Create a CV with Sketch Resume Templates

If you target to get the position of your dreams, you should pay a lot of attention to a quality curriculum vitae. Popular and promising corporations hire recruiters for personnel selection. HR's task is to select the best CVs that meet the customer's requirements. So you only have one chance to make an impression among thousands of candidates. To focus on the content of your document, we recommend choosing ready-made sketch resume templates. You read about this in this article.

What is a Sketch Resume Template

CV is a marketing tool that advertises you as a specialist for the required position. A high-quality and professional document presents you in the best light and increases the chances of getting hired for the new job of your dreams. Do you need a design for this format? How to fill out this document correctly?

If you want to stand out among candidates, you need to take care of a good look at the document. If you have little design skills, we recommend choosing sketch resume templates from TemplateMonster. This is a blank, stylized form that you fill out with information about work experience, education, skills, and other info. Currently, ordinary MS Word and Google Docs have outdated solutions. Such files may spoil the appearance of the finished result or may not be displayed equally well on different devices. This complicates the process of developing a curriculum vitae and reading.

Kinds of Sketch Resume Templates

Your CV is a guide to the company of your dreams. But to describe your experience and achievements, you should choose the right plan and structure. In this matter, you will be helped to understand the types of such documents. There are four of them in total.


This is a sequential list of places of education, background, volunteering, awards, etc. In this way, you prove that your career path meets the requirements of the recruiter and the employer. It shows your continuous work.

To create such an option, you should divide the letter into several sections: contact information, work experience, and education. You find a ready-made layout with nice colors to emphasize the most critical parts.

This type is suitable for those who want to show their vertical growth in the field of activity and are looking for a proper position to continue the business. But if you have little background or have often changed your workplace, then it is better to review another version of the document.


This kind of look reveals you as a person, a worker with skills, preferences, and hobbies. So you prove how helpful you are to the company.

Here you should divide the sheet into five blocks to visually separate the sections about you. Experience, education, achievements, skills, and interests should be added.

Such a resume is better to operate for a specific vacancy but not for posting on platforms. You should focus on the position and answer their request. This type is suitable for those who have a background with pauses.


This combines a chronological list of places of experience, enlightenment, and achievements with specifically targeted information about you.

In this case, you use the template for a chronological CV but add your achievements, skills, and skill level. In the TemplateMonster marketplace, you find items with interactive charts and graphs.

This is a necessary option for guys with a background in several areas who want to change their position. This document is not suitable for students or beginners.


Here you dare to show yourself from the creative side. You may have already come across curriculum vitae with infographics, animations, or entire websites. Here you add contamination, combine different bright colors, etc.

This option is ideal for designers, photographers, editors, architects, illustrators, stylists, etc. If you have little experience, this is a chance to show yourself and attract attention.

How to Create the Best Resume

Creating a curriculum vitae can be easy. We recommend that you save and use the following sequential steps.

  1. Research: you may already have a design idea, colors, and structure of the document you need. But it is better to review modern trends. You find a new design that can improve the appearance of your fight and emphasize important information about you.
  2. Overview of your achievements: before completing the template, you should review your career or educational achievements. Checking your experience and skills will help you decide what to include in your CV. While you are doing this, we recommend collecting supporting documents, which can be attached as a separate file.
  3. Determine the design strategy: you create a document if you have time, inspiration, and graphic design experience. We recommend using ready-made professional options from TemplateMonster. You customize the items accordingly and make them more unique and targeted to your field of activity.
  4. Make a copy of the text: we recommend you save everything in a text file separately.
  5. Choose a formatting style: you select alignment in any way. But agree that the level of readability increases in the case of using the format on the left or in the middle. Stay consistent in your presentation of information.
  6. Select a color palette: this will help your document look cohesive. Think about what direction you want to master. Then choose a calm or bright palette.
  7. Font style: this step will improve the design quality and readability. This stage helps to understand your achievements and conveys a sense of professionalism. Therefore, preference should be given to minimalistic letters.
  8. Structure your background and achievements: your resume will be chosen if you clearly and consistently describe the acquired knowledge, education, and triumphs that affect your future activities. You follow a standard format where you highlight roles in previous companies. You can also add a date for a chronological list of positions.

Sketch Resume Templates Video

Try our CV list if you have little time to search for a high-quality resume. Here you familiarize yourself with the TOP ten curriculum vitae items from TemplateMonster and choose the best option. Follow the link and enjoy watching.

Sketch Resume Templates FAQ

How to choose a perfect sketch resume Template?

To choose a sketch resume template for your purpose that best meets your needs, we recommend using the filter on the left panel of TemplateMonster. You select a theme and set the necessary tags, format, software, color, pricing policy, etc. We also recommend that you follow this plan:

  • Choose a niche that interests you.
  • Analyze your experience, skills, and education that affect the position.
  • Determine which type of CV will reveal you in the best way.
  • Select a design that attracts attention and meets the standards of your request.
  • Choose a format that will open on any gadget in the same way.

What are the tips for working with Sketch resume Templates?

  • Use a conversational style of speech. It is necessary for the employer to understand you faster. You also need to reveal yourself as a person and not just as a representative of the position.
  • Do not use too many cliches. It makes the text dull and artificial.
  • Shorten long sentences. You can write a normal-sized text and then reduce it to 2 pages.
  • Do not use abbreviations or abbreviations. Your text should be clear. This rule doesn’t work for establishment names.
  • Use more numbers and percentages. It visually provides an opportunity to compare and draw conclusions.

What are the pros of Sketch resume templates from TemplateMonster?

  • You receive a ready-made structured document where you can enter information.
  • All design elements are fully editable, so you select the colors, fonts, etc. you want.
  • You have visual interactive elements that you can use to indicate your skill level.

How to get Sketch resume templates from TemplateMonster?

Register on the TemplateMonster website. Select the required layout. Fill in the billing information. Make the payment and go through the verification stage. After that, you can upload your file.