WordPress CV Themes with Pro-Level Design

A professionally crafted CV has remained one of the essential components of any hiring process for many years. Whatever you are longing for - medical-, sales-, or office-related positions, a smartly written resume would improve your chances. Still, getting the attention of your employer, sponsor, or, sometimes, the customer is just the beginning of the work. One has to meet viewers' expectations, generate interest, and keep their attention. Now, it is easy, thanks to WordPress CV themes.

Here are only a few reasons to download a WordPress CV theme for your next job application:

  • Ensure customer loyalty;
  • Improving status in an industry or field;
  • Creating a striking first impression;
  • Attracting new clients;
  • Finding new sponsors;
  • Leaving a reminder;
  • Providing job security;
  • Add some creativity to your business card.

It used to be hard to stand out but! Our templates are simple in customization and come with easy-to-tweak features one can edit with Elementor Page Builder, Gutenberg WordPress Editor, and other supporting tools.

More Reasons to Purchase WordPress Resume Themes

Well, there is nothing bad about using a template instead of creating your CV from scratch. Your would-be-boss won't care whether you did everything by hand or used a ready-made product. So why does one need to use WordPress resume themes? With it, you could easily:

  • Save their time by using ready-to-fill sections with personal information;
  • Skip this boring formatting process;
  • Make sure you haven't forgotten to fill any must-have areas;
  • Ensure you also added special sections for particular business niches (e.g., PO skills for IT);
  • Make your CV meet the latest requirements;
  • Plus, ensure it passes the applicant tracking system employers could use to assess candidates.

Besides, most WordPress CV themes are multi-use, which means you can use the same theme to apply for any job. Thanks to changeable settings, one can get a fresh design for new ways to promote your application.

Must-Checks for Your Resume WordPress Theme

Creative approach and technical literacy WordPress themes would help beginners and pros succeed. However, keep in mind that even the most impressive CV won't be successful if it contains non-readable content. It should be eye-friendly and include thoroughly separated sections with properly chosen font families. Here are some must-haves to check before selecting a resume theme:

  • 100% customizable components one can edit without having any special skills;
  • Fully editable files you can work with in all popular editors;
  • Smartphone-friendly design is a must as employees might check candidates' info prom mobiles;
  • Readable fonts with compatible font families that harmonize;
  • A cover letter is a must;
  • Different color schemes;
  • Forms, icons, and other neatly designed visuals;
  • Sizes variations to meet any needs;
  • Content hierarchy would highlight important details about your working experience;
  • Social media links for viewers to find more information about you.

WordPress CV themes with top positions have all of these.

The Benefits of Using CV WordPress Theme

Different products give different results. WordPress offers multiple ready-made solutions with all must-haves pre-made for a business promo. The result always depends on what you choose: a simple CV template with all necessary sections and minimalist design or a full-fledged portfolio/personal resume website. The last one would have everything and anything to promote your skills in a brilliant way, from SM integration to a taggable gallery. By choosing a modern CV WordPress theme, one could build such presentable projects as:

  • Digital CV;
  • Catchy business card;
  • Multipage website for business & services;
  • Startup promo;
  • Material presentation;
  • Online portfolio;
  • Personal resume website;
  • Web magazine;
  • Material presentation.

And these are just to name a few. Please, view the demos of WordPress CV themes to see more.

Who Needs a WordPress CV?

Long story short, these pre-styled products come for anyone who wants to promote their business. WordPress CV themes make an ideal solution for young companies, startups, and creators. Proficient business owners would also find resume themes helpful as they save time and provide a professional presence. High-quality WordPress CV cover almost any business niche, including the following topics:

  • Political candidates;
  • IT & computers;
  • Nightlife & clubs;
  • Education, coaching & school;
  • Bikes & repair;
  • Psychology & medicine;
  • Model agency;
  • Photography & web design;
  • Freelancer;
  • Lawyer, and so much more.

You could also use a multipurpose product with numerous templates meeting different topics simultaneously. This variant is especially good for agencies and other businesses requiring multiple solutions.

5 Top Features to Create with CV Templates

Anyone can work with CV templates WordPress offers thanks to their simplicity and perfect pre-made design solutions. Let's take a closer look at some vital features personal portfolio themes provide.

