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Electromo - Electronics Store eCommerce Clean OpenCart Template
You can make a good business with an online electronic store. Yet, there are many electronic online stores and you have to overcome thousands of competitors. In order to do so, you need a great website template that can work constantly without issues. This is why we present you an Electromo OpenCart theme. It was developed by professionals and includes a clean code. This theme was designed in a clean style and allows you to highlight products and descriptions. Moreover, due to the full OpenCart e-commerce plugin pack, this theme has a cart, wishlist, and compare button. It also has a blog, social options, site map, and many other useful features. You can use Electromo to create a mobile online store, computing shop or any other electronic store.
Downloads: 42,260
Auto Point - Auto Parts eCommerce Clean OpenCart Template
Auto Parts and accessories are highly demanded products due to a huge number of cars nowadays. And you can make a profitable business out of it. One of the best ways to start or boost spare parts business is an e-commerce website. Yet, you need a specially developed website for your store. Like Auto Point OpenCart theme. It has many useful features and allows you to advertise products. Auto Point has a clean design with useful effects and elements. You can use it to make your business attractive to your customers. You can also sort your products with multiple pre-built category pages. This theme includes a full OpenCart plugin pack and you can use a cart, wishlist, and compare button. In addition, it has social options, google maps and other useful features.
Downloads: 18,579
Ziracon - Jewellery And Accessories OpenCart Theme
We hold elegance at our core and rally behind a shared passion for simple, beautiful design.
  • This jewelry theme has all the basic features that an online store needs to sell women's jewelry and accessories.
  • This template is developed on the latest version of the Opencart platform with all the basic features provided by it.
  • This is such a flexible theme that one can easily convert the store from jewelry to any other store like fashion, diamonds, antique stores, color stone, ornaments, watches, smart watch, cosmetics and others.
Downloads: 306
Drug Store - Drug Store Multipage Clean OpenCart Template
Our developers know how important it is for drug stores and medicine websites to create an atmosphere of trust and reliability. This is why they developed Drug Store OpenCart theme. It is clean and includes attractive visual options. Moreover, Drug Store has intuitive navigation due to well-developed structure and multiple pre-built pages. With Drug store, you can sell health products, cosmetics, and many other items. It is also a good e-commerce website template. Due to the OpenCart e-commerce plugin pack, this theme includes a cart, a wish list, and a compare button. You can blog about new arrivals or post medicine articles. Drug store is highly responsive and works perfectly on all devices. Moreover, you can edit any part of Drug Store to make it more suitable for your business.
Downloads: 12,070
Ms.Candy - Sweet Shop Modern OpenCart Template
Use this Sweet Shop Modern OpenCart Theme to get a fully functional website for your online sweet store just in few minutes. Being built on OpenCart, one of the greatest opensource e-commerce platforms ever, it has a wide set of features. First, this theme has multi-currency support. And also an Ajax search and Ajax cart, that will make your visitors able to use the live search function and to immediately see the total price when they change the number of products in their carts. Customers will also be able to navigate between different products by clicking on the next and previous products within the same lightbox. Use this theme to boost your sales. And for all our premium products we offer free support.
Downloads: 19,644
Free Books Responsive OpenCart Template
What can be compared to an inimitable feeling of turning the pages with your own fingertips or smelling the fresh printer's ink of a recently published book ? There are things that can't be completely replaced by modern technologies and books are one of those things. People like to read real books made of paper, so your printing business has many chances for success. Books bring so much joy to our life and you have a wonderful possibility to share these enchanted moments with readers via the online store.
Downloads: 447
Free Stationery Responsive OpenCart Template
This Free Stationery Responsive OpenCart Template has multiple pages and blocks specific for Stationery store websites. It has the following features: Responsive,Admin Panel,Bootstrap,Sliced PSD,Dropdown Menu,Online Store/Shop,HTML 5,JQuery,HTML plus JS. It is compatible with OpenCart ✅1.5.6.x. The design style is Neutral,Flat.
Downloads: 77
Free Tools & Equipment Responsive OpenCart Template
This Free Tools & Equipment Responsive OpenCart Template has multiple pages and blocks specific for Tools store websites. It has the following features: Responsive,Admin Panel,Bootstrap,Sliced PSD,Dropdown Menu,Online Store/Shop,HTML 5,JQuery,HTML plus JS. It is compatible with OpenCart ✅1.5.6.x. The design style is Neutral.
