Buyer Persona PowerPoint Templates for Business

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Buyer Persona PowerPoint Templates for Business

Created: May 28, 2021

Updated: May 28, 2021

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Creation and analysis of a buyer persona is the basis of a successful marketing strategy. This analysis is used in B2B and B2C business segments in small companies as well as large corporations. A buyer persona template PPT will help you save time when creating a buyer persona profile and provide a professional design.

What is a buyer persona in business and marketing?

A “buyer persona” is an in-depth analysis of the customer of a product and the creation of an “average” portrait of a typical buyer of a product or service based on it. A product or service can have several buyer personas. This is the case if different product features serve the needs of different buyers.

Buyer persona examples of customer segmentation

For example, a tourist, an office worker, or a student can rent a city scooter. You have to understand that these are three different types of buyers of the same service. The student uses the service to save money, the office worker uses it for mobility during his lunch break, and the tourist uses it to get around the historic part of town. The profiles of these three types of buyers will differ greatly in age, demographics, income, time, and frequency of use.

Why creating buyer personas is important when developing a product or service

When creating a product, every entrepreneur wants it to be successful and in demand. If you do not create it based on customer needs, you risk not getting the results you want. The best way to do this product development is through an in-depth analysis of customer needs and creating a product with the right features based on those needs.

In understanding exactly what kind of features are needed for the product, you can use an Avatar when developing the buyer persona PPT. These “Avatars” are attributed the necessary properties and features for decision-making.

How to create a buyer persona map or profile

When creating a profile, you need to answer several questions: Who? Why? When?

  • The “Who?” question: who your ideal customer is, where they work, their age, where they live, whether they have children, and whether they have hobbies. This item should show personal characteristics.
  • The “Why?” question: why and under what conditions the potential customers might use your product. Does he consider your product as his primary product or use it as a substitute for another product?
  • The “When?” question: when and how often does the customer buy your products. Is it a one-time purchase or does the customer make a purchase on an interval? There can be more questions, as well, and the more complete the information you prepare, the more successful the buyer persona profile will be. For illustration, I also recommend using photo avatars to better visualize each of your buyers. You will be able to better to understand your customers.

Buyer persona PowerPoint template to create visual profiles This buyer persona template pack is an easy way to create visual cards of your buyer profiles. The slides are easy to edit in your MS Office PowerPoint workspace. The templates use the standard “Calibri” font that every computer has so you don’t have to install additional fonts.

The template supports 20 color schemes, but you can also apply your own colors to all slides with two clicks. See the detailed instructions on how to use the buyer persona PPT.

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