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What are Google Maps Admin Templates

A feature-rich admin panel template contributes to building an effective business strategy. Website administrators can make decisions that boost conversions and grow revenue rates with tools that help collect important data. Well-structured admin area must contain widgets that represent graphical and statistical information about traffic, orders, transactions, active users, session duration, income, social media engagement, advertising campaign results, etc.

Google Maps admin templates include integration with the world's most popular map service. It's gained popularity and trust from the audience and has over 150 million monthly active users. Web designers often face client requests to integrate the service into their web environment. Admin panel templates with built-in Google Maps allow you to efficiently and quickly manage the widget, customizing it for the needs of your website brand, for example, adding markers, styling, overlaying, night mode, trendy designs, etc.

Advantages of Google Maps Admin Templates For Businesses

Implementing GM is a fairly easy process that can be performed with a specific plugin, using the API key or copying the code from the service and pasting it into the HTML box of your website. However, in these cases, you add a basic map and don't have any tools to customize it other than changing the size and location of the widget. In turn, with Google Maps admin dashboard templates you have some space for modification.

In addition, the integration of the service provides businesses with the following unconditional advantages:

  • Customers can find you easier. Sharing geolocation data allows the audience to check your address, get directions to your office or store, calculate the distance, and increase your overall trust rating thanks to the brand's transparent policy.
  • You get more local customers. Google algorithms use location optimization to generate better search results so that "local" audiences will find you more often using the right keywords.
  • Acquiring social proof and providing the audience with the ability for instant contact. If you go beyond the widget and create a Google Maps business profile, you can use the rating system, reviews, and quick call/message capabilities to empower credibility. Also, you provide potential customers with a convenient way to call/text you.

Google Maps Admin Dashboard Technical Features

  • Easy to integrate;
  • Customization options;
  • Intuitive User Interface;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • Content management tools;
  • Statistics visualization;
  • Multiple data charts/graphs/maps/tables;
  • Retina-ready;
  • Convenient navigation;
  • Multipurpose;
  • All-in-one QuickStart package;
  • Online chat;
  • Email inbox integration;
  • Event Calendar;
  • Appointment/booking forms and interface;
  • Website design customization tools;
  • Cross-browser;
  • Extra plugins;
  • Optimized for fast page loading;
  • Analytical and marketing tools, etc.

Exceptional Benefits of Premium Google Maps Admin Templates

  • Low price. If you perform fast research, you'll discover that developing a custom admin dashboard price tag depends on many factors. It is vital to inform the developer about the number of components and widgets, third-party integrations, complexity, UI specifics, your niche, etc. The cost is usually in the thousands of dollars. At the same time, a ready-made admin area costs up to $100, which is a reasonable solution for small and medium m entrepreneurs.
  • Professional customer support. If you encounter technical issues or need assistance with a product, feel free to contact the marketplace team via online chat. Marketplace complements each premium digital item with free technical support for six months after purchase.
  • Regular updates. It's vital to stay up-to-date when it comes to the website's inner environment. You can beat your competitors only if you have all the modern tools to manage your online business. The authors of admin themes are skillful developers with comprehensive experience and knowledge base. They regularly update admin designs with new trendy toolkits and extensions to improve management activity.

Google Maps Admin Templates FAQ

How to choose the appropriate Google Maps admin templates?

The first step involves defining your goals. Answer for yourself the question of what features are essential for you. Then you can explore the marketplace catalog and check the demos of the products you like.

Do you provide other digital products besides Google Maps admin templates?

The marketplace contains collections of ready-made website templates that will allow you to empower your web project "from the outside". That's the greatest option when combined with a well-structured management zone.

Are Google Maps admin panel templates responsive?

In most cases, templates allow you to manage a web resource from smartphones and tablets. However, it is better to check the description of a specific product or check with the manager/developer.

Can you help integrate Google Maps admin templates into web projects?

The marketplace does not have a specific service for this requirement. However, you can hire a reasonably-priced web developer, and they will do their best to integrate the dashboard.