Downloads: 361
StoreFlex - Car Parts eCommerce Clean Free OpenCart Template
Auto parts stores are a profitable business. And that means you have to overcome many competitors in order to promote your online store. This is why you need the best website theme. It has to be multifunctional, fast and visually attractive. Yet, it may be hard to choose which theme is better. This is why we present you a StoreFlex FREE OpenCart Theme. You can download it and check how it works. It is free and you can sell various products with this theme. It has many pre-built pages and you can provide customers with spare parts, tuning items, tires and many other car and motorcycle products. Due to OpenCart plugins, you can provide customers with wishlist and cart. StoreFlex works perfectly on all gadgets and supports high-quality images. Just go to the product page and see how good this theme is.
Downloads: 2,804
Free T-shirt Shop Responsive OpenCart Template
Would you like to be different? We know that the competition on Tshirt market is rather high and it is a complicated task to devise a completely new design that will be distinguished among the others. However, we will make a try. Do you like black and white slider and promotional area above the footer with large, easily readable text over them? Don't you think that pink and grey colors perfectly blend with one another? We're sure they do. The featured products section of this template is also nontrivial. Just hover the rounded product images and see their prices together with short descriptions and buttons. If you are surprised enough with ingenuity of our designers, purchase this theme, customize it, and make your dream a reality.
Downloads: 199
Powder - Cosmetics Store Modern Free OpenCart Template
The beauty store website has to be attractive. It must be bright and eye-catchy in order to attract new customers. Yet, if you want to create a successful online business you need a multifunctional website. It is important to provide customers with advanced search, pre-built category pages, and e-commerce features. This is why we present you a Powder OpenCart Theme. Powder theme was developed specially for cosmetics stores and allows you to provide customers with face and body beauty items. Due to valid code, this theme is highly responsive and works perfectly on all devices and operational systems. In case you want to change this theme you can do it without coding skills. Moreover, you can edit any part of website design or structure. And of course, Powder OpenCart theme includes all necessary e-commerce features.
Downloads: 10,949
Free Fashion Shop Responsive OpenCart Template
Stylish mix of black and vibrant pink in design is extremely good for presenting women apparel stores online. This theme that makes use of this rule will help you present edgy fashion line on the web. Wise categorization facilitates the process of search. Large visuals in the top slider, on banners welcome the viewers, promote the latest products and tell about discounts. All items are presented with effective images of girls wearing them. The buttons below and tags on the images show important information. Use this highly modern theme to leverage the sales of your store.
Downloads: 266
Free Pet Shop OpenCart Template
It's unbelievable how much love, care and money pet owners are ready to grant their furry friends. Sell your pet supplies online, everything in one place and make pet owners shopping enjoyable. The huge amount of items is available on the home page of our store due to three sliders. The user friendly navigation includes drop down menu and widgets.
Downloads: 108
Free Wood Protection OpenCart Template
If you are looking for professional template for your wood finishes store, here is a good one to consider. Its clean white background makes the products stand out better. Featured products in the content area have zooming effect. Sale tags mark discounted products. Slider images are supplied with promotional text written on light green semitransparent blocks. Banners are placed in the right sidebar.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale.
Downloads: 325
Free Watches Responsive OpenCart Template
This Free Watches Responsive OpenCart Template has multiple pages and blocks specific for Watches shop websites. It has the following features: Responsive,Admin Panel,Bootstrap,Dropdown Menu,Online Store/Shop,HTML 5,JQuery,HTML plus JS. It is compatible with OpenCart ✅1.5.6.x. The design style is Neutral,Flat.
Downloads: 208
Free Toy Store Responsive OpenCart Template
A kick of color on this design is what will make your store different. This multicolored layout communicates energy, optimism and is perfectly tailored for shops offering products for children. A wise categorization in the left sidebar, the main menu and useful links in the footer allow to narrow the search results and find whatever you need in minutes. All items are placed in two rows in the content part. Large calltoaction and notification on sale or new buttons go with each item, ensuring simplicity of working with this theme. Let this bright design work for prosperity of your online business.
Downloads: 268
Free Bijouterie Responsive OpenCart Template
An elegant jewelry requires a refined presentation. This layout radiates luxury and leaves no doubt as to what jewelry to choose. Of course, the one presented within it. The upper part of the theme is designed to showcase the main categories of the site. Grid structure helps arrange them in blocks with large images and descriptions. The main content part welcomes the viewers to check out nicely presented featured products and buy them following the 'Add to Cart' button. Get this template and give your website visitors an opportunity to enjoy its elegant black white look and comfortable navigation.