WordPress CV themes’ Responsiveness

The way your online resume displays on mobiles is critical these days. It would look nice on all media devices, from desktops to small-screened gadgets and Retina screens. Needless to say, the more responsive a project is, the more success it gets. You can preview the result in a live demo of any theme to ensure that the CV displays amazing anywhere, no matter which screen a user has in their hands.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Both newbies and oldies like Elementor, as this WP editor has everything a creator may want to use. There are ready-made components to perform design changes right out of the box, like buttons, icons, frames, graphics, etc. You only need to select the required element and drag & drop it to the editor's field. All of these are also easy to customize, so one can quickly change sizes, colors, and other elements’ features.


When it comes to business, anyone wants to enter the global market. Thus, the feature is a must for personal CV and portfolio websites. It improves your chances of attracting foreign prospects or getting the attention of international companies/employees you would like to impress. Besides, creators looking for sponsors would also find WPML-ready themes helpful with the possibility of being viewed all over the globe. Search engines worldwide can scan and rate your online presence with this.

Customizable Logo

How can you imagine a business page without an attention-grabbing logo? This is what makes your project unique and recognizable. No matter what business type we are talking about, it certainly requires a simple-to-customize logo.

Pro Visuals

According to the statistics, more than half of first impressions depend on what people see. How to make an online CV stand out without overloading the design? Pro-styled templates, like Liton, offer sleek effects:

  • animated color texts to introduce the site owner;
  • animated social media icons;
  • a back-to-top button that appears when scrolling the page;
  • scroll-right and -left buttons appearing with mouseover;
  • interactive counters to showcase the number of happy customers, completed works, and other achievements;
  • scrollable testimonials with star ratings;
  • percentage graphics to highlight skills;
  • dropdown menu, and other moving elements.

One might also want to enrich their resume page with a soft background video, which is especially useful for photographers, designers, etc. However, it also makes a nice addition for shop and brand owners who want to present their goods right on the business page.

More Must-Haves for WordPress CV Themes

Among the other pre-packed features a worthy WordPress resume theme should have, there are the next:

  • Customizable headers & footers;
  • SEO-friendly design;
  • Compatibility with the latest WP version;
  • Ecwid-readiness;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Smooth scroll for mobiles;
  • Easy one-click installation;
  • Contact forms, etc.

Finally, we recommend you ensure that your choice comes with regular updates. This improves SEO and speeds up the website.

5 Successful WordPress Resume Themes with Trendy Components

The newest WP themes for CV websites come in all possible and impossible styles and color palettes. We listed these 10 voguish designs to illustrate how some trendy features look and work in action. Upload items' live demos for your inspiration!


The theme has a minimalist design with 2 main colors in use. It comes for agencies, designers, developers, etc. Besides, the product also provides designs for sports-related topics, like personal trainers, bodybuilding, boxing, or fitness. Pay attention to the clean reviews box with scrollable texts in the footer. You might want to use the element, as it doesn't overload the pages and has everything needed, like stars. You can see that Andarson already has a full-width review block. Putting another one in the footer promises additional prospects' attention.


This feature-rich product would be a perfect choice for corporate-related business niches like IT solutions, networks, consulting, financial companies, trading, marketing, etc. Don't hesitate to open the theme's demo, as Damka illustrates all the trendy moving components we listed above. Aside from animated graphics, sliders, counters, etc., there's also a dropdown header that changes its color once you scroll the page down. It makes the section more noticeable and adds uniqueness to the design. Another feature worthy of your attention is a minimalist but noticeable video button to represent your company in a modern way.


This portfolio theme comes for freelancers and creative people. It has a complete header excellent for designers, devs, actors, models, photographers, etc. that combines:

  • charming b/w color solution;
  • cursor intro text;
  • smartly chosen font families and sizes;
  • neat SM buttons;
  • rolled-edge CTA-s for Contact Me & Portfolio.

Scroll down the resume page to see another CTA with a different solution. When they harmonize, combining different designs for buttons makes it easy to catch the viewer's attention. The Velo's CTAs examples are a ready-made way to promote elegantly. By the way, here is another must-have - using a 'Download my CV' button to better your chances.


Regarding UI/UX designers, the CV theme should have a 100% attention-grabbing appearance. Resumo combines all the must-haves and trendy visuals that come in awesome soft color schemes. There are illustrated counters for hours of work, received awards, projects done, etc. Also, take a look at the back-to-top button with an unusual corner appearance. Even Resumo's CTAs stand out with changing colors and appearing frames. Finally, you might not miss the 'About Me' section with a minimalist information box that comes with a smart content hierarchy.


