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Шаблон хороший, но не более того. Думаю, что с учетом весьма старого функционала, уже устаревшего дизайна, значительной глючности, его стоимость весьма завышена. Хотя, в целом - это весьма добротный и надежный шаблон, на твердую четверку. На сегодняшний день функционал, и, в особенности, дизайн, значительно устарел, тем более, для указанного ценового диапазона. На второстепенных страницах множество глюков, в особенности на второстепенных, и, в особенности, отмечу искажения кода при редактировании (как второстепенных, так и главной страниц). Жаль, что разрабы не дотянули до пятерки и не сделали полноценный тест шаблона. Можно было бы сделать гораздо более простое редактирование и ввести новую версию шаблона. На дворе 2018, как никак.
Мы передали Ваши пожелания разработчикам. Также Вы можете ознакомиться с более современными шаблонами в данной категории
Great template with all of the basic pages, functions and features to easily assemble an online CV within hours.
Excellent theme with lots of capabilities, I deployed it not only for a Photographer but also for a tech company and it worked very well.
Great Template!! The layout is well organized and the template includes a full website number of pages...that really made my job easier.
Hope you guy keep update this theme so it will be greateful. Visit my live demo:
Thank you for your feedback. All our themes based on Cherry Framework are easy to update to more recent versions of WordPress. More information you can find here - If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our 24/7 free support - . We'll be glad to help you!
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I would have bought it by now for my site but the need for Photoshop CS+ bothers me. What exactly is Photoshop CS+ needed for when using this theme? Can it be substituted for by other Software or handcoding CSS/HTML/JS/PHP?
The only thing the Photoshop CS is needed for is editing pictures included in the template. You only need to wordpress engine installed and follow the signs to the documentation. For the edition of the code I use Sublime Text, and cherry framework that is included in the template. This is a good option for a photographic portfolio.
Hi - I haven't purchased yet, wanted to ask a quick Q first: will I be able to display the blog on the home page? OR is there a way to display teasers for the most recent 3 posts on the home page?
Yes, you can display ypur blog on home page. You can go to Appearance/Customize/ in the last item, choose Static Home Page, and select Blog. Once in you blog you can use a widget to display Most Recent Posts. Hope it helps
How can I add/upload photos/images to single Portfolio if I choose Slideshow as Portfolio format? I found manual in documentation "This format can be used to display images as a gallery. To attach images to the post please use Upload Images button." but I can't find UPLOAD IMAGES button. Thanks
You would just add all your images to the main gallery and TAG them to the right subject matter and the Portfolio / Gallery layout is simple changed in the Cherry options...
Can I use Chinese characters with this template?
Yes sure, you can use Chinese language instead of the original English. Also, we have the video tutorial on how to do this:
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