WordPress Photography Themes & Art Designs

If you want to create an exquisite photography website as quickly as possible, you’ve hit the right place. With a WordPress photography template, you’ll be able to launch your unique site in a couple of days. The collection of WordPress photography themes by TemplateMonster will strike you with its diversity. No matter how specific your requests are, you can find a suitable template to meet your needs. Select a design you prefer and get the theme to start creating your site!

Distinctive Features of WordPress Photography Themes

These photography WordPress themes can boast of extended functionality that will make your website more powerful. As the purposes of creating a photography site can be different, photography WordPress templates can have various functions, too. Set your priorities for building a photography website and decide on the features that you need. Then, pick the desired template that includes such features to guarantee your full satisfaction with your new site.

Immense Diversity of Wordpress Photography Themes

Realizing the peculiarities of various photographers and caring about the needs of all specialists, our team creates numerous designs. So, in our collection of templates, you can find a photography WordPress theme suitable for:

  • freelance photographers;
  • photo studios and photo agencies;
  • travel photographers;
  • photobloggers, etc.

Moreover, our WordPress themes for photographers come in various styles. Thus, you can opt for templates in colorful, black-and-white, or minimalist design. Additionally, you can select tender and romantic themes for wedding photography studios. Also, it is possible to pick cheerful and lively templates for children’s photos or slim and elegant for designers. Whatever your tastes are, there is a beautiful design for you.

Portfolio Functionality of WordPress Templates for Photographers

Photographer’s identity is represented by their works, and the best way to showcase them is a portfolio. Using a WordPress photo theme, you can create an online portfolio without effort. Such a page will become an efficient tool to present all your photography projects and describe the occasions that you have participated in.

The themes contain pre-designed blocks that will make the process of page creation an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, you can adjust the structure of your page, adding or removing elements. Also, it is possible to group your photography projects into appropriate groups to make the navigation more intuitive for visitors.

Impressive Galleries for Best WordPress Photography Designs

With the easy-to-use media libraries of WordPress themes, you can create outstanding galleries to demonstrate your photos. In fact, our WordPress templates photography designs will let you manage your photos and arrange them in various ways. It is also possible to group pictures and demonstrate them in categories.

Landing Pages for Brief and Concise Photography Demonstration

If you are sure that a one-page website is enough for you to present the information about yourself, you can opt for photography landing pages, like Aports. Using such templates, you can demonstrate the essential facts about your experience, values, services, and projects. Compared to multi-page websites, photo landing pages feature a compact design that, nevertheless, has the same efficiency as any other photography WordPress theme.

Learn to Build a WordPress Photo Gallery

If you are already an expert in WordPress, you know all the tricks of working with the galleries. However, if you are a novice in managing a WordPress website, it can take you a while to master some necessary skills. One of the essential skills for a photographer who is creating a site is, of course, managing your gallery. With TemplateMonster, building a website isn’t hard at all. You can always watch numerous tutorials to extend your knowledge and hone your skills. In this video, for instance, you can learn how to create a WordPress photo gallery quickly.

How to Launch a Website with WordPress Photography Themes

With WordPress themes for photographers, you can show your talent on your website easily. And this concerns not only your expertise in photography but also your artistic gift in creating a stunning page that reflects your personality. You can adjust your photography WordPress template as much as you wish to get the desired look. Here, you can have a glance at what you can edit and customize to create an outstanding site.

Transform Page Layout with WordPress Themes for Photographers

It’s totally up to you to decide how to present information on your pages. Our photography website templates let you choose the layout that you prefer. Particularly, you can display your content in columns. Moreover, it is possible to select the number of columns that you find the most suitable. Thus, you can opt for the page structure that will represent your information best and add to the general appearance of your site.

Diversify Your Website with Widgets

WordPress Photography themes by TemplateMonster include everything you need to create a highly efficient and stylish website. Numerous widgets included in the templates will let you make the design of your photography website more captivating. In particular, you can add:

  • numbered counters;
  • counters in circles;
  • carousels;
  • sliders; 
  • countdown timers;
  • accordions, etc.

These widgets will help you arrange not only the text content but also images or videos on your pages. Consequently, you’ll save space and present information effectively at the same time.

Accentuate Background with Photography WordPress Templates

WordPress photography themes by TemplateMonster also include different background options. If you don’t like the image set as a background of the template, you can easily substitute it with your personal picture. What’s more, our themes allow for a video background. Thus, you can create and add a short video presentation to capture people’s attention and show them the moments you help to save.

