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Collection of Premium Green Logos

Since the logo represents the company in the market, it should be both appealing and informative. A well-developed design promotes a positive attitude toward the products and services offered to customers. First of all, when choosing a shade for the trademark, it is important to analyze the associations that arise at the sight of a certain color. What is the meaning of the color green? It is a combination of yellow and blue and represents both calm and vitality. It is often associated with freshness, naturalness, and purity. As a result, green logos increase confidence in the organization and show its strong attributes. Is this what you were looking for? Then read on.

Why Use Pre-Designed Green Logos?

The logotype is one of the most important aspects of brand identity. A trademark:

  • embodies the image of the company,
  • distinguishes it from its competitors,
  • helps make the brand recognizable.

It is primarily remembered visually, which accounts for 80–85% of the world's population. This means that having an effective corporate emblem is an important business task.

Who Stands to Gain from Green Logos?

Greenish shades can be found in company logos from almost all industries, indicating that the scope of this color is quite broad. However, there are times when it is especially appropriate.


Green is associated with health, renewal, and youth. As a result, it is frequently used in the trademarks of medical institutions, pharmacies, and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, this color solution evokes feelings of safety, security, and tranquility, which has a positive impact on the target audience's perception.

Examples: Helios, Nuffield Health, Omnicell, and EAHP.

Agribusiness & Environment

It is ideal for bio-, eco-, and agro-industry businesses. This color is associated with naturalness and environmental friendliness. It is a way for businesses to communicate their concern for the environment and the safety of energy production. Gas station chains and conventional fuel companies both use this solution. This makes them friendlier and instills in them the cleanliness and safety of petroleum products.

Examples of world-famous brands: Cargill, John Deere, Nutrien, and NextEra Energy.

Financial Organizations

Green-colored emblems are also appropriate for financial institutions, particularly banks. The chosen color reflects the direction of the organization by associating it with money. It is obviously used to associate money deposits with the growth and expansion of the client's wealth. It's similar to how plants grow year after year if you invest in them.

Financial companies with green logos are Lloyds Bank, Credit Foncier, Mutual Bank, and Fauquier Bank.

Food & Beverages

In many food product lines, this color has come to represent health and naturalness. Customers will associate the product with renewed vitality if it has a greenish emblem. After all, green logos are an excellent way to convey a message about the taste of ultra-fresh food or a sip of thirst-quenching moisture.

Famous brand names include 7-Up, Tic Tac, Carlsberg, and Heineken.


Greenery represents freshness, confidence, and cleanliness. Those who value order, harmony, and consistency in their lives are likely to select it. Because of this, it makes an excellent choice for the logos of companies that manufacture household goods.

Examples: Fairy, Cif, Ariel, and Frosch.

Catering Establishments

In some eating places, green is more than appropriate. In particular, vegetarian restaurants use it as a reference to plant-based foods. It's also appropriate for cafes and restaurants serving oriental cuisine because of its association with spicy herbs or traditional green tea. Furthermore, greenish shades are frequently used in the trademarks of Italian and Mexican restaurants as a nod to one of the national flag's colors and local ingredients.

Examples: Olive Garden, Subway, Starbucks, and GreenBurrito.

Electronics & Digital Technology

Some electronics brands, software companies, and hardware manufacturers use this color in their designs to convey friendliness and approachability. They are attempting to dispel the myth that digital technology is complicated and soulless in this manner. Agreed, greenish hues make the digital world appear friendlier, more human, more open, and more welcoming.

Examples: NVidia, Android, WhatsUp, and Acer.

What Kind of Green-Colored Emblems Can You Download?

The TemplateMonster collection includes a wide range of green logos, from textual to visual to something in between.


Many businesses use a text version of their logotype. The absence of images and the presence of only a text component make such logos memorable. This type is classified into two types:

  • Abbreviations. If the company name is too long or contains multiple words, it is best to shorten it by using only the first letters of each word. This will assist the customer in remembering the name.
  • Words. It is ideal for companies with a short and clear name that is easy to remember. The best examples of green logos with names are Tropicana, Sprite, and iHerb.


