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  • Priority support in a chat, email, or over the phone
  • Complex issues troubleshooting
  • 5 hours of Webmaster Assistance
ETA ETA : 1 Month
$59 $59
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What is Included in Website Technical Support Services:

Available for purchased ZEMEZ (and some types of WT/RockThemes) templates
We provide Premium support for ZEMEZ themes, and for WordPress/WooCommerce templates created by WT or RockThemes. It is available only for the designs you have purchased at
Access to technical documentation and knowledge base
You will get step-by-step documentation and tutorials for installing, configuring and maintaining your website template.
Support via ticket system. Average response time is 1-8 hours on business days
Support in Live Chat. Priority queue in Live Chat.
Access to Live Chat for real-time problem-solving. Available only from 9 am till 11 pm EET (UTC+2) on business days.
Bug fixes for ZEMEZ templates and plugins. Implementation of bug fixes on a live website
Emergency issues assistance
Error debugging and complex issues troubleshooting
We provide feedback and recommendations for any unusual problems and errors (template or module related, hosting related or issues caused due to implemented modifications of the initial code/structure).
Template related complex problem correction
Customization of the template by a third-party developer or by you can cause problems on your website, as well as additions that have been added to the initial template code. We can identify the problem and fix it if it specifically affects and is related to the template files.
Third-party plugin related issues investigation
Our experts investigate problems associated with third-party modules or scripts and provide feedback on how to rectify the issues.
Site speed audit and assistance with speed optimization
We check the website and perform speed tests, then we give the client a list with reasons for the slow loading of the site, possible solutions. Client may also receive a price quote to solve the problem by our developers.
On-demand Phone Access
Request a personalized consultation call back from our expert technicians.
Free template installation
We will install and activate one of your ZEMEZ templates for free. Available only for 6 and 12 months packages
5 hours of webmaster assistance
Includes site diagnostics, site debugging, personalized assistance, instafast service and fixing minor errors as well as minor site customizations. If the client’s request goes beyond minor changes - we offer special discounted prices for the customization required. Available only for 6 and 12 months packages
15% discount for any service provided by TM Web Studio

How Premium Support Works:

  1. Placing the Order

    5 minutes

    After you pay for the offer on our website, you will be added to a special group of Premium Support users.

  2. Using the Service

    from 1 to 12 months

    You can start a chat or send us an email to receive support or request a callback. No need to do anything extra: you will enjoy all the advantages of the Premium Support plan right after the payment is made.

  3. Renewing the Subscription

    after the Premium Support period ends

    When the Premium Support period ends, you will be transferred to the basic free support automatically. To have all the Premium Support features again, you will need to purchase the offer one more time.

To Provide This Service We Need:

  • Order Payment

Why do you need Website Technical Support Services

You have purchased template and would like to launch a website with it. That should be easy. You may have already worked with templates before and know what to do. Or you are planning to find on Google tutorials and instructions that will help you. You can also follow video lessons from YouTube and make required changes step-by-step. Today the options are limitless. You just need enough time to learn how your template works and how you can customize it. 

However, if you haven’t done anything similar before, the amount of new information may be overwhelming. You may not know where to start. You may not know all the technical terms that you see in the tutorials. You may face complex tech issues that you can not troubleshoot easily and no tutorial provides you with a working solution. You do not have enough time to figure all that out and do not want to spend months on creating a site. Within just a few days, you may give up the idea of having a website. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, our Premium Website Technical Support Services service will be a perfect option for you.

Our paid support plan is aimed at providing priority assistance whenever you need it through the channels you prefer. You will be able to receive support in the chat, emails, or over the phone. In the live chat, you will be placed into a special Priority Queue to be connected to an operator without any delays. Email response time is about 1-8 hours, and you can request a personalized consultation call back from our technicians to describe the problem and discuss all the details over the phone.

Moreover, if you opt for three or more months of Premium Support, we will include a few extra bonuses for you:
- free template installation for 6 and 12 months plans
- 5 hours of Webmaster Assistance which you can use for site diagnostics, site debugging, fixing errors, personalized assistance, instafast service, and minor site customizations
- 15% discount for any customization service provided by TM Web Studio

Please note:

  • Premium Website Technical Support Services is available for ZEMEZ themes, and for WordPress/WooCommerce WT or RockThemes templates.
  • Premium Support is provided only for the templates purchased at It is not available for the themes downloaded from TM ONE


Why free support may not be enough?

Free website support is better suited for experienced users and includes only basic assistance, for example, answering general questions about using your template, its built-in features, and functionalities. The free support plan does not include support for minor or major theme changes and customizations, or the issues caused by the software installed on your computer, hosting environment, or improper modifications of the theme.

How does the support priority work?

When you get in touch with the live chat, as an owner of the premium website support package you will skip the queue and connect to the live chat representatives right away. When you use the tickets system, the owners of the Premium Support and Extended Support plans will get their requests processed in the first place.

How does Phone Access on Demand work?

Premium clients can request a call back from our expert technicians via a special form. You can find a link to it after your payment is processed.

Do you provide Premium Website Support for templates of other vendors (e.g. not only ZEMEZ)?

You can also pay for a paid support plan if you use WordPress or Woocommerce template created by WT or RockThemes.

What are the working hours of live chat?

We offer chat services only from 9 am till 11 pm EET (UTC+2) on business days.

Do you provide Premium Website Support for the templates downloaded from TM ONE?

Sorry, Premium Support is provided only for the templates purchased at It is not available for the themes downloaded from TM ONE.


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LU Luis Piedra
Their support is great, they are very efficient and their response time is incredible. I especially recommend the premium support service, it is very comforting, you always have someone there for you whenever you need support, doesn’t matter how simple or complex your requirements are.
BR Brandon Martin
The post-production revisions in the insufficiently installed files and folders were very difficult, let alone patiently helping a html- and WordPress-dummy like me. According to the e-mails that came from a couple of people other than her, Dakota seems to have brought in a couple of people to redo the installation from the scratch. Thanks to the collaborative effort, I think my website got completely ready for my adjustments and modifications. I’m pretty much satisfied. My purchase of the “Premium Support” deal paid off. Thanks, Dakota!
KR Kristian Breslin
seriously great performance from ivy again today seems to be regular with the high standards too, always has time, always understands the nature of your requirement nothing is ever to much trouble,,, its agents like this that make it worth paying for our premium support plan, no exaggeration
CH Christine
I purchased a Template Monster template through my hosting service several years ago and loved the quality of the TM template and had a fabulous experience with TM technical support – the premium support package was invaluable. Great service – Great Expertise. I am starting another facet to my company and decided – since I had such a positive experience the first time – to work directly with Template Monster. Who knew such exceptional service still existed today!
  • Priority support in a chat, email, or over the phone
  • Complex issues troubleshooting
  • 5 hours of Webmaster Assistance
ETA ETA : 1 Month
$59 $59
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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