Demonstrate Your Services and Projects Effectively

No matter what services you provide and what kind of photography you specialize in, with TemplateMonster photography WordPress themes, you can build eye-catching services pages. Specifically, you can group your projects and showcase such services as:

  • studio shootings;
  • lifestyle photos;
  • event photography;
  • fashion portfolio pictures, etc.

If you specialize in capturing various occasions, you can choose from event photography WordPress templates. With them, you will be able to showcase the photos of:

  • weddings;
  • birthday parties;
  • corporate events, etc.

In short, you can create impressive photo galleries and attract new clients if you show your photography projects with our WordPress themes. You’ll be able to manage your photo library easily, arranging media the way you find appropriate.

Create Pricing Plans with WordPress Photography Theme

With WordPress themes for photographers, you can clearly show your website visitors the cost of your photography services. Our themes contain integrated pricing plans that will let you arrange information and show the difference in the number of services included in each one.

For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you can demonstrate the prices for various wedding packages, such as a full-day wedding photo shooting or a photo session that lasts just a few hours. Customers will see the number of photos that they get any additional features that you want to show. 

Show Your Calendar and Cooperate with Customers

Another amazing useful feature of WordPress templates for photographers is an integrated calendar. Displaying the calendar on your site, you can show people any booked dates. Thus, customers will be able to see free days and reserve the desired date. Moreover, you can integrate different buttons. With them, people will be able to book a visit to your studio to discuss the details of their project or order your services directly on your page.

Run a Photography Blog with WordPress Photography Themes

You can share your skills and teach beginning artists to make great shots. Also, it is possible to provide your customers with advice on how to get ready for a photo session if they want to get amazing results. Mainly, with a WordPress photo theme blog, you can give tips on choosing clothes, make-up, and hairstyles, etc.

Accentuate Your Work with Testimonials

If you have already got some completed projects, you can show what people think of the cooperation with you. Using testimonials section, you can demonstrate hearty and motivated reviews of your clients. Definitely, these thoughts will make your page more credible.

Indicate Photo Studio Location with Google Maps

If you run a photo studio where customers come to get unforgettable pictures in stylish locations, they need to find your premises quickly. Indicating the address on a website page is useful. However, displaying a precise location on the map is much better. With Google Maps integration options of WordPress photography themes, you will be able to show the exact position of your studio on the map. Thus, people will be able to open the map and use directions to find out the best way to get to your studio.


Essential Properties of WordPress Photography Themes


Style Variations

The diversity of photography WordPress styles is impressive, so you can pick the most appropriate one.


Responsive Layout

The website built with WordPress photography templates will look perfect on any device and browser.


Content Modules

Pre-designed content blocks will allow you to add data of various formats to your website easily.


Retina-ready Themes

Choosing Retina-ready WordPress photography themes, you can upload photos of the highest resolution.


WPML-ready Templates

If you want to translate your photography site into different languages, choose WPML-ready themes.


Background Options

You can choose a template that lets you add not only images but also videos to your photography site.


Diverse Typography

Our themes boast of astonishing fonts and Google Fonts integration options to emphasize your style.


Social Integration

It is possible to connect your photography website with social media to share the content easily.

FAQ about WordPress Photography Themes

Can I adjust the buttons of a photography WordPress theme?

Yes, you can. As our WordPress photography templates are highly customizable, you can personalize them as much as you like. Precisely, you can change colors, backgrounds, footers, headers, buttons, etc. You can make all elements match your preferred style and thus create a website of your dreams.

Are images included in WordPress photography templates?

Not all demo versions of WordPress themes for photographers contain free images. Still, you can find numerous templates that include topical images for free. To make sure that the theme has got such photos, please check its description.

How difficult is it to install and customize photography WordPress themes?

Our WordPress photography themes were created to satisfy even inexperienced users who have never dealt with creating a website. So, our templates feature a one-click installation to make the process of building a website as easy as possible. You will be able to read the documentation and follow the instructions to create and customize your website yourself. Furthermore, if you want to make the process faster, you can additionally order professional customization services. Then, our specialists will take care of your site and provide you with a customized version according to your requirements.

Do these WordPress templates for photography include animation?

Our photography WordPress templates follow the latest design and development trends. So, they include animation to make the look of your photography website more attractive. Precisely, you can pick a template with a Parallax effect to create a sense of full immersion into your site.

Can I accept payments online with a photography WordPress theme?

If you want to receive online payments, you should select an Ecwid-ready template, such as Imagico. Such templates support eCommerce functionality, so your visitors will be able to pay for your photography services directly on your website. Please check the details of the template to make sure you have chosen a theme that corresponds to your needs.