Download Black HTML Website Themes and Make Your Project Super Stylish

A black or dark color scheme adds a layer of mystery to any website and evokes the client or visitor’s interests.

Black HTML website themes also emphasize the content and remove any distractions from the page. Searching for great examples where people used black HTML website templates, you will find that most photographers and artists will look for black colors to make their artwork stand out.

So, in this collection, we offer an impressive set of black HTML templates to help you create great websites in a wide variety of niches.

4 Reasons Why You Should Download Black HTML Website Themes

Pleasant look

For those looking to build a great website, black HTML web templates might be a perfect choice. Your website visitors will appreciate its stunning design. Every element and section has been optimized and refined, promising a sophisticated browsing experience for any visitor.


The themes let you create multilingual websites. Your pages can be easily translated thanks to the addition of .po and .mo files. Therefore, these black HTML website design templates can increase the number of visits to your site.

100% customizable

In case you have chosen an appropriate theme but aren't pleased with some sections, you can easily customize them on your own with visual editor presets included in the themes’ packages. It makes HTML templates for black websites a good choice for those using high-quality photos to convert visitors into customers.

Wide set of functions

Don't worry, there are default settings for HTML 5 beginners too. However, it will be interesting for experts to sort out all the black HTML web design templates settings and evaluate their full range functions.

Black Html Website Themes Video

Want to see more advantages and tips regarding this topic? Hurry up to see this video!

Black Html Website Themes Q&A

Are black HTML website themes cross-browser compatible?

Of course, they are. All the HTML themes for black websites presented in this category are cross-browser compatible. This means they work fine in all modern browsers, as well as in browsers of various devices, including mobile ones, this greatly expands user reach.

Are black HTML website themes SEO friendly?

The templates’ interface is responsive, and the code is optimized to work with search engines, which is very convenient when promoting a website on the Internet.

What specs can I customize with black HTML website themes?

Among the settings for the black templates in the control panel, there are both standard settings and additional ones:

  • header image,
  • background image,
  • menu,
  • widgets,
  • static home page,
  • banner settings on the main page,
  • footer text settings.

Should I hire a webmaster to use black HTML website themes?

It 100% depends on you. All the templates come with detailed documentation, offering a complete beginner's guide to getting started with any HTML theme. They also feature professional technical support