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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

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Poveria Shopify Theme is clean, elegant ecommerce template was especially designed for creating business professional online multipurpose store. Poveria Shopify Theme is smart responsive designed with intelligence and good UX design for all mobile devices (desktops, tablets and phones). Poveria Shopify Theme using popular drag & drop page builder, a lot of theme settings and options and premium sliders. Poveria Shopify Theme put in lots of love and effort into building this theme. Poveria Shopify Theme is a great start for anyone who is looking to start his one multipurpose online shop or looking to create a goods marketplace.


##Update History


  • Added enable/disable option for page loader image.


  • Improved theme layout design
  • Fixed some minor issue related to css file.


  • Fixed some miscellaneous css issue with theme package.
  • Update theme documentation file.


  • Fixed some miscellaneous css issue with theme package.


  • Improved design layouts and fixed some miscellaneous css bug.

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I really dont believe this theme is worth the $99 paid, and I WOULD NOT recommend it. The author has made a few modification to the standard Shopify free Debut template, and these modifications are buggy. The majority of it is just the Debut template, even some of the help links take you through to the Shopify website and offer help on the Debut template. The ability to change aspect of the theme are incredibly limited. - Font overlaid on the banner images has to be in the same positions as on the Demo, no option to centre or right alight text - The three images under the main banner have to be exactly the layout as in the demo otherwise it bugs - The text on the three images under the banner have to be in the same position as the Demo, no option to align differently. - None of the images have the ability to have hyperlinks, only the button. - There are 4 circles to promote things like Free shipping. If you only want 3 they do not centralise so you just have a gap at the end - If you try and add a featured product to the homepage the text is bugged and is right up to the side of the image. - The background of the testimonial section can be changed in colour but the text cant. They have created a nice Demo product but unless you want it to look exactly like that then I recommend avoiding this theme. There are cheaper and better customisable themes out there. After using the theme for an hour I had to report several issues to the author, they were reasonably quick to fix but there are so many more bugs and issues the theme becomes very frustrating. The
The theme is a little expensive for Shopify compared to other platform but it is worth every penny. The support turnaround time is amazing when I stuck with an app installation issue. Solved in no time

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