Premio - A Powerful Dynamic Admin Panel For Laravel Developers

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Created: May 18, 2023

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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Premio - A powerful admin panel for Laravel developers. It is made with the latest Laravel 10 version. The Premio admin template is one of the modern dynamic admin panels. It has high-end features, where users can easily change their projects according to their choice. Premio Laravel Admin Boilerplate provides you with a massive head start on any size web application. Out of the box, it has some massive features.

Authentication: A complete secured custom authentication is available in Premio. Premio gives you a login with a rate limiter. There is a custom reset password option and two-factor (2-FA) authentication with an authentication app (TOTP). Premio provides login with username or email options and only active users can log in to the application.

User Manager: Premio gives you a complete user management system that you have nothing to do after installation. Dynamic user import options are also there. Role-based user access control with dynamic date range filter with Yajra data table. All the data is loaded by the server-side Yajra data table. The trash option is also there for the user manager. Profile update with image and change password option is available in Premio.

Blog: A complete blog system is available in Premio. Dynamic tags and multilevel categories are available for blog features. You can create a blog post with multiple tags and from multi-level categories with awesome keyword input.

Media Manager: A awesome media manager is available in Premio. You can manage your media from the media manager in Premio.

Email: Unique features for Premio. Assume you want to manage your webmail or Gmail. Just connect it with your credentials from the settings section and the rest of the task will do Premio.

Roles & Permissions: Unparallel roles and permissions features are available in Premio. You can manage user access control from the admin panel very easily.

Database backup: You can backup MySQL database from the backup menu.

Settings: We need settings to define our company information and other configurations. Ok, from the settings menu, you can set up all the things that you need to do. There are also multiple theme-choosing options. Premio provides multiple themes.

Activity Log: Premio tracks user activity. Every action of Premio is tracked and you can see it from the activity log menu. Without those features, premio provides many untold features. Just see the preview and start your project with Premio.

I assure it will reduce your time to complete a Laravel application.


Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)

  • (+) Added
  • (*) Fixed
  • (=) Improved
  • (-) Removed
  • (!) Info/Warning

Version 1.1 (22 May 2023)

  • (+) User Impernosation
  • (+) Dynamic table generation without data table with pagination
  • (=) Session-based theme support
  • (=) Every page button design is improved

Version 1.2 (14 June 2023)

  • (+) International mobile number validation added to the profile page

Version 2.0 (26 June 2023)

  • (+) Bootstrap modal replaced by jQuery dialog modal
  • (=) User creates and updates page changes
  • (+) Child rows added to the data table
  • (=) Delete button sweat alert confirmation replaced by jQuery dialog
  • (=) Settings page UI improved
  • (+) Columns hide options added in the data table
  • (-) Data table PDF options removed
  • (=) Data table print page improved

Version 2.1 (8 August 2023)

  • (+) Modal replaced by jQuery dialog -(=) Dark mode ui improved -(+) Dynamic menu settings -(+) Dashboard Ajax date range filter -(+) System settings improved with logo and favicon upload -(+) Dynamic tag with the search while post creation -(+) Role permission concept improvements -(-) Media manager removed -(-) IMAP mail removed

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