Professional Pixel Shopping Tag Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Logo type News Logo Template
This is the Logotype News Logotemplate: This logo download contains a high definition 300 PPI CMYK print-ready color mode features :1- Easy customizable and editable2- print-ready3- 300 PPI CMYK...
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Master Lion Letter M Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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New Car Toy Maker Logo Template
New Car Toy Maker Logo TemplateLogo are vector based built in illustrator software. They are fully editable and scalableWithout losing resolution. Improve your visibility. Get a professional and...
Company Sea Food logos Template
Company Sea Food logos Template. This logo download contains 300 ppi print-ready RGB AI, PNG and EPS files.All main elements are editable and customizable.Logo Template Features:• Easy...
Super Digital Agency Logo Template
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Watercolor Kit For Photoshop product mockup
Watercolor Kit For PhotoshopAre you want to add some watercolor effect to your work, this is your chance the bundle contains everything you need to create whatever you want styles, logos, patterns,...
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Letter M Monogram Beauty Logo Design
I have the pleasure to present the Elegant Logo letter M design. you can use this logo to create some stunning designs.FILES FORMATS-AI Files-PDF Files-EPS Files-PDF Files-SVG Files-PNG Files-JPG...
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+10000 Business Icon Set
Download this premium +10000 Business Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, SVG, EPS file formats and...
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30 Politics Outline Icon Set
Set of 30 Politics outline icons, Simple and clean design,perfect for websites, mobile apps, books, social media, infographics, flyer, print, banners, posters
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Human Neurons Intelligence Logo Template
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Dental Clinic Premium Logo Template
Logo design template for dental family business or dental practice doctor. Very simple and flexible on any place. The color is blue , but you can change it, you also can change the brand name,...
Professional Marketing Company Logo.
This is a Marketing company logo template. This logo download contain high definition 300 PPI. Features: — 100% vector — 100% customizable and editable — Ready for printing — High...
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Lion and Lion Valiant Pro Logo Template
— - The Logo Is 100% Vector — - CMYK — - High Quality — - AI (Cc) — - EPS (Eps10) — - PSD – 1 Psd Layered file (Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To...
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S Spa Beauty Shop Logo Design
This " S Spa Beauty Shop Logo Design  "This logo download contain. They are fully editable and scalable without losing resolution.Print -ready CMYK Color and RGB Color .All file are editable and...

PNG Graphic Templates

Visual imagery is among the most important things in any website. People enter a page, and the first sense they use is vision. Having impressive images will not make your product or service better by a miracle, but it will certainly attract more attention.

PNG is one of the most popular and widespread graphical formats. It is versatile, light-weight, and has carved its specific niche among other formats. It has many applications, but in most cases, PNG is used for web designs and logos. If you need one of those – consider purchasing our PNG graphic templates.

Raster vs. Vector

As PNG is a raster type of image format, it is important to distinguish between raster and vector images.

Raster images are constituted of millions of tiny dots that, in combination, create the picture we see. This has many pros and cons.

The biggest advantage is that the image can be as detailed as you need it to be. There can be subtle shades, gradients, small details. This type of graphics is used in photographing and image editing as it allows both precision in editing and a great level of detail for photos.

Unfortunately, this comes with a few disadvantages. For example, raster images take up a lot of space. Photos taken with modern cameras can be several megabytes each. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it quickly adds up to gigabytes with multiple images.

Another big con of raster images is that they don’t scale very well. If you want to shrink it – it’s no problem. On the other hand, scaling them up will exponentially make the picture look worse the more you enlarge it. This is because the initial image comprises a finite and unchangeable number of pixels and, when enlarging it, the program has to “guess” how to fill in the gaps in between these dots.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have vector images. Unlike raster images, vector images are comprised of many points that are then connected by the program, and it knows exactly how to fill in the spaces between these lines.

This comes with a number of advantages. Firstly, vector images have an incredibly small file size because they need to contain a lot less information and rely on a mathematical algorithm to fill in the spaces.

Secondly, vector images can be scaled infinitely without losing any quality. This makes vector images the best candidates for printing on large surfaces like billboards.

The disadvantages of vector technology are therefore obvious. It is terrible for detailed images. The technology just cannot support high-fidelity images like photos made with modern cameras.

Due to the same issues, the ability to edit vector images is severely restricted. You cannot add gradients or subtle shadows to a vector image consistently because it cannot store and render this information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PNG

PNG was originally developed as a non-patented alternative to the patented GIF. It has succeeded in retaining most features of its predecessor while also perfecting the formula and creating a superior (in most regards) format. It is now the preferred format for every enterprise where licensing can be an issue, such as news websites, commercial sites, and more.

Every format has its pros and cons, so let’s see what is good and bad about the PNG format before purchasing one of our PNG graphic templates.


  • Lossless compression.

Probably the biggest advantage of PNG over other formats is its capability for lossless compression. No matter how you decide to scale or compress the image, it will maintain the same quality, and all the data will still be there for future rescaling.

  • Supports all the true colors.

PNG is great for graphics and photos because it supports over 16 million colors. That’s a lot. No need to tell you it’s a good thing. This includes all colors of 24-bit RGB and 32-bit RGBA systems, as well as grey-scale images.

  • Supports complete and partial transparency.

One of the signature features of PNG is how it handles layers and alpha channels. In the earlier versions of PNG, it was possible to set full transparency or opacity to some areas of the image – which was still a huge improvement over other formats. With newer technologies, it is now possible to choose anything between 0 and 255 on the transparency scale, with 0 being completely transparent.

  • Is supported by most browsers and operating systems.

