3D Animated Travel Illustration
Travel design in motion? Introducing the 3D Animated Travel Icon Set. From planning and booking to departure and arrival, this unique icon pack grabs everyone’s attention.
Geo Man Art For Support 3D Model
-Product name: Geo Man - Game Ready - Low PolyRender By Marmoset Toolbag 4 It is a level of work that can adapt to many projects.Can use mockup projects for products- Total tris counts : 1,018-+3...
Old man (MERCHANT) Rigged 3dcharacter
Old merchent 3dcharacter has highly detail features Low poly old merchant Game ready with high detailed Pbr textures 2048*2048 The 3dcharacter is rigged and created in Blender 3.0 Pbr texture are...
3d Cartoon cute penguin model
A captivating blend of cuteness and realism. This charming penguin features a touch of whimsy with its soft fur accents, adding a delightful tactile element to its lifelike appearance.
Back Garden - Animation Asset 3D Model
A stylized back garden asset suitable for animation, game dev, and other 3D projects.Contains 140+ models with a simple & editable 36 x 36 pixel textures.-Models:Apple | Artichoke | Aubergine |...
RifleMe - 3D Low Poly Rifle Gun
Introducing a low-poly model of the Rifle.You can use this rifle anywhere in your game, app or even in any 3d videos. it's low poly so It will not be going to take more of your memories and load...
Sistine Chapel Interior Low Poly 3D Model
Sistine Chapel, low poly 3d model3ds max file includes Render Setup with Lighting and camera setup. Special notes:- .fbx format is recommended for import in other 3d software. If your software...
Sales: 6
Low Poly Jungle Tree 3D Model
Low poly model of a jungle tree. It was made it in Blender 2.82. It can be used as an asset in video games or in your own scenes. In the .zip file I included 2 .obj files one contains a tree trunk...
Iveco Daily Van L5H3 2024
Iveco Daily Van L5H3 2024Creator 3D Team model Thank you for buying this product. We look forward to continuously dealing with you. Creator 3D team!!!
WW2 German Stahlhelm Low-poly 3D model
WW2 German Stahlhelm (M56) modelled on blender. High quality lowpoly model 1K, 2K and 4K textures include. 2 Pack Material Include : 1- New Version 2- Rusty Version Lowpoly Polygon and High Quality...
Opel e Movano Van L1H2 2024
Opel e Movano Van L1H2 2024Creator 3D Team modelThank you for buying this product. We look forward to continuously dealing with you. Creator 3D team!!!
Sand Highpoly Landscape 3D model
Sand Landscape terrain ready for your game projects or another projects. 4K , 2K and 1K Textures and material include ready for use. Thanks for use my 3d model and dont forget you can check my...
2005 Acura NSX RS 3d model
Acura NSX low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.car textures:PNG - 2K resolution other available formats: obj, 3ds, fbx, stl, max....
Support: 1/5
Decoration Villa 3d Model
High Spline model of decoration Villa.product's features:- High Resolution of textures.- Originally created with 3ds Max 2020- Unit system is set to inches.- Model is built to real-world scale-...

Add A Fresh Color With 3D Green Graphics

The color of spring grass is renewal, freshness, beauty, and brightness. Use it to add vivacity, naturalness, and liveliness to your project. We have created a separate selection of 3d green graphics. Goods help you reveal the beauty of the surrounding nature or fully depict the object. Use the products on TemplateMonster to add more colors to your computer game, advertisement, or film.

Advantages of 3D Green Graphics

Such elements are helpful more often nowadays. These points are what the designs give the buyer:

  • It helps to launch the project faster. Indeed, drawing all the color details in a movie or cartoon is a rather time-consuming task. Instead, buyers can immediately load our items into the plot or your imaginary virtual reality.
  • You are saving money. Imagine that you need to hire a web designer to create the element. Usually, such work and tasks are costly. Therefore, it's easier to buy a ready-made variant.

Above, you see a list of all elements. Only the color commons them. The directions and topics are varied. Here are a few advantages that unite all objects:

  • Ease of managing. It's enough to load a three-dimensional picture into a familiar image editor and make the necessary settings or change the object's appearance.
  • Many formats. Web developers present each product in several variants — all for your convenience and time-saving.
  • Ready to print. Often, the release of a series, cartoon, or new online game release accompanies participation in events. Imagine how many cool and stylish souvenirs you create using a ready-made layout. Just send it to the printing firm right away and get modern souvenirs.
  • High Poly and Low Poly. Complex detailed objects are most often helpful to emphasize this particular object. As background items, it's better to download Low Poly designs.

In the end, we cannot mention the goods' high quality. TemplateMonster is an inexhaustible source of cool, modern, and high-tech designs for the development of your business.

Who Needs 3D Green Graphics?

Let's list the primary buyers of such items:

  • Construction companies.
  • Interior designers.
  • Computer games.
  • Organizers of events.
  • Scientific institutes.
  • Speakers at the presentation.
  • Environmentalists.
  • Designers.

Of course, the list still needs to be completed. After all, new technologies are increasingly becoming useful for advertising purposes. Agree; uploading a three-dimensional picture and showing it as promotional material is a great idea. Such a new approach to presenting a product or service becomes memorable. Therefore, don't be afraid of fantasies and realize them with the help of excellent designs on TemplateMonster.

When to Use 3D Graphics In Green Color

These objects have a wide range of uses.

First, buyers add them to the film's plot, as mentioned earlier. So, it's also easy to load a house, a person, or a dog into any virtual world.

Secondly, marketers often approach the issue comprehensively and develop options for additional earnings. For example, sell T-shirts, mugs, figurines, and other souvenirs depicting key characters. TemplateMonster products buyers can make in material form.

Thirdly, compelling, memorable, and beautiful presentations need additional tools. Among them are voluminous images. Display them on a particular projector and equipment. By showing a human skeleton or your house project in this way, you make an indelible impression on the viewer.

3D Green Graphics FAQ

How to choose 3d green graphics?

First, filter by topic to get relevant elements. So, you receive ready-made characters, plants, or buildings. Then check in what formats the web developer provides the product and find the one you need in the list. Ultimately, ensure you have chosen the correct license type and order it!

Which license to choose for 3d green graphics?

For your project and one-time use, buying a Personal license is appropriate. But to complete the client's project or resell the final finished product, choose the Commercial option instead.

How to get a discount on a design?

We have two offers at once for your savings. In the Sale section, there is a wide variety of assortment, which is frequently updated. In addition, you may also become a member of MonsterONE with a symbolic monthly payment and unlimited downloads.

How to configure three-dimensional pictures?

Please see in which format the web developer provides the product you purchased. In the list, you see several variants at once. Find out about compatibility with your usual editor and start the settings. No special skills or knowledge is required.