Downloads: 149
Free Computer Store OpenCart Template
It's a well known fact that black color is associated with high quality, which is very important when you sell expensive technics. The author has made bright orange accents to highlight important information. Slider and content area are dedicated to comprehensive product presentation. Drop down menu is supported by widgets in the footer.
Downloads: 141
Free Flower Store Responsive OpenCart Template
The most pleasant thing in the world is somebody's attention. Flowers are the most beautiful gift, so use this idea to make your own business and bring real sophistication into life. Creating your site is important, and this template already has all you need an attractive layout, a large top slider, comfortable navigation, and juicy font. Rest assured that your site created on its basis will be accessible in all browsers. Get this theme to create a hypnotized effect and popularity among both men and women.
Downloads: 69
Free Pet Store OpenCart theme
Clean calm layout of this store created in white and beige tones evokes trust in customers' hearts. Pretty animal images in slider and on banners are very touching. Products are presented in five columns. Footer includes complementary menu, which is rather helpful during browsing. Main menu has drop down option.
Downloads: 71
Handmade Candles OpenCart Template
This souvenirs OpenCart template is a responsive solution complying with all the modern eCommerce trends. In the header, there is an elegant, semi-transparent bar, where customers can access multiple options to use your store. They include language and currency switchers, advanced search, dropdown cart, and more. The template provides advanced navigation in the form of a complex, multi-column menu. Made sticky, it always stays in view while scrolling. To introduce your inventory, you can add the coolest items to a full-width slider in the header. Oblique borders of blocks add an edgy touch to the layout structure, while a soft palette makes it easy on the eye. A newsletter form popup will help you increase your subscriber list.This template is featured in the following editorial reviews:Premium And Free Bootstrap Dashboard TemplatesTop 50 Twitter Bootstrap Themes: Free and Paid
Downloads: 7,182
Free Office Supplies Responsive OpenCart Template
Did you like to go to school when you were a child? Not all kids are fond of learning, but there is a good way to encourage them. Bright, beautiful school supplies will help any child cope with all tasks with ease. Turn routine studies into a fascinating game. Do it with the help of our light, cheerful template. Here parents will be able to choose school utensils together with the beloved offsprings, according to their taste and individual preferences. Choose this template!
Downloads: 113
Free Responsive Clothes Store OpenCart Template
If you decided to sell clothes online, check this elegant design. Slider that occupies almost all home page is extremely impressive. Stylish banners on its right have zooming effect. Horizontal search by brand really helps the buyers get better shopping experience. Featured products are supplied by laconic black Add buttons. Footer also has rather minimalistic, yet stylish design.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale. This Fashion Designer OpenCart design template is Responsive What is it?This is a capability of the website to promptly adjust to any screen size and resolution. Why is it Good?Responsive website design helps to strengthen user experience and offer a 100 % access to the website page information from any electronic device.Find fresh Responsive OpenCart templates here This is a Bootstrap Fashion Consultant OpenCart design template What is it?Bootstrap is a free grid-based framework that allows the creation of responsive websites. Why is it Good?Bootstrap
Downloads: 147
Free Hair Salon Responsive OpenCart Template
Large fonts and black and white layout make this template extremely stylish. The combination of design elements of different shapes draws visitors' attention . Slider gallery showcases gorgeous girls with long, thick hair. Four promo banners make the navigation more visual. Main menu and cart have drop down option. Featured items have zooming effect. Social sharing options are in the right bottom corner of the page.
Downloads: 98
Free Mobile Store OpenCart Template
If you want to use every pixel of web page for marketing purposes, this template is for you. Due to five column structure great number of products is available on the home page. Sidebar is also supplied with product photos. Slider has vertical image based navigation. Orange tags and buttons stimulate the users for action.
Downloads: 194
Free Antique Store Responsive OpenCart Template
This Free Antique Store Responsive OpenCart Template has multiple pages and blocks specific for Antique store websites. It has the following features: Responsive,Admin Panel,Bootstrap,Dropdown Menu,Online Store/Shop,HTML 5,JQuery,HTML plus JS. It is compatible with OpenCart ✅1.5.6.x. The design style is Neutral,Retro.
