Ultimate Website Service

Ultimate Website Service

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Ultimate Website Service Includes:

  • Theme installation on web hosting Exclamation Mark To get the project launched on time, a client should provide us with hosting and FTP access details.
  • Hosting setup as per the theme’s requirements Exclamation Mark We’ll check if the selected hosting matches your theme. We’ll also adjust the hosting to fit your web theme perfectly well. If you haven’t chosen a hosting yet, our managers will help you select the best solution.
  • Default plugins activation and setup Exclamation Mark An exception may be those plugins that should be activated at an extra cost.
  • Demo content replacement Exclamation Mark Replacing demo content with the content provided by a client and publishing it on a client’s website. Publishing content on 5 web pages and 10 blog posts.
  • Theme customization Exclamation Mark We add a client’s logo to the theme and personalize the color scheme according to the customer’s needs.
  • Website contact details setup Exclamation Mark We publish and set up a contact form on a client’s website. We can also set up maps upon a customer’s request.
  • 2 revisions Exclamation Mark Revisions let clients better personalize their websites and get better results from the Ultimate Website Service.
  • Must-Have WordPress plugins to improve your website’s performance Exclamation Mark

    1) Onpage SEO plugin to help you with SEO Optimization of your pages
    2) Google Analytics plugin to track your visitors
    3) Advanced editor for posts and pages to make editing easier
    4) Image Optimizer to reduce sizes of your images for web without losing quality
    5) Sitemap plugin to generate sitemap.xml for your website and automatically update it after any change you make (vital for search engines)
    6) Plugin to change login page URL to secure it from hackers attacks
    7) Plugin for customization of admin panel

  • Improved website security Exclamation Mark We install and configure plugins for better website security; improve website database security; fix the most common WordPress issues.
  • Personal project manager Exclamation Mark You will be able to discuss project details with a project manager, stay in touch with them whenever you need our assistance, and get reports on the status of your project.
  • Access to 15 images from Depositphotos.com Exclamation Mark We provide access to 15 high-quality Depositphotos images for your website.
  • GDPR & CCPA Privacy Configuration Exclamation Mark We will make sure that your site meets the requirements of GDPR & CCPA Privacy legislations, which allows you to target customers from Western Europe and Western America.
  • Contact forms setup with Captcha/Re-Captcha Exclamation Mark In order to improve your website protection from spam and malware.
  • Extra developer hours Exclamation Mark You can use these hours for additional modifications that are not included in the list of services, having previously agreed on these customizations with the project manager to determine whether these hours cover the required customization needs.

How It Works:

  1. Collecting information

    from 15 min

    When your order is confirmed, our team will contact you to ask for the details necessary to complete the service. We will need to get access to your hosting account where the template will be installed. In case you don’t have compatible hosting, our support agents will help you select and register one with the desired domain name.

    It is also necessary to provide us with all the content for your pages and blog posts, along with content placement instructions. You will be able to do this by replying to the project manager's email or using a file sharing service. In case you have any questions, your project manager will be happy to help you.

  2. Completing Ultimate Website Service

    from 5 to 8 business days

    After we get all the data, we will install the template on your hosting and customize it. In particular, our team will add your logo and content, change colors (if needed), and activate the contact form. At any stage, you will be able to check your project’s status with your project manager.

  3. Reviewing & finishing up

    from 15 min

    When our team finishes template customization, you will be able to check and approve the results. If you want to change or edit anything at this stage, two free revisions are available. All the details of the additional fixes and changes can be discussed with your project manager.

    After the project’s final approval, we’ll send you the login and password details to access the admin panel. You’ll be able to log in to manage the site and make further customizations.

You Need Provide:

  • cPanel plus FTP and MySQL access to your hosting
  • Colors that are to be changed in the template
  • Content (images and texts) for informational pages and blog posts
  • Logo (preferably in .SVG)
  • RGB codes of new colors
  • Detailed content placement instructions

Top Reasons to Ultimate Website Service

With the Ultimate Website Launch service, you will get even more configuration options provided by our team. We provide affordable prices for excellent quality, as we have a professional team of developers and project managers. With this Ultimate Website Launch service you get: 

  • Installation and configuration of the template with your logo, colors, and content (up to five pages and ten posts in the blog).

  • Customization of your website font (the font itself is required) and localization of the admin panel.

  • Configuration of the built-in contact form with your email.

  • Protection from hackers and spam attacks. The service includes Captcha/Recaptcha integration and security improvement to enhance the overall performance of your website.

  • Finest images set. By ordering the service, you will also get a set of 15 images of the highest resolution, which you may use on your site. Feel free to use them instead of the default pictures that you get with your web theme. The images are taken from DepositPhotos.