The three types listed below are visual in nature, consisting of a small image. This is most likely one of the most difficult to create from scratch. They can, however, be a hit with customers if approached correctly. And quite a few businesses take the risk of creating such a mark.

  • Signs and symbols. These symbols have a deep meaning and idea behind them, allowing them to elicit strong associations with potential customers. Everyone is familiar with companies that use this type of symbol. XBox, ICQ, and Shopify are a few examples. A well-executed sign-based logotype can catapult your company to Olympus and make it one of the world's most successful.
  • Abstraction. The main feature of this type is that it represents something abstract rather than something concrete. As examples, consider the green logos of Microsoft, Ariel, and Sony Ericsson.
  • Character. Many sports teams, as we know from teen movies, have their own mascot who dances at all games and takes pictures with the fans. You could do the same thing and start using amusing characters to entertain customers in commercials and smile at them from product boxes. Consider Android (a robot with antennas on its head), Lacoste (a crocodile with an open mouth), and Starbucks (a two-tailed mermaid Siren).


This type of trademark is known as a "combined" type. Its design incorporates both image and textual elements.

  • Text-visual. Text and image collaborate, reinforcing and complementing one another. This option is convenient because the text portion can be omitted, for example, to print on a business card. Brands for inspiration are Heineken, EAHP, and 7-Eleven.
  • Emblem. It is most often a logotype with text within an image. This is a good option if you like the emblems of companies like Land Rover or Whole Foods.

Types of Green Brand Logos

There are two types of graphics available in the marketplace. These are raster and vector images.


A raster (bitmap) graphic, like a mosaic, is made up of many small cells (pixels), each of which contains color information. When you zoom in on a raster image, you will notice a lot of small squares—these are the pixels.

JPEG and PNG are the most common raster formats.

Bitmap graphics are useful for producing high-quality photorealistic, digital, and photographic images. The most popular editors are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


  • The ability to create any type of image with a high level of detail and a wide color gamut.
  • Bitmap graphics are easier to work with because the mechanisms for creating and editing them are more familiar and widespread.


Vector graphics, as opposed to raster images, are made up of a series of anchor points and curves that connect them. Since mathematical formulas can describe a vector graphic, pixel information is not necessary. You never see pixels in a vector image, no matter how close you get.

SVG, AI, and EPS are popular vector graphic formats.

Vector graphics are commonly used for illustrations, icons, and technical drawings, but photorealistic images are difficult to recreate. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw are the most popular vector graphics editors.


  • Because vector images contain less information, they are smaller in size.
  • You can resize the image to any size without losing quality because vector graphics are perfectly scalable.

How to Select Logos with Green Tones

When you're choosing a palette for your brand image, consider what greenery means to you. What emotions does it elicit, and what associations do you have with it?

  • Maybe it's the freshness of a summer morning and the rustling of leaves.
  • Or the feeling of freshness and the smell of freshly cut grass.
  • Or maybe it is spring and the awakening of life itself.

In any case, this color has a lot of fans. Perhaps this is why it is one of the most popular options for logo design. However, despite its adaptability, this option is not appropriate for every type of business. Who should use this palette, and who should avoid it? Let us investigate the meaning of its tones.

Greenish Tones

The hue determines how people perceive it. The right shade will give only positive associations and the right message. However, if you get it wrong, even such a calm color can cause psychological rejection.

Consider how varied this color can be.

  • Chartreuse is vibrant, upbeat, and cheerful. Because of its high intensity, it always draws attention. It's exciting, impulsive, and full of life.
  • Jade is mysterious, enigmatic, and inspiring. It's cold but also very calm and soft. It attracts attention with its ambiguity.
  • Olive is warm, soft, and comforting. This gives it a soft and "tasty" appearance. It has a cozy, homey feel to it.
  • Khaki is cool and calm. It gives a feeling of seriousness and concentration. You can create very stylish combinations with it.
  • Pistachio is soothing and understated. It possesses a unique charm and magnetism. It allows for a lot of creativity because it is so soft, warm, and enveloping.
  • Moss is rich and dark. Despite a certain coolness and restraint, its mystery draws attention. It enables you to make extremely creative combinations with other colors.

What Color to Complement Green Company Logos

The right color and tone combination will help you evoke the right emotions in your audience, demonstrate the personality of your brand, and convey the right message.

Here are some examples of successful combinations:

  • Lime and emerald. The hues in this palette complement each other while also being noticeably different in tone (dark and light), creating a pleasing contrast. A palette like this is reminiscent of nature. The dark one conveys wealth, and when combined with the light one, your logotype will appear cool and fresh.
  • Lavender, mint, and yellow. These three options complement each other to create a soft and serene brand. If you want a beautiful spring floral emblem with pastel shades, this is a great option.
  • Bright-green and dark blue. The brightness of the green draws the eye to the depth of the blue. This is an unusual combination that looks fresh and unpretentious. The blue of the lettuce complements the blue perfectly, creating a sense of simplicity and harmony.
  • Green and yellow. A bright and cheerful combination that is also enveloping in its warmth and sensuality. These two options look very "natural" together and convey a sense of youth, dynamism, and positivity.
  • Light-green and purple. This combination conveys a sense of youth, strength, and explosive energy. Such a pair appears balanced and harmonious, eliciting positive emotions while not straining the eye.

The Most Interesting and Successful Green-Style Logo Examples

  • Starbucks' story began in 1971, when three friends opened a coffee shop in Seattle, Washington. The friends chose the name Starbucks after one of the characters in the classic American novel Moby Dick. The creators decided to support the nautical theme because Starbuck was a ship's mate. They chose the image of the two-tailed mermaid Siren, a sea creature from Greek mythology, for the logo.
  • René Lacoste was a well-known tennis player in France. He wore a white short-sleeved shirt he made himself while competing in the US Open Tennis Championships in 1926. This shirt was a striking departure from the traditional long-sleeved shirts that were popular at the time. During the Davis Cup in 1927, the American press dubbed Lacoste "the Alligator" due to a dispute over a crocodile suitcase. The captain of the French tennis team had to go broke to buy a crocodile suitcase, which he had promised René Lacoste if he won. Lacoste's nickname was changed to "Crocodile" in his home country of France and stuck with him because of his persistent and tenacious behavior on the court. Lacoste's friend Robert George drew a crocodile for him, which was later embroidered on the blazer he wore. René Lacoste later founded La Societe Chemise Lacoste, a company that produced revolutionary shirts, in 1933.
  • In 1876, the first Deere trademark was registered. John Deere was headquartered in Moline, Illinois, at the time. Every year, the company produced over 60,000 plows. Obviously, an officially registered trademark was required, as it was the only safeguard against counterfeiting and fraud. This logotype featured a deer leaping over a log. Surprisingly, this trademark depicts an African deer species. The symbol would later feature the native North American white-tailed deer.

The Ten Greatest Examples of Free Logo Design: Video

Still hesitant to invest in premium green logos? That's fine; TemplateMonster has a large collection of free branding graphics. Take a look at the top ten solutions for starting a business. These solutions cover a wide range of options, from abstractions to characters, that can help you start your entrepreneurial journey and make your business dreams a reality.

FAQs for Ready-Made Green Logos

What software are green logos compatible with?

Logos work in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Corel Draw. Some are also compatible with Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, and Figma.

What is the composition of the green logos?

The structure of a standard logotype consists of a graphic part (logomark), a text part (wordmark), a background, and negative space. More complex logos may include a tagline, a border, and even the date and location of the company's founding.

Can green logos be effective for businesses that are not in the sustainability or eco-friendly industry?

Sure. You can use them in other business sectors such as medicine, finance, food, household goods, electronics, information technology, catering, and so on. Use the filter panel on the left to quickly find the niche you're looking for.

How important is the use of complementary colors in green logos?

Complementary coloring is used to reinforce the message. Yellow, for example, can add optimism and energy, whereas blue can add calm and harmony. Complementary hues additionally help establish a connection with other branding elements, such as packaging design.