Downloads: 73
Free Computer Store Responsive OpenCart Template
Color palette of this store is mainly black and white which makes the design more solid. Light blue buttons and other attention grabbing elements look stylish in such environments. Banners and product images have zooming effect. Categories search in the left sidebar is extremely helpful. Slider presents special offers. Background texture can be seen on some layout elements.
Downloads: 115
Free Spare Parts OpenCart Template
Black color present in the layout makes it more expensive and luxury, especially in combination with the background pattern. Logo has stylish elegant design. Categories and brand menus in the left sidebar considerably simplify customers' navigation. Slider beautifully advertises best store offers. Social media sharing options are in the footer together with subsidiary menu.
Downloads: 63
Free Fashion You Can Afford OpenCart Template
If you need a website, designed with irreproachable taste and sense of harmony, this one meets the requirements. Skillfully processed photos make the clothes look better than in reality. Text on slider and banners is placed on semitransparent blocks. Clothes is categorized in vertical drop down menu in the left sidebar. The same sidebar contains Specials section either.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale.
Downloads: 345
Free Spare Parts Responsive OpenCart Template
Design you see highlights the products the car store offers in the best possible way. A simple layout in black and lightblue colors combined with easytobrowse structure and simple navigation give your shop a defined look. List of categories, blocks with featured elements, and a wise search make surfing around the site intuitive for visitors. To help you choose, the bestselling products are placed in the main content part with short descriptions and calltoaction buttons. Being userfriendly, this theme is a perfect start for online autorelated business.
Downloads: 160
Free Books Shop Responsive OpenCart Template
Book worms as constant visitors of your online shop would certainly appreciate its environmentally friendly new design in pleasant natural brown and optimistic green colors. View this design and enjoy the way it represents all the new arrivals. A bright book covers placed in 3 rows in the content part arrest attention and a list of categories in the left sidebar helps quickly find the desired item. The top text and image slider recommends the best items to read. The overall clean modern tone of this template along with its userfriendliness welcomes the audience to find new interesting books to read.
Downloads: 92
Giftior - Gifts Store Multipage Creative Free OpenCart Template
Bright and professionally designed website is key for any successful gifts or presents store business. Design is important when it comes to advertising. And if you want to boost your gifts, jewelry, or toys store then you have to download this Giftor OpenCart theme. Designed by a team of experienced developers this theme includes useful visual effects and elements. Moreover, you can play with the design and make it more suitable for your business. It is also well-structured and includes many pre-built pages. You can use these pages to sort your products and provide customers with intuitive navigation. If you want to highlight your online shop then it is also important to provide customers with comfortable shopping. And this is why Giftior has a cart, a wishlist, and a compare feature. A website developed with Giftor will be easy to edit and maintain. It also will be user-friendly for customers.
Downloads: 7,953
Free Auto Parts Responsive OpenCart Template
Sleek black layout with effective yellow elements will drive more clients to the car store selling auto parts, audio, tires wheels. Visual accents guide the visitors seamlessly through the layout, emphasizing the price of products, featured blocks, chosen categories in the left sidebar. Large slider showcases top products, making potential clients interested in them. Drop down menu and good search mechanism facilitate users work with the theme.
Downloads: 97
Free Record Shop OpenCart Template
Sell your music online and reach the well-being level you could only dream of. Our template has everything to get closer to the goal. Main menu is supplied with icons, so your visitors don't even need to read the text. It is enhanced by left sidebar and footer navigation links. Slider shows artist images. Their albums are presented in the content area. Lilac color places powerful accents in the proper places on the page.
Downloads: 57
Free Wheels & Tires Responsive OpenCart Template
This template can be called boring in no case. Bright colors, bold fonts and interactive elements make visitor's shopping experience interesting. Much attention is paid to navigation. It is possible to search by brand, bestsellers and product categories. Main menu is supplied by icons. Featured products have zooming effect. Slider advertizes tires from the best manufacturers.
Downloads: 65
Free Tea Shop Responsive OpenCart Template
The author selected white background to make the theme look serene like tea ceremony. The font used at logo design looks elegant and exotic. Content area accommodates two sections. Almost all images on the web page have zooming effect. Slider shows served cups of beverage. Navigation is represented by main and footer menus as well as clean graphic banners.
Downloads: 126

Free OpenCart Templates & Themes

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