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FAA v1.1 (12 November, 2018): - The Accordion widget was added. This functionality allows to improve design and display content in a new way; - New Tile Gallery allows creating custom masonry-type galleries. They are flexible and adapt to any screen resolution due to the responsive nature achieved by the changing number of columns and rows; - Tabs widget was added to allow users organize content effectively; - Google Map Pro - a new advanced Google Map widget was added to the admin panel. Using it, you can not only connect to Google Maps and display your office location on the website pages, but also choose different map themes, customize the controls display and add the necessary markers; - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version; - Bugs fixed.

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We choose this cause its futuristic and global look. You can easy edit the template by the Moto 3, and add in many extra tools. This and more templates, will get you fast up and running. It will work in any type of business, not just Financial. If you like the theme, your customer will love it to. Change anything to work for your company profile, and noting can go wrong. Support is skilled if any issues occur.
This is the 3rd Moto CMS 3 template I have bought and they work really well for us. This is a very flexible template that allows me to personalise the website yet still have the structure I need for design. Moto CMS 3 keep adding additional good functionality and I bought this template with the installation, which saved me time and hassle and the extra images package. If you are building a website yourself or are a web designer without coding knowledge, I really recommend Template Monster and Moto CMS 3 The service is great as they get back to me very quickly if there are issues. I still think the ability to create a site map like the old Moto would be beneficial

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