 3D Model
A stylized back garden asset suitable for animation, game dev, and other 3D projects.Contains 140+ models with a simple & editable 36 x 36 pixel textures.-Models:Apple | Artichoke | Aubergine |...
Candy Land - Animation Asset 3D Model
A stylized candyland asset suitable for animations.Contains 170+ models with a simple & editable 36 x 36 pixel textures.–Changelogv1.1: Added 140+ new models with up to 4 levels of detail.v1.0:...
Sales: 1
Business People 3D Model
Lowpoly posed people for office and business related scenes.Total (78) Verts 22,740 / Faces 23,817 / Tris 44,976Props (18): Verts 2,150 / Edges 4,205 / Faces 2,107 / Tris 4,076Men (30): Verts 9,100...
Studio Microphone Low-poly 3D model
Studio Microphone. 3D Studio Microphone created at blender. 4K Textures and ready materials Lowpoly and Game Ready Just Use Any Project or Edit in your style. Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag 4....
Orc Boyz 3D Model
Model for 3d print, orc boyz from the army of orcs in warhammer 4k.There is an archive with a solid model, a separate archive where the model is cut into 5 parts, and an archive with individual...

Best Zbrush 3D Graphics From A Professional Web Designer

The Maxon company creates excellent software for processing or creating three-dimensional patterns from scratch. One of her creations is Zbrush. This software has become popular and in demand. Thanks to it, advanced specialists and beginners create fascinating and maximally detailed pictures and characters. The process follows the example of molding. You make an invented object by sculpting something out of clay. A separate plus is the automatic drawing of shadows. This page shows a fascinating, helpful, and simply unique collection of Zbrush 3D graphics. They are compatible with this software and help you finish your project faster. So start viewing and make your choice.

Advantages Of Zbrush 3D Graphics

Products on TemplateMonster are popular for a reason. What clients get:

  • Constantly updating the assortment. Creative, unique designs regularly appear in the marketplace.
  • High quality. Thanks to the thorough work done by the web designer, customers receive a flexible and fully customizable product. In addition, the appearance looks great on any screen size, even the largest.
  • Simple settings. All items on this page we filtered explicitly for the above program. Of course, they are compatible not only with it. Having looked at the description, the reader learns that the web developer provides a file for different programs. Learn more by reading about the characteristics of individual items.
  • Different formats. Buyers choose which variant is best suited and which editing software to use.
  • Various topics. As you see, all the goods on the page are different. These are trees, fairy-tale characters, animals, and individual objects.
  • High Poly and Low Poly. This point means some designs have many small details. Other three-dimensional pictures are less detailed.

Read more in the description.

Who Needs Zbrush 3D Graphics

First, among the buyers, there are often developers of online games. It would help if you had a lot of characters and details for the background. It is only sometimes rational to spend the time of a qualified contractor on these tasks. So, order ready-made objects on the site and get the finished result quickly.

Secondly, the creators of design projects often add trees, animals, and furniture to the interior. This is how a spectacular, memorable, and beautiful house presentation turns out.

Thirdly, the creators of films and cartoons also partly buy similar products. They place the object in the scenes. The audience doesn't guess that the machine created the character or object.

Fourth, some firms buy items to add to the speech during conferences or presentations. It plays a significant influence on the potential audience. Such entertainment people always remember. The realistic trees, skeletons, nature objects, characters, and animals add uniqueness to any event. So advertising and marketing agencies are also our clients. If you need more than one volume picture, please, discover MonsterOne with unlimited downloading conditions.

These and other businesses are increasingly buying on TemplateMonster. Be among our customers!

Zbrush 3D Graphics FAQ

How to choose Zbrush 3D graphics?

Such goods are worth looking at in the preview. The web developer places several pictures from different angles. Please, read the specifications. You learn about compatibility and formats, as well as other design features.

How to order TemplateMonster?

Go to the product page. Select the license type and click the Add to Cart button. Then carefully fill out the order form. Finally, pay online and receive the product by email.

Is there support for paid three-dimensional images?

Yes. Buyers receive the necessary consultations. So, the web developer's company provides the service.

How to sell on TemplateMonster?

You may become one of the web developers on the TemplateMonster marketplace. To start uploading new items, please register via the link.