Suitable for resumes, CV cards, and portfolios, the theme is pretty simple but contains all essentials, from SEO to contact forms and custom widgets. We recommend you take a look at the inspiring nature background mixed with minimalist wallpapers. You might also like the creator introducing sections that creatively hide when scrolling the page down. Plus, don't miss the blog and testimonials themes with pleasing moving effects.

You can see working with WordPress CV themes is as easy as ABC.

Quick WP CV Theme Checklist

So, now you can see that getting a professionally looking and amazingly working online CV won't be hard. You only need to choose the right theme and fill it with the needed details. To sum everything up, here is what you 100% need to have well-presented in your online CV:

  • Name + personal statement;
  • Contacts with social media links;
  • Education info;
  • Previous job experience;
  • Details chronology and design harmony,
  • Skills to highlight;
  • Creator's picture.

We also recommend you get at least a few trendy visuals named above when selecting among WordPress CV themes. It makes the CV website look more attractive and makes readers assimilate information easier. Besides, pay special attention to the resume's background. You don't need to use videos if you are afraid to overload the page with them (though our themes are lightweight!), but we suggest choosing a custom background for an unusual look.

Downloading Free CV WordPress Themes

Here is some good news! You can save money and try free resume templates to create a shining CV in a minimal, modern, professional, or creative style. The items are very easy to customize and have all the necessary sections. These WP products contain all the essentials and look awesome on any screen. Just select the item you like, fill the pages with your info, and viola! Your CV is ready to impress.

WordPress CV Themes FAQ

Why do I need WordPress resume templates?

By getting a resume template, one could quickly create a professional CV without wasting a lot of time on the editing process. The pack already contains all the must-have sections so that you can be sure the result won't miss any important piece of information. Besides, well-designed items come with pre-packed visuals, like counters and graphics, to promote in a modern way. It is easier for viewers to absorb and assimilate the details with such trendy visuals rather than reading long posts about your work progress. Responsive WordPress CV themes working on all devices and meeting the latest requirements would help you to pass the applicant tracking system. Plus, you don't need to worry about wrong CV formats, as everything is ready-to-publish.

How can I save on buying CV resume WordPress themes?

There are a few options for getting a pro CV theme without spending big money. Do you already have a favorite marketplace? Check out the sales section before everything else. Consider looking for bundles and multipurpose themes with a license for several projects. Besides, you can always add the theme to the wishlist and wait for Cyber Monday if you already know which product you like. TemplateMonster and other big theme creators provide impressive discounts these holidays. WordPress CV themes won’t make an exception. Just ensure you have subscribed to the newsletter to keep an eye on prices lowering. Finally, subscription services like MonsterONE offer access to numerous CV templates and supporting plugins for only $7.4 per month.

What is the difference between free & pro WordPress CV templates?

When it comes to proven marketplaces, you have everything out of the box with both free and premium products. The main difference between them is that pro resume templates usually come with more features related to web design trends, like moving elements or animated widgets. However, free templates could also contain graphics, social media icons, review sections, and other must-haves. Unlike free products, premium templates offer changeable designs with more color solutions and multi-topic pages. However, some freebies also contain more than a single design.

What features to search for in WordPress CV themes?

Before everything else, your template CV WordPress provided should be easy to customize. It means you should be able to tweak all settings without issues or having any previous experience of working with similar products. There should be a smartphone-ready design with readable fonts + cross-browser compatibility for online portfolios. Also, ensure your item comes with a cover letter and the possibility to download the CV. Among the other features, there are such trendy elements as social media buttons, CTAs, testimonials, star ratings, infographics, text animations, backgrounds with images and videos, video buttons, etc.

What is the best way to customize WordPress resume themes?

Thanks to a fully user-friendly design, WordPress CV themes can be edited by anyone, no matter if they have ever run a portfolio site before. The pack contains a simple but feature-rich page builder, like Elementor and Gutenberg. It works on drag & drop technology which allows quick editing and has a live preview. One can change colors and font sizes, replace visuals, add icons for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. pages, or add various catchy web design pieces, like percentage graphics for a progress showcase. You could also work with its menu in the editor if it is a portfolio theme. Adding new sections, crafting logos, and redesigning CTA buttons would be simple.