Weapon Shop WooCommerce Theme
If a weapon merchant wants to increase their income, it's high time to launch an online store. Of course we've got a template on our mind that ideally suits the purpose. It can be called a...
Sales: 15
Support: 4.2/5
Sports Shop WooCommerce Theme
Here is a pro WooCommerce theme specially designed for diving and sports shops. It combines an attractive look with unmatched functionality that makes online shopping more pleasant. A responsive...
Sales: 33
Support: 4.2/5
Photo and Video WooCommerce Theme
This stock photo template is designed in cheerful trendy metro style. Bright colors, blocks and amazing photos are highly relevant for the topic. Blurred backgrounds add perspective to the layout....
Sales: 28
Support: 4.2/5
AutoTraider WooCommerce Theme
If you need a powerful web presentation of your auto business, try this Car Trader WooCommerce Theme . It features a search engine optimized code , responsive design and crossbrowser compatible...
Sales: 40
Support: 4.2/5
MMA WooCommerce Theme
Looking for a solution for building a professional and effective online store? This top of the line MMA WooCommerce Theme is exactly what you need. It offers an attractive design along with clean...
Sales: 20
Support: 4.2/5
Photo Stock WooCommerce Theme
Built in black and white, this Photography WooCommece Theme is primarily intended for a photo stock website. The main emphasis is put on the visual side here. Featured products are organized in a...
Sales: 15
Support: 4.2/5
Lighting Store WooCommerce Theme
If you are starting or just re-dressing your lighting online store, then please consider this responsive Electric Service WooCommerce Theme for this purpose. Rounded edges make the layout really...
Sales: 29
Support: 4.2/5
Extremex WooCommerce Theme
The theme was created to sell clothing and gear for extreme sports. Polygons in the background of this extreme sports WooCommerce theme create an interesting trendy effect. Promo section consists...
Sales: 6
Support: 4.2/5
Gameedion WooCommerce Theme
Gameedion is a beautiful and inspiring Music Shop WooCommerce Template that is sure to attract plenty of visitors to your store. The layout is clean, modern and enticing - a perfect choice for...
Sales: 30
Support: 4.2/5
Extreme Sports Shop WooCommerce Theme
Our settled lifestyle with cozy family homes and comfortable offices lacks extreme. That's why so many people search for adrenaline while climbing the mountains, surfing the waves, or riding their...
Sales: 15
Support: 4.2/5
Fruit Gifts WooCommerce Theme
If you're looking for a design which is a blend of visual effectiveness and efficiency, try this professional clean fruit gift baskets WooCommerce theme. Being built with Bootstrap, it provides you...
Sales: 26
Support: 4.2/5

What do you get with HTML Woocommerce Templates?

We do all the best to create a perfect WooCommerce HTML template to match your needs. In addition to attractive design, you receive lots of features.

  1. Pre-Sales Assistance. It's important to have someone who would clarify everything before the purchase. Our pre-sales agents are always happy to find a suitable HTML WooCommerce template for your business and provide you with all the details.
  2. Technical Support. It means that you get the ability to join our live chat, and our specialists assist you with pleasure. The support agents send you the instructions, explain the issues, guide you with installation and other things. Moreover, you might create a ticket, and you receive an email with the answers.
  3. Documentation and tutorials. Every theme has its documentation. Be sure that there are tutorials on installing the products, adding your content, editing blocks, changing a logo, and more.
  4. WordPress Builder. There are different builders of our products. They are Cherry Framework 3, WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor, and Gutenberg Editor. They give you complete control over the design. They allow you to customize your content and create various widgets, backgrounds, various effects, and other elements. With builders, editing is faster and easier.
  5. Blog. Every time you write a new post, you add new content that positively affects the position in Google. In addition to this, blogging will allow you to start writing content with the keywords you need. If the materials in the blog prove to be useful for the visitor, he will become your reader, and in the future, possibly, a client.

HTML Woocommerce Templates Top Features

If you want to start your online business, of course, you want it to look incredible. All this is possible with HTML WooCommerce items. We have created WooCommerce javascript themes to improve your business. Please, check this listing of top features.

Responsive design

It can adjust: stretch or shrink to fit any screen size. If you reduce the width of such a page, all its content will be reduced relative to each other. A well-thought-out design with a high-quality layout works great on any device. Responsive websites have one URL, which is another plus for SEO optimization. It can increase the reach of customers using small devices (tablets and smartphones).


To check Internet resources, Internet users use special programs - browsers. A few years ago, Internet visitors knew only one or two different browsers, but now the number of such programs is estimated at dozens. A cross-browser is a concept that describes the property of the site to work identically in all browsers. Identity means the absence of layout collapse and the ability to display material with the same degree of readability.


All HTML WooCommerce themes have JS files. You need to implement a certain code depending on the triggering of certain events. They are adding an item to the cart, proceeding to payment, placing an order, etc. We implement it using Javascript and some Woocommerce features.

Retina Ready

If a person visits your site with a Retina display, they see blurry images. The reason is they lack the quality for such a high-tech screen. Therefore, a method of Retina Ready layout is helpful in these cases. We create images of twice the size and quality for such screens. The technology detects the Retina display and shows it exactly these pre-rendered images.

What to add to improve HTML WooCommerce Templates?

All our themes are fully editable, and you may extend the functionality. Here are some examples of useful addons.

