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WP Store Pro is a full-fledged eCommerce WordPress theme with a clean and elegant look. It is a responsive WP theme enriched with powerful features and flawless functionalities. The theme comes...
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WooCommerce GPL License Themes

WooCommerce GPL License Themes are beautifully designed and come loaded with pro functionality. Powered by General Public License, they provide you with the complete freedom to modify and use the software just the way you require. So that you can reuse these digital products on the unlimited number of websites without any hidden fees.

GPL WooCommerce Themes Top Features

When you think about creating a site, you must first understand its functionality, whether it's an information site, blog, or online store. If the choice is the latter, then our GPL WooCommerce themes are the perfect solution for you. Why?

  • Easy WordPress admin panel. The dashboard allows you to post articles, add plugins to improve functionality, add categories, customize themes, and more. It is the control center for your GPL store. Here you can configure settings, manage content and change the style of the site. It's easy to work with.
  • Responsive design. The site will be adapted to any type of device. It will work well on mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. It will be displayed properly on any screen resolution. The visitor will not have to resize the screen or choose the mobile version.
  • Retina Ready. Based on statistics, nowadays, more and more Internet users access it from mobile devices and tablets. This technology is gaining popularity. Retina designs are distinguished by a high pixel density, due to which a person sees a flawless picture.
  • SEO friendly. It is easy for search engines to crawl and understand the structure and content of the site. As expected, an SEO-friendly website will get more traffic from search engines as it is more likely to be higher in search results. When you consider that most people looking for something in search choose the first five sites, all the site ranking factors are important.
  • Cross-browser. Cross-browser compatibility is the same display and operation of the resource in different browsers. If you do not think about this issue, you will see that it is displayed differently in different browsers. We took care of that, and it will work well on any browser.

How to get more clients with GPL WooCommerce Themes?

Creating the best GPL website is not difficult. It is much harder to develop it and attract customers. How to attract potential customers to your portal? You need to have:

  • high-quality design;
  • memorability;
  • honest and up-to-date information;
  • content in each block;
  • social adaptation.

How to make a design more professional?

Take care about the color scheme. Each site should have a basic color scheme in which they are used to fill more space. The use of these colors affects the mind and mood of a person mainly subconsciously, so you need to choose them carefully. The choice of color sometimes has a decisive influence on the user's choice of whether to stay further on the web page or go to competitors' sites.

How to make your website memorable?

Don't be afraid to tell your visitors about great promotions or discounts several times on the page. You can make a pop-up window. The brain remembers the events that happened at the very beginning. Above you need to give interesting offers, discounts, promotions or talk about gifts.

Actual information on the site is always a plus.

Suspicions are always aroused by resources that do not have information about the company and phone numbers for communication. You need to add a detailed description of the company's activities, figures, facts and always write the address and phone number for feedback.

How to make your site meaningful?

Photos and videos are useful material that will make your web resources more meaningful and understandable. Also, think about your product and make a detailed description, tell about the application.

How to increase the visibility of the company?

Modern society cannot live without social networks. Having created a website, do not forget to open a profile on popular social platforms.

GPL WooCommerce Themes Related Video

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GPL WooCommerce Themes FAQ

Do you have any hosting recommendations for WordPress GPL themes? Or should I find it by myself?

Sure, we have trusted partners that we can recommend for your business. We have already tested all our products with these hosting providers. We may guarantee proper work. Furthermore, they provide good prices, discounts for TemplateMonster users, domain names, email accounts, and much more. Come and check the plans to choose the best one for your project.

Do you have any free GPL WooCommerce designs?

Sure, we have lots of free themes for any business. You may use them to gain experience and test some features. Note that we don't provide technical support for free items. But there are lots of useful tutorials on our Help Center and YouTube channel.

Can I resell your products?

Sorry, but you can't sell the WordPress themes GPL as they are. You need to change them, add new content, edit blocks, and then it will be possible to sell the ready projects to your clients.