Static Landing Page Templates

The constantly growing web space undoubtedly has pros and cons. It allows businesses to develop, promote services, successfully conduct e-commerce, and be on a first-name basis with clients. Powerful bonuses for professional business people and novice professionals, aren't they? On the other hand, continuous progress generates increased competition. It forces one to look for additional techniques to gain the audience's attention. It is time to introduce you to a collection of the best static landing page templates. These are multipurpose, easy-to-use, and friendly products TemplateMonster has developed.

It is immeasurably important today to have your style and differentiate yourself from the rest of the web content. Modern marketplaces offer solutions for different types of pages: multi-page and single-page, static and interactive. It is up to you which one is more profitable to use.

Unique or Not: Who Benefits?

Layouts with static functionality are suitable for anyone with basic coding skills or even without. Both experienced coders and beginners are enticed by the ease of use and professional theme support. This collection contains digital products that are applicable to business, finance, fashion and beauty, medicine, commerce, real estate, entertainment, and law.

In addition, platforms based on such themes are a backbone for educational purposes. Well-documented code provides basic skills, honing expertise, and ample experience for self-development.

What else? With them, you can build landing pages to put online directly. Otherwise, you could import them into ready-made websites. Complete freedom of choice and no restrictions! Either way, if you need to convince a customer to buy, motivate them to use a service, or get them to follow a link, a landing is the best fit. And if you dream of doing it properly and elegantly, you need themes from TemplateMonster.

Outstanding Static Landing Page Templates Hallmarks

The first feature to talk about is the fast page loading. Rapidly responding to visitors' queries, such a site attracts overwhelming attention. High loading speed is a factor in increasing traffic, which you are undoubtedly interested in.

Thanks to their responsive structure, check out how convenient it is to apply layouts. The wider the range of available gadgets for Internet surfing, the more reason to worry. However, it is the modern solution. The responsive option allows you to make site building easy. The template automatically adapts the size of all elements to the screen resolution and size.

Moreover, all the themes are search engine friendly. It is no secret that the developer faces many challenges after creating a web resource. Promotion is the core among them, as it drives the entrepreneur to implement the plans. SEO-friendly landings - that's what TemplateMonster static page templates will make them - are indexed by the search engine many times faster and more effectively.

The layout is strictly consistent with W3C standards. There are no conflicts with HTML standards in the source code and therefore no technical issues are encountered. It is clean, clear, one hundred percent correct, and contains no remarks. It is easier and more pleasant to work with.

Static HTML Landing Page Templates: Main Features

Apart from those mentioned above, these samples have a wide range of key features. TemplateMonster endows digital products with limitless possibilities for customization. The following tools are available for this purpose.

  • The Dropdown Menu is an interactive panel for easy site navigation. When you hover over it, hidden information, blocks, categories, lists, and more appear on the screen.
  • Video background is a non-standard solution for many websites. Replacing a monogamous background or image with a dynamic video is the first step to creating a captivating visual.
  • Typography is a must-have attribute of modern online resources. The aesthetic fonts dispose of the client to read the text. In addition, a properly chosen typeface from Google completes the design, presenting the text as an integral part of the user interface.
  • Light and dark versions are always a choice. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose between dark and light modes.
  • Cross-browser - which browser are you targeting? Confused about answering? Put your landing page in several popular browsers at once. For example, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others will display the content identically.
  • Header variations are different styles designed to tailor the site's top board to your needs. It may contain a logo, a menu, a product carousel, or something else.

Web Forms Integration

Interaction between you and your customers is the heart of your online existence. Without productive and timely communication, you will not achieve the effective promotion of your services. Static landing page templates offer you to set up several key options for cooperation.

Contact form. It is perfect for customers to reach out to site representatives after hours. Besides, there's no need to switch to another resource - you must enter data in the fields and send a request.

Search form. Allow visitors to seek the information/products/services they need through a familiar search box. Avoid frustration if the customer doesn't wander through all the sub-menu entries. A site with an active search form is the most attractive option for time-savvy visitors.

Registration and authorization form. This way, you accumulate a client base even faster! However, consider the fields for information carefully and leave only the necessary ones. Too many steps for registration distract the user - he will leave the link.

Newsletter subscription. There is a place for such an offer in the content, on the side, or in the footer. By subscribing to the newsletter, people automatically receive regular notifications about discounts, upcoming events, the loyalty system, etc.

Assistance & Support

Being completely user-friendly, static templates for landings are not devoid of flaws. Gaps in the functionality or design of digital products are rare. However, there is always a need for qualitative help and support. When you buy a premium layout, you are guaranteed to get professional technical support. Contact the theme's creator directly if there is a problem/question/comment/request. There are several reasons why you benefit from it:

First, you delegate the problem to an expert. No need to search for answers to questions within the forum or inquire with other masters. The author of the theme will resolve the problems on his own;

Second, customer service is free of charge. If you bought a premium template, feel free to communicate with the webmaster for six months at no cost.

A separate file accompanies each static template with step-by-step instructions and a description of the underlying features of the product. It is useful to open it and get acquainted with all the items to avoid mistakes. The documentation file is available for free.

Hints on Choosing Static Landing Page Template

Here are a few tricks on how to choose the most appropriate template in a short time.

First, ponder your goal. Don't scatter your attention with bright, evocative themes unless minimalism is a priority. The characteristics of the audience - age, interests, gender, employment - also affect the choice of color and style.

Second, assess your capabilities. Well, TemplateMonster presents themes with different levels of computer literacy required. If you are a coding wizard, feel free to choose advanced models; if your experience is poor, look for editing options through the admin panel.

Third, pay attention to ratings. The rating of the product and the vendor indicates the competence and quality of operation. Tip: Do not buy static landing page templates that have just entered the market. There is a good chance that for some months the developer will find blunders and get rid of them.

Fourth, how long has the product been updated? Regular version modifications improve it and make the template compatible with a flexible engine. For example, if WordPress is constantly changing and expanding, all web platforms need to keep up with that. They allow the site to function competently and smoothly.

Check out a selection of the best templates for landing pages here.

Static Landing Page Templates Video

Consider the design style and readability level when choosing typography. Embellish and emphasize text with free Google Fonts. Please keep up with the latest trends and tips. Watch the video!

Static Landing Page Templates Q&A

Why is there no fixed cost for static landing page templates?

The site specifies the cost of the product according to the license. It costs the least to use the template once. It is a personal license. With the commercial, you are given a 5-time use of the theme. At the same time, the business license allows you to create up to 50 projects.

Could I customize the multi-language feature with static landing page templates?

Absolutely! Themes support extensions, in particular, the WPML and Polylang multilingual modules. Propose content translation for usability and international reach.

Could you customize static landing page templates for me?

Yes. If you want a website as soon as possible, order customization services from us. We will install and activate the template, implement a logo, replace the demo content with yours, and customize the web forms. For a fee, we can modify the code.

Could I save money by buying static themes for my landing pages?

There is such a possibility. As a MonsterONE member, loyal customers can download any digital product from the 200,000+ assortment. In addition, they are provided with constant updates and reliable technical support. The subscription has three plans, meaning you have one month to try it for the first time.