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30 Social Media Outline Icon Set
Set of 30 Social Media outline icons, Simple and clean design,perfect for websites, mobile apps, books, social media, infographics, flyer, print, banners, posters
Business Cooperatives Concept Icons Set
Business cooperatives concept icons set. Cooperative work idea thin line color illustrations. Voluntary membership. Isolated symbols. Editable stroke. Roboto-Medium, Myriad Pro-Bold fonts used File...
Operations security concept icon
Operations security concept icon. Intelligence defense. Information operations abstract idea thin line illustration. Isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke. Arial, Myriad Pro-Bold fonts...

Premium PNG icons sets to download

PNG icons are now a must-have on every website, social media post, presentations, and so forth.

The benefits they bring to those who use them and those to whom they are addressed are so profound that they are essential components to the digital and print landscapes. To mention some, they're globally understood and can help you make your content more eye-catching and tidy.

However, for those planning to use icons, what's not so clear is which format they should select. Icons are available in many formats, and each one is designed to serve a particular purpose.

For example, PNG, or Portable Network Graphics, is the best file format for printing. This file format supports wide in-depth colors and lossless compression by default. Opposed to SVG icons, which are vector-based graphics, PNG icons are raster images. This means they're composed of pixels and can represent objects and ideas more in detail using a wide variety of colors.

To design a high-quality and appealing PNG icon, you need experience in design. You'll also have to invest time and money in the editing software. That is why many people buy ready-made icons instead of creating their own. If you are inexperienced, this may be your best option too.

PNG icons at TemplateMonster

There is a wide selection of PNG icon sets available in the TemplateMonster marketplace. Despite having different icon representations, each set has a unified design. As a result, your content will have a consistent design.

All the icons are ready to use, but most of them are also editable. In other words, you can change the design if it does not suit your brand identity or does not meet your personal preferences using professional software or an online editor.

PNG icons topics

Across the marketplace, you'll find icons related to the most disparate topics. The following are some of the most common topic-related representations:

  • sports;
  • nature;
  • people;
  • game;
  • food;
  • technology;
  • medical;
  • science;
  • industrial;
  • weather.

What are PNG icons used for?

PNG icons are very versatile. You can use them for a variety of purposes and place them on different screen formats. Here are some of the most common icon placements:

How to edit PNG icons?

As previously mentioned, most of the PNG icons are editable and customizable. You can easily change their color or style using one of the many available online tools. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Iconfinder editor;
  • RedKetchup;
  • X-icon editor;
  • Iconscout.

Advantages of using a PNG file format

Several reasons explain why you should choose the PNG file format over others for your icons.

Below are listed some of the most relevant advantages.

Lossless compression

One of the most relevant advantages of PNG file formats is that they have lossless compression. What this means is that digital images don't lose detail and quality after compression. PNG images are also web-friendly: you can compress them and make them small to reduce the load time for your website without sacrificing quality.

Wide color depth

PNG has a wide range of color depths, including 48-bit (16 bits per channel) and 24-bit (8 bits per channel) true color, achieving greater color accuracy, smoother fades, and defined details.

It supports multi-level transparency

Also, PNG supports different levels of transparency. Each pixel can have an opacity between 0 and 255, with 0 as completely transparent. It supports the compression of digital images with transparent areas.

Sharp edges and solid colors

PNG file format supports digital images with texts, line arts, and graphics. It allows you to align objects in sharp edges and support large solid colors.

Ideal for editing

Because PNG format is lossless compression, it is perfect for storing digital images for editing.

When you should use PNGs

Some purposes are achieved better if using PNG file formats instead of others. The following are some of the most common uses:

  • web images download;
  • images as email attachments;
  • screenshot images;
  • photos or scans of texts;
  • graphics professionals;
  • small file for web graphics.

Key features of effective PNG icons

There are a lot of features that make PNG icons effective to use. Below are listed some of the most relevant characteristics.


All the icons are meaningful. This means they're able to transmit a message to those who view them visually. They are versatile images that can convey various things, including objects, actions, concepts, and ideas related to different topics and categories.

Recognizable globally

Icons are universal. People from all around the world, with other cultures, and who speak other languages can easily recognize and understand icons. They're able to understand their meaning without the need to read any text. This will make your content accessible worldwide, without the need for translations.


Icons can create an eye-catching look for your content. They break the monotony of text and can easily capture the user's attention. This will make the user experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Icons can break walls of text

Apart from their visual function, icons can also serve as breaks. In other words, they can break walls of text, which nobody likes to read, nor is attracted by. In this sense, you can add icons among lines of text, splitting them into smaller parts and improving the readability.


Another feature of icons is related to their customizability. It means that you can edit your icons and make them aligned with your brand identity and the design of the other elements on your website or document. You can change the color, the shape, or the overall style.

Professional look

Apart from being visually captivating, PNG icons also look professional. This file format allows high-contrast and deep colors, which makes the image look more defined and rich in details. As a result, the overall look of your website, presentation, or other types of document, will be more professional.

How to best choose and use PNG icons on a website

There are some practices to follow when choosing and using icons, allowing you to obtain the best results.

Below are listed some of the most relevant suggestions.

Design consistency

When choosing an icon or a set, you should take into consideration your brand identity.

You should make sure that the colors, shapes, and overall design of icons match the ones you used throughout your content. This is how you'll ensure design consistency and make your website look more professional.

Easily understandable meaning

Another detail to consider when choosing icons is their ability to be instantly understood by users. They should be able to attribute the right meaning to the icon immediately. This is why you should test icons for recognizability. If people take more than 5 seconds to guess the right meaning, then you shouldn't choose those icons.

Check the number of icons

Before choosing a set of icons, you should make a list and count the concepts, objects, or actions that you need to represent through symbols. You need to choose a set of icons that offers a sufficient number of icons to meet all your needs. This way, you'll avoid selecting icons from different sets, which may have different styles.

Add labels

Despite icons not needing any additional information to be understood, it is better to add a text label next to or below them. This way, you'll remove in advance any doubts or uncertainty the users may have about their meaning.

Leave enough space between icons

You should place icons on your content, leaving enough space between them. By doing so, your content will look tidier and nicer to see. As a result, users will be more willing to read and interact with it.

Animate icons

When possible, add animations to icons. The animation can perform when the page loads or every time the user hovers the mouse over it. As a result, the content will look more captivating, and the user experience will be more engaging and memorable.

PNG icons FAQ

What are those PNG icons?

A PNG icon is a raster (pixel-based) graphic representation of an object, action, or idea.

Does PNG support transparency?

Yes, PNG does support transparency. It maintains different levels of transparency and allows you to have no background color.

What programs open PNG file formats?

CorelDraw, Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp programs open PNG file formats, and many others.

Which is better: PNG icons or JPEG?

PNG is a high-quality compression format, whereas JPEG format is lower quality but faster to load. Based on your needs and this information, you might be able to choose one or another.

Is a PNG a vector or raster file?

PNG is a raster file format. A raster image consists of thousands of pixels and usually loses a bit of quality when resized.

PNG icon packs unlimited download with MonsterONE

Getting a subscription to MonsterONE could be the right choice for you if you're constantly adding additional elements or updating the existing ones to your website or document. By subscribing to the plan, you can download unlimited PNG icon sets and many other digital graphics.