Website Malware Removal Service

Website Malware Removal Service

What Website Malware Removal Service Offers:

  • Website malware cleanup and performance tweaking
  • Basic site security analysis and its improvement
  • Unblocking of a website in all browsers and search engines
  • Website malware cleanup and performance tweaking
  • Basic site security analysis and its improvement
  • Unblocking of a website in all browsers and search engines

Way Things Work:

  1. Getting access details

    from 15 minutes

    We’ll contact you as soon as you've applied for Malware Removal Service, to get the access details to your website. After we will perform an initial investigation of your site to determine the level of hacking attack and intrusion. The server’s settings will be checked, too. That’s why it’s important to provide us all the required access details.

  2. Cleanup

    one to two days

    At this stage, our experts will remove malware files, scripts, redirects and other suspicious files from your website.

  3. Website restoring

    up to 6 hours

    We will restore the full functionality of your website, testing it and making sure that everything works properly.

  4. Adding basic protection

    up to 6 hours

    Malware removal service for WordPress/Woocommerce and Joomla includes basic protection. It prevents general hacking attacks and intrusion to your website.

  5. Removing website from the blacklist

    one to two days

    Your website will be removed from the blacklist, and the notification of the hacking will also disappear. This will make your site visible in search engines and fully accessible to visitors again.

  6. A fixed website returns to an owner

    from 15 minutes

    As all the problems get sorted, we will provide you with new secure login access details to your site. Also, we will share unique tips to enhance your website security.

To Provide Malware Removal Service, We Need the Next Info:

  • Site access details: Site URL, hosting account URL, login, password

What Is Website Malware Removal Service?

Got your website hacked or Google has blocked access to it? No matter what has caused such an infection, Malware Removal Service will fix it all. Rush today and we will return the best of times to your website, as soon as it’s possible!

Our experienced specialists will clean your website removing malware code, backdoors and malicious scripts, and we will even restore your website after it is hacked. Moreover, we will hold a detailed analysis of hacking intrusions to your site to define their type. This will also point to weak spots of your website’s security.

Another benefit of Website Malware Removal Service is that there is no risk to losing your data. Be sure that we will take care of everything that refers to it. Your website content, like brief posts or long articles, product descriptions and media files will be saved. Meanwhile, malicious content will be removed from the website files and database.

Rely on this website malware removal service to get access to your site within two or three days or even earlier. This amount of time is fully enough for us to fix any website and adjust its performance. In addition to the activities mentioned previously, we will provide detailed information on the intrusion to avoid future hacking attacks.

What if a hacking attack is not the reason why your website crashed? In some cases, search engines block access to a site or mark it as a suspicious page. Due to this, you can get warning messages in browsers or search results. Google AdWords may not allow you to use Ads on your site, marking it as an infected site. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about. Our virus and malware removal service fully resolves these issues. We will unblock your website for all the modern browsers and search engines.

So, Malware Removal Service is an urgent help for websites based on different platforms. It fixes diverse problems caused by viruses or hackers, letting website owners have time for themselves.

As for WordPress/Woocommerce and Joomla users, there is a possibility to empower your site’s security for the future. We will back your websites with basic protection from hacking attacks and intrusions. Still, for more, you can request Hackers and Spam Protection Service, which prevents 98% of hacking attacks (including SQL injections and external links to malware). Likewise, such protection helps a website avoid infections with malware codes.

Please note:


  • Will my content/posts/products/images be available after cleaning up/restoring my website?

    Yes, your data will be saved. We will restore most content on your site. However, in some cases, malware scripts remove particular files. So, it’s impossible to recover them.

  • Can you guarantee that we will not be hacked again?

    Malware Removal Service will restore your website and remove infections from your site. It includes basic protection for WordPress, Woocommerce and Joomla websites. Yet, viruses and hackers don’t mess around waiting for some weak spot in your site security. In such a way, you also have not to miss important updates and ask for the help of professionals on time. 

    Moreover, we advise you to have a precise look at Website Protection from Hackers and Spam Service. It’s intended to protect your website from hacking and  malware intrusions and to enhance its security. We provide a nine-month warranty for this service. During the warranty period, you will make sure that your site is secured and will stay secured.

    All the enhancements of security for eCommerce platforms, like Prestashop and Opencart, can be also provided by request.  

  • Do you remove notifications regarding a hacked website in Google search results and browsers?

    Sure, such kinds of notifications will be removed when your website is cleaned.

  • What if I need to get the malware removed faster? I do not have time to wait for two to three business days.

    Please, start the online chat and our pre-sales operators will be happy to help you with your request: in some cases, we can perform the service faster for an additional fee.

3 Reviews for this product

This Website Malware Removal Service is amazing! I even didn’t expect to get my website fixed so fast. They have saved my content and made the website workable again (my WordPress had a blank page with the error). Keep up a great job!
I’ve got my Opencart installation fixed and restored. It turned out that the issue was caused by incorrect permissions set on my host and weak password (in fact, I have used basic login access details and have not realized that somebody can access my store and hack it). Due to Website Malware Removal Service, everything is fixed and I can be back to my work.
My hosting provider has informed me that my Joomla had malicious files. Technicians have resolved the issue and added protection to my site. I have decided to upgrade the protection and got Hackers and Spam Protection Service. Now, my website is well-protected, everything works fine. Thank you!

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