  • GDPR and CCPA suite. Your website will comply with the laws on the storage and use of customer personal data, which allows you to target customers from Western Europe and Western America. We will add the cookies and privacy policy rules and banners on your website according to your country’s laws.

  • 10 hours of the development for any extra modifications you may require to customize your template and make it more personalized. For any extra customization that you need, you can use 10 hours of web developer services for additional modifications that are not included in the list of services. Agreed on these customizations with the project manager to determine whether these hours cover the required customization needs.

  • Our team will also add highly useful, and often-requested WordPress features to make editing and managing of your website much easier.

  • We’ll customize your website font (the font itself is required) and provide localization of the admin panel.

  • You will have two free revisions, so make sure you enjoy the final result of our work. Your personal project manager is always ready to assist you with all the questions related to your website launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to complete Ultimate Website service?

    The website template customization services will take up to 5 to 8 business days to install and configure the template. To meet the project deadline, you have to provide your content with clear instructions for content placement. After the service is completed, two revisions are available for free. Additional revisions can also impact the time when your site will be launched. The sooner you tell us what edits you want us to make, the sooner we’ll introduce the changes. We will continue to work on your website’s SEO improvement for 20 days after your website setup is completed.

  • Can you deliver template installation and content integration faster?

    Yes, for an additional fee, we can launch your site faster. Please start a chat on our site, specify when you need a site to be ready, and what template you want to use. Our support team will provide you with available options.

  • Can I order the Ultimate Website service even if I do not have all the content ready yet?

    Yes, you can provide our team with your content page by page, at your own pace. You don't have any time limits to gather texts and images. However, we will start adding content to your site only when all the materials are ready. You will be able to discuss all these details with your project manager. If you haven’t created content for your website yet, you may use our content service available in the all-in-one package and use pictures from Depositphotos.

  • Will you install a template on my hosting?

    Yes, a template can be installed on existing hosting, you just need to provide us with the correct access details. Mind that the hosting should be compatible with the chosen theme. However, if you do not have a hosting account yet, we can help you choose and register a new hosting account that will match your requirements.

  • Do I have to check that my hosting is compatible with a template?

    Yes, you do. It is necessary to make sure that your hosting account matches the requirements of the template. All hosting providers are different, some use Linux, others provide Windows-based accounts, your provider’s support team will share with you these details. If you cannot decide what hosting provider to choose, our support team will help you with the decision-making process.

  • What should I do if I need to add more content pages?

    If you require any additional changes, we provide website customization services for an extra fee. Feel free to contact our support team. They will help you to choose the necessary services and to specify the pricing. An option to pay for the developers' hours is available as well.

  • Will you customize my online store if I have an eCommerce template?

    Unfortunately, this service does not imply store configuration or additional functionality integration. However, we provide a special All-in-One Store Setup offer for our eCommerce themes. Please, contact our support team to decide on the necessary services.

  • When will a project manager contact me to specify details concerning my project? How can I provide my logo and content for the website template customization services?

    After you make the payment, one of our project managers will contact you to instruct on how to provide your content. You may choose the more convenient way for you: for example, to send it via email or share using one of the file-sharing services.

  • What if I do not like the final result?

    After the project is finished, you will have two free revisions to ensure that installation and customization meet your expectations.

  • In what language do you provide the website creation service?

    Project managers use English to provide all instructions related to your project.

7 Reviews for this product

I am not an expert in all those things related to website construction. So, when I needed to launch a business site, I ordered your service without any hesitation. I enjoy the final result that we had. Your work is worth every single dollar Ive paid.
Thanks for the service! It absolutely exceeded my expectations. As a rule, I am too busy with the content planning and other things related to handling my WordPress project that the installation and configuration of a new theme is the last thing I can spend time to complete. With the ultimate website launch services, I got the first revision ready in less than one week. I would also say a big thank you to our project manager who was always on the line whenever I needed help.
Servizio molto completo , comunicazione con il team molto veloce ed efficace, consiglio vivamente a tutti e acquisterò sicuramente ancora in futuro
שלום. טוב לי עם השירות הזה. הם עשו את כל מה שביקשתי. עבודה נהדרת.
Merci beaucoup pour ce service. Jai été contacté par un responsable poli qui a configuré le site Web pour moi. Cela ma fait gagner du temps et jobtiens un site Web parfait. Je recommanderais vraiment ce service si vous êtes intéressé par un site Web prêt et entièrement configuré.
Great service and professionalism of your team are the main reasons why I keep coming back to your guys over and over again. Keep it up, TemplateMonster!
Website launch was a breeze with your service! Thanks a lot for taking care about every tiny detail of my new Joomla blog. I even cannot imagine how much time I would have spent to handle everything on my own. I will recommend your service to everyone whom I know.

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