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Social & Google Map

Facebook Widget

Facebook widget helps your provide the simplest and most attractive way to display your Facebook feed posts or likes in the sidebar. Being very easy to configure, you just need add URL of your facebook page.

Google Map

Placing the Google map into your site’s page gives a clue to your visitors about your business’ location. Such approach helps user to know about your business location and your working hours. This deprives the necessary to search this info on some other pages.

Product Presentation

Quick View

Neat ‘Quick view’ button appears when hovering product image. Clicking it, there opens a pop-up with product preview where buyer can immediately get detailed information about the listing (including description, video, photo, rating, buttons and whatnot).

Product Thumbs Carousel

Product thumbnails at the bottom of an image slider are rather helpful, especially when there are, say, 10 or even more photos of one single product. Insert their thumbnails and the user will be able to look through just clicking the arrows.

Product Image Pop-Up

With this extension your customers won’t have to go to the product page every time they want to see a larger item image. All they need to do is to click the product photo and it will appear at the popup window.


Use badges on your eCommerce website to indicate the status and value of products. Being small yet attention-grabbing in their nature, these UI elements provide more effective promotion of e-store merchandise.

YouTube Video

Share YouTube videos on the homepage of your online store to provide richer multimedia experience for its visitors.

Cloud Zoom

With this smooth, touch-enabled jQuery image zoom plugin, visitors will be able to enlarge products and view them to minor details.

Upselling Cross Selling Etc.

Wishlist Page

The Wishlist allows your customers to define products they wish to purchase or have someone purchase for them later. Having your customers able to save products to a Wishlist greatly increases the likelihood that they will remember the products they liked.

Customers Also Viewed

Show your e-store visitors items that other people have viewed. As most shoppers are influenced by choices of others, this intelligent option will help you stimulate them for a purchase more efficiently.


As a business owner, you want your customers to acquire related products or accessories of the items they’ve chosen. By offering similar or complementary products you will not only improve the browsing experience, but also increase overall sales.


Facilitate repeat orders by letting people organize their favorite products into unique categories and watch customers return to your store over and over again.


Let your visitors decide which suppliers to choose by scanning through the full list of manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors of existing brands and products.

Product Pack

Improve your e-Commerce performance by offering your visitors to save on buying two or more individual products as a pack, based on certain requirements (for instance, discounted items).

Product Sort

This feature lets your users to sort out the products they need, much faster. They only have to type the brand of a product or a keyword in the search field and the system will show the results.

Ajax Product Filter

The inbuilt Ajax filter reduces the wait time of your users, it helps sort out products in a few seconds.

Newsletter Widget

This block offers your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and stay informed of any changes made on the website.

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