Best Figma Resume Templates To Produce a CV

Nowadays, qualified personnel have different innovative tools to get any firm up and running. New exciting instruments constantly appear; you must discover everything to build a dream job. But the goals change when it comes to developing a personal CV for yourself and showing off high-quality experience. The most important thing is to write a skills list that grabs the recruiter's and director's attention. You also hurry and want minimal effort, time, and money to create a well-looking, outstanding, memorable presentation document. You have a fantastic opportunity to choose software options to edit the slides. We have selected gorgeous, modern, and colorful Figma resume templates on this page. Below you'll determine why choosing this graphic program is essential, which suits such ready-made designs, their primary and outstanding advantages, and how to decide on TemplateMonster goods. Save time. Read our material and buy.

What Are Figma Resume Templates

Goods are unique and have a beautiful, well-organized, and comfortable-to-read look. The layouts provide the customer with a fast, efficient, and long-lasting solution to receive a well-looking personal skills document in the short term. There are dozens of different items on our marketplace. For example, readers may find the link with a complete list of ready-made layouts for various goals here.

So, let's name what benefits people receive by buying TemplateMonster products:

  • Users get the finished design in the short term. First, you see all global concepts, outstanding and memorable color schemes, and the blocks' arrangement on the paper. Then, it would help if you opened the layout. Further, thanks to the advanced options for settings, you make various appearance changes. Thus, it's easy to achieve uniqueness and look stunningly stylish, modern, and luxurious against competitors' backgrounds.
  • The buyer makes a shick and multi-functional slide file at an affordable price. Remember, our marketplace has items for various professions and activity areas. However, all graphics have one crucial thing - customers get an ultra-modern theme without spending huge budgets. Our website visitors compare the cost of buying similar services to hiring a web designer. A similar job from a designer often is about tens of dollars, depending on the task's complexity performed by the contractor.

So, now you know that buying on TemplateMonster is profitable and effective. So, let's discover who orders products in the collection above.

Who Needs Figma Resume Templates

Among TemplateMoster's customers, there are specialists in different professions. Therefore, you should try hard when searching for a job or wanting a specific position in the company. Agreeing to send an URL to a landing page to a recruiter or making a colorful personal skills document look imposing and improve trust is an excellent idea. Also, such a gesture means you know your worth, position yourself as a high-level specialist, and hope for cooperation. Therefore, we recommend you visit the link if you search for a landing page design.

So, discover the TOP professions who often buy Figma resume templates on TemplateMonster:

  • IT-specialists.
  • Programmers.
  • Analysts.
  • Advertisers.
  • Marketers.
  • Sales managers.
  • Designers.
  • Architects.
  • Beauty salon workers.
  • Doctors.
  • Private psychotherapists.
  • Tutors.
  • Personal growth coaches.
  • The financial literacy consultants.

This list contains professionals with the needed experience to write a perfect, memorable, and outstanding CV and ensure the appearance that recruiters want. Also, an additional feature of these people is periodic job searches.

Candidates know that changing firms every five years is recommended for personal development and career growth. Therefore, they must edit the text content and rewrite the experience and skills block. Next, send a CV to other companies for consideration to receive a place in another firm.

Features Of Figma Resume Templates

In this paragraph, we'll detail the main advantages of our unique goods:

  • Products are helpful for individuals to promote themselves as a specially qualified employee.
  • Small firms with an average of five to seven specialists often present similar documents to demonstrate professionalism.
  • This option is a perfect chance to show potential investors your business in the most beautiful light.

So, let's talk about the Figma resume template's essential features.

Unique Design

If you look at five or ten variants to evaluate, you ensure they differ. You never find similar themes in our marketplace. Authors try hard to create a unique appearance that meets all the requirements and fashion trends. The web design market is developing and changing periodically. You have probably seen how large consumer goods, clothing, beauty brands, IT companies, and food manufacturers renovate corporate logos. These actions are visually striking examples of current trends for promoting yourself as an extraordinary professional. By the way, our site has ready-made logos' layouts. Take a look and choose a trademark for yourself using the link if you need to find a job and open your own business.


Although everyone requires to get the most ready-made version, having additional settings will be a plus. For instance, if the block arrangement on the paper, icons, and navigation completely suits you, you want to select other colors or shades. This goal is fine because the themes are flexible and editable. Just open the CV in a graphical editor, and start customizing. Web developers try to give buyers as many customization options as possible.

Ease Of Editing

In addition to intuitive control, you also receive valuable instructions for use. For example, the firm that created the vector editor adds a user manual. For instance, check out the extensive Illustrator instructions at the link. The instructions are enormous and contain descriptions of all editing possibilities. That's why it's easy to do it.

Thanks to the variety of such text and video manuals, you'll quickly get the description you are searching for. Next, open the required section and follow the steps indicated in it. In some cases, the manufacturer also adds video manuals to the text manuals, which clearly show which buttons to press for color editing, alignment, block movement, etc.

The Support

This service also comes in handy. The specialist helps you in the most critical and challenging situations. Thanks to the service, you turn the purchased product into a real work of art. In addition, the appearance becomes unique if you put your hand on it and show creativity. Finally, thanks to the support, creating the resume Figma will be even more accessible. Contact a specialist 24/7 to resolve an issue the editor creators don't describe in the instructions.

Constant Updates Of The Range

On our site, you will see more than just the required graphics. We cooperate with different companies that periodically release new products. We immediately tried to add it to our marketplace. Thus, you discover new designs in the list by visiting the Sales section periodically. Stay tuned and get the best from us!