PNG is a popular and loved format. It is constantly developed and supported, and for some purposes, it is irreplaceable. For these reasons, it is recognized as vital to support both by operating systems and browsers. You will not need any additional software to view or use PNG images as it is integrated natively.

  • Perfect for image editing.

As a consequence of previous points, PNG is great for editing images and, more importantly, storing images for future editing. No data is lost when you are in the process of constantly encoding and decoding the picture so that the quality will be in the same state.

  • Ideal for sharp edges and solid colors.

PNG is great at having sharp edges near objects and big planes of solid color. Unlike other formats, such as JPEG, it does not produce any visual artifacts, so your image will look nice and dandy.

  • Supports keywords and related metadata.

One of the great features of PNG files is that they support keywords and metadata. This is insanely useful for websites and SEO. Uploading an image with this crucial information will ensure users find it more reliably and, in the process, might even visit your website.


  • Bigger file size.

While not the biggest image format of all, PNG is certainly on the bigger side. Due to storing so much data and compressing everything losslessly, it comes as no surprise that PNG files are bigger than JPG or JPEG. For this reason, it is not recommended to use too many PNG files on a website because it will significantly lower the loading speed.

  • Only supports RGB/RGBA colors.

While it does support over 16 million colors, PNG only works with the RGB/RGBA systems. It means that other colors from, for example, CMYK, might not work. This is not terrible for websites and simple image sharing, but it may or may not ruin your printed results.

  • Does not store EXIF metadata.

EXIF metadata is information your digital camera records and attaches to an image. This includes camera specifics as well as your GPS location and other related stuff. Again, it does not really matter for websites and image sharing. In fact, it can be counted as an advantage for privacy and security reasons. However, it is somewhat of a liability when it comes to printing.

  • Does not support animation (natively).

While PNG was developed as an alternative to GIF, it missed one of its core features – supporting animations. There are ways to make it play animations, but they are very specific and finicky and, frankly, not worth the hassle.

As you can see, PNG has some very specific advantages and disadvantages. If you still think it’s the format that will fit your purposes, feel free to browse our PNG graphic templates and download some.

Free vs. Premium PNG Graphic Templates

When doing a project, many designers find the appeal of free assets strong. Free stuff is always good because it is free. However, it’s a dangerous trap that many aspiring designers find themselves caught into. While free assets can save you a lot of money right now, it is usually more financially savvy to purchase premium assets.

Here is a small and concise list of reasons why you should consider premium PNG graphic templates over their free counterparts:

  • Originality.

Everything our authors create is 100% original. Unless posted by their rightful owners and creators on other platforms, you will not find the same designs anywhere else. We rigorously check for plagiarism and do not condone stealing other peoples’ work. Therefore, you can be sure that everything presented here is 100% unique.

  • Personal style.

Our authors possess their personal style and apply it to all of their creations. As long as the template adheres to our high standards and policies, anything they create is allowed on the platform. Authors take advantage of this rule to create works that look good and have personal style.

  • Professional quality.

While we encourage creativity, we also promote high professional standards. This means that every asset is checked and double-checked by our team of experts to find any faults in the designs and fix them before releasing them.

  • Customization options.

Most of our assets contain different options for a higher degree of customization. Moreover, most PNG graphic templates come in many other formats if you need them for something else.

  • Licensing.

Premium templates usually come with simple licenses that do not restrict their application. You can take them and put them anywhere, as long as you don’t try to resell or pass them as your own. Everything else is permitted.

  • Customer and technical support.

When you pay for a premium template, it’s not just the asset you pay for. It’s the service provided, including the availability of customer and technical support. In our case, it’s 24/7 customer and technical support so that we can resolve any problem with the PNG graphic template quickly.

  • Support talented creators.

This might not be obvious, but by purchasing premium templates, you support their livelihood and encourage them to make more. You get a template, the creator receives money, and they will make more and better. Getting free templates, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the creator. Not only are you not helping anyone, including yourself, you are also actively harming your business with potentially low-quality assets.

What Can I Do with a PNG Graphic Template?

Now that we understand what PNG is, it is high time to learn what you can actually use PNG graphic templates for. In short – almost everything. Here is everything you can find on our platform:

  • Logos.
  • Fonts and Icon Fonts.
  • Illustrations.
  • Icon Sets.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Product mockups.
  • Patterns.
  • T-Shirts.
  • UI elements.

Don’t take this list as a set of rigid rules but more like recommendations. With some imagination and creativity, you can find a use for these assets for anything. We have a wide selection of themes from Nature to People, from Business to Sports. Choose to your heart’s content. Purchase our PNG graphic templates and make your ideas reality!

Graphic Design Trends That You Can’t Ignore

While on the topic of graphics, here are the latest graphic design trends that are just too good to ignore.

PNG Graphic Templates FAQ

How many times can I use these PNG graphic templates?

Every template you purchase comes with an unlimited lifetime license. You can use them as many times as needed, for an unlimited number of projects, for all times.

Something is wrong with my PNG graphic template. Can you help me?

Every purchase comes with lifetime customer and technical support. If you experience any problems, feel free to contact our customer support via live chat or ticket system, and we will resolve any issue.

Can I design and sell my own PNG graphic templates on TemplateMonster?

Yes, we always accept new authors. If you want to try your hand at selling your graphics templates, visit this page to learn everything you need as a future vendor.

I need more than one PNG graphic template and some other stuff from your other categories, but buying so much is getting extremely expensive. Is there any way to get some discount?

If you are looking for a more complex solution, we present the MonsterONE subscription. You will get unlimited access to a massive number of assets and a huge discount for all other exclusive TemplateMonster products.