WebWiz – All-in-One Web Management Platform with Node.js and React

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Created: Mar 12, 2024

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WebWiz – All-in-One Web Management Platform with Node.js and React - Features Image 1WebWiz – All-in-One Web Management Platform with Node.js and React - Features Image 2


WebWiz is the ultimate solution for website management, offering a comprehensive platform powered by Node.js and React. With its intuitive interface and versatile template, WebWiz simplifies the process of customizing and managing your website in multiple languages including Arabic, French, and English. Whether you're showcasing products, displaying portfolio images, sharing client testimonials, or creating engaging hero sliders, WebWiz has you covered. Say goodbye to complex coding and hello to effortless website management with WebWiz.


  1. Multilingual Support: Easily create and manage content in Arabic, French, and English languages for a global audience.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and customize your website effortlessly with WebWiz's intuitive interface.
  3. Versatile Template: Accommodate a wide range of website elements including products, portfolio images, client reviews, hero sliders, and more in multiple languages.
  4. Node.js and React Integration: Benefit from powerful technologies for seamless website performance and dynamic user experiences.
  5. Bootstrap Framework: Ensure responsiveness and compatibility across various devices and screen sizes.
  6. Extensive Documentation: Access comprehensive documentation available in multiple languages to guide you through every step of setting up and managing your website.
  7. Preview Images: High-quality preview images included for easy customization and visualization of your website.

Dashboard Features:

  1. Authentication: Securely manage user authentication and access control.
  2. User Profile Management: Update user information and preferences seamlessly.
  3. CRUD: Create, read, update, and delete products, categories, review and more with ease.
  4. Portfolio Image Management: Upload, view, and delete portfolio images directly from the dashboard.
  5. CRUD: Easily create, read, update, and delete products, categories, reviews, and more with ease.
  6. Handle Errors: Efficiently handle errors during email sending and other operations for smooth website functionality.
  7. Contact Message Forwarding: Receive contact messages directly to your email for prompt communication with website visitors.
  8. Dashboard Pages: Access various dashboard pages including Dashboard, Products, Portfolio, Reviews, Companies, Profile, New, and Settings for comprehensive website management.

Note: Preview images are provided for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the final product.

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