Various Formats

After reading the descriptions of several layouts, you see that web developers give the same visual view in different formats for the CV. It can be a well-known PSD, EPS, and JPEG file. The last option serves more as a preview because it isn't editable. This variety allows you to choose any of the vector or raster editors. For example, it could be Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, or the variant we discussed today. That is, it's optional to do everything in one format.

To find all Illustrator layouts, visit the Adobe Photoshop link here.

A4 Format

As you know, the interview takes place in several stages. This process people often implement in large companies, holdings, and corporations. Getting into a good position is a challenging task. However, it's much easier with a temporary file where you present your experience, knowledge, and the appropriate level of education.

We also offer our buyers the option of printing out all pages and bringing them to an in-person meeting. After browsing online, the recruiter will want to re-read the names of previous companies and your earlier duties. After all, often, several candidates apply for one position at once. Having a paper version of the skills list is nice to remind the hiring manager of your outstanding achievements.

Drag And Drop

So, you quickly transfer your photo or illustrations of projects to the pages. Just use your computer mouse for this. Find the right image and place it in the file in the right place.

How To Choose Resume Templates Figma

In some cases, the finished CV serves for many years. On the other hand, the buyer gradually introduces new skills and job experience and fills the fields with new data about himself and his personal growth. How about selecting the only option that will please you for a long time and bring maximum benefits? We have tried to answer this question below.

First, choose the style that reflects your business preferences. This way, you tell a little about yourself. It's not just what you say or write that matters. It's also important how you present it. For example, minimalism is best if you plan to work in technology. The classic designs suit creative people, designers, artists, and historians. Retro is a separate direction that most clearly tells about personal preferences. For instance, this style is perfect for specialists in rare cars, antiques, jewelry, acting, etc.

Secondly, look more creatively at the appearance. After all, many parts buyers can replace. For example, select a more exciting and intricate font. Of course, this approach is appropriate if you have a basic knowledge of a vector or raster editor or know a person who may help. Even if there is no such experience, you may always use instructions from the Internet. If you only plan to change a little in the layout, then this advice is entirely appropriate.

Third, evaluate the preview in detail. Web developers put pictures with free text and a photo so that people can discover if the product has the blocks they need. If you didn't like the look at first glance or it just doesn't suit your profession, move on to viewing another option.

Fourth, be sure there are files in the format you need. On the right side of the product page, the author indicates which particular format has the design. Also, there you'll find information about compatibility with different visual editors.

Fifth, evaluate all the offers in this category above to the maximum. To select the desired layout, you must watch a preview of all the alternatives. Therefore, it's best to spend some time browsing and then make a choice.

Why Figma For Resume

Most readers, when discussing graphic editors, immediately remember Illustrator or Photoshop. However, there are other solutions for editing pictures and creating unique slides. If you still don't know which software to choose, we advise you to find out all the advantages that the Figma resume builder has:

  • Collaboration in real-time. This feature is rather useful when working in a team within a company. For personal purposes, you are unlikely to come in handy. After all, you'll be doing the setup yourself. However, any acquired skills are most often helpful in the future. Therefore, gaining knowledge in editing Figma resume templates becomes promising. After all, you may put them into practice in a new firm if you need to edit some pictures.
  • Free version. Yes, it has some limitations. For instance, the free version allows a person to work on one project. However, you receive unlimited cloud storage and several drafts. An additional bonus is 30 days of storage of the latest changes.
  • The data is in the cloud. That is why several people may make settings in the same project simultaneously. However, for individuals, this advantage is also helpful. After all, it would help if you had no specific computer for the job. There is no need. Also, users may not send files by email to save them. Very helpful and convenient.
  • Autosave. Nothing will stop you from creating the perfect CV, even a power outage or an accidentally broken laptop. After all, the program saves the data and the latest changes. Moreover, the user is not required to press the combination Control + S constantly.
  • Desktop version available. Many analogs work only online. With the help of this program, you edit even in the absence of light or the Internet.

Helpful Video For Producing A Business Card

Do you already know how to use this vector editor we discuss? Excellent news for our visitors. We upload a fantastic video tutorial for people who want to do business cards. Watch the material and receive valuable knowledge. Subscribe to TemplateMonster's YouTube channel for more essential videos about promoting online firms.

Figma Resume Templates FAQ

How to see more themes?

On this page, you discover all the mockups for creating a fantastic job candidate presentation file. However, TemplateMonster has other graphics that buyers may edit with this software. Discover everything at the link.

How to get a discount on Figma resume templates?

You see all goods at a discount on the page. If the promotion extends to goods, the price will look crossed out with the indication of the new value. If you want to buy ready-made editable graphics for promotions, we recommend visiting a special section at the link. There is a wide range of items for different purposes. The list is constantly updated. To find new products, you should periodically visit the section.

Why is Resume Figma better than other software?

It's impossible to say that this or that program is somebody's favorite. Once you have mastered some of the editors, it's best to focus on goods that are compatible with them. After all, it takes much less time to create a file. Each of the programs has pros and cons. Today's candidate is easy to use and an excellent fit for newcomers.

Can I sell my Figma resume templates on TemplateMonster?

Yes, this can and should! Please register on our marketplace using the link and upload your creations today! Remember, we're always happy to see more creative firms on the developer roster. Please start earning by sharing your experience, skills, and fantastic work with our marketplace.