  • LiveChat. Such a form of communication with customers of online stores as online chat significantly increases conversion and simplifies interaction with customers. Online chat allows you to contact customers directly at the very moment when they need advice. A phone call is a certain barrier; it is easier for them to ask something in the chat. Moreover, using an online consultation allows you to create a good impression of the quality of support.
  • Animation. The animated elements set up a positive mood and keep the visitors' attention. You can "revive" anything in an online store: animate menu buttons, title, products themselves, or messages about a sale. That is, whatever you want to draw attention to. Be sure: thanks to this element, customers will remember you for a long time.
  • Gallery. Quality images are a powerful tool for attracting buyers, far more effective than a thousand words. To show your product in all its glory, you can make a gallery of photos on your home page.
  • Reviews. More than 70% of users pay attention to the availability of studies on the store's website when making a purchase. A positive assessment of the company's activities increases the trust of visitors. Each CMS has some basic review plugins. For example, WordPress has plugins like Easy Testimonials, Testimonial Rotator, Good Reviews.
  • Typography. Image and text are important, but skillfully combining them can be even more effective. For example, well-thought-out calls to action can dramatically increase conversion rates and get potential buyers to click the Buy button. Use different fonts to attract more clients.

Free or Premium HTML WooCommerce Templates

Of course, we have free themes for WooCommerce that may work for your project. They differ from paid ones by many factors.

First of all, the difference is in functionality. Many free products have limited functionality. You will not be able to change the design, add new features, or expand the functionality. Usually, you have to pay to add some features. Free products are good if you are going to build an informative website. With Premium items, you customize them per your needs without paying money.

The second point is variety. There are not many free items. It can be difficult for you to find the right product for your business. In addition, one free design could be downloaded more than 30,000 times. This means that your design will not be unique. Your competitors will likely have the same design, which reduces the number of potential customers.

Thirdly, technical support. It's important to have someone always ready to help you in launching a website. Unfortunately, we don't provide technical support for free items. If you have purchased an HTML WooCommerce template, you get free technical assistance. You can reach our support agents in online chat or by the ticket system. But you may use free items just to gain experience. This is, you get a possibility to test how everything works paying nothing.

And the last point is quality. We don't guarantee proper work for free designs. While paid products even have a refund policy. If the product is not as described or there are major defects, you get your money back.

In conclusion, you are the one who chooses the future of your business. We are sure that no matter which theme you select, you can surprise and attract many customers.

Why is SEO Optimization important for HTML WooCommerce templates?

Visual appeal is only the first step to success. And even the most interesting content will not bring results if no one sees it.

When a person wants to find some information on the Internet, he enters keywords (search query) into the search bar. They are likely to help find the answer to his question. As practice shows, users rarely go beyond the second search page. This means that to attract more users to the site, it must get into the TOP. The higher a site is in the search results, the more likely a user will click on it. The essence of SEO is to make it faster and easier for the user to find the information he needs and that this information matches as closely as possible what he was looking for. What do you get with SEO Optimization?

  1. Search traffic growth. Media, brands, and agencies are interested in search traffic not only because of its potential volume. An important difference from other channels is that you do not need to pay for each click and transition to the site, as in contextual and targeted advertising.
  2. Improving user experience. The main task of a search engine is to give a high-quality answer to a user's request. That is, choose the most relevant, convenient, informative, authoritative among the many sites. Convenience and informational content give the visitor a reason to stay on the site longer, come back again and again, place orders, leave applications.

Our team is ready to configure SEO Optimization to improve the performance of your company. We increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

Topics of HTML WooCommerce Templates

There are different themes for any business. Here are the main topics for a future website.

  • Business and Services. It includes Security, Agriculture, Transportation, Industrial, Maintenance, and others.
  • Fashion and Beauty. You will find themes for selling clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and more.
  • Sports, Outdoors & Travel. Motorcycles, basketball, fishing, tennis, and extreme sports items are here.
  • Design and Photography. The best HTML WooCommerce templates for outdoor comfort, wood stores, furniture, flooring service, etc.
  • Home & Family. Everything that brings comfort to home is on this topic. They are different tools, lightings, furniture, accessories, and decors.

Food and Restaurant. There are tea salons, wine shops, sweet stores, supermarkets, popcorn, and caviar shops.

HTML WooCommerce Templates Related Video

There are many ways to attract the client. The best one is to build a user-friendly website. Responsivity is a key to a successful business. Responsive design means that the visitor does not need to reduce or enlarge the screen to read the information or follow the link. The design is immediately adapted to different types of screens. It works on mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. In recent years over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

HTML WooCommerce Templates Questions and Answers

Are there any hidden costs?

No, we don't have any hidden costs. It is a one-time fee, with all taxes included. We provide lifetime usage licenses. There are no usage time limitations or additional charges. You may use the template as long as you need.

May I get unlimited access to your HTML WooCommerce templates?

There is a perfect solution for you if you are going to create more than one project. MonsterONE Membership means you get unlimited access to the best WordPress, HTML, e-Commerce (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart), Powerpoint, Plugins. You get access to more than 175400 products with unlimited downloads. And 2245321 stock photos are included.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. We are happy to invite you into our big family. You get a commission for purchases made by those you attract. It's possible to join our affiliate program in a few steps.

Which hosting should I use? Do you have any recommendations?

We have partners that provide reliable and fast hosting for your future project. Every theme has its requirements. That is why it's better to go with recommended hosting to be sure that it's suitable. Moreover, they give you lots of benefits such as discounts, domain name, email account, and more. Please, check and compare the plans to choose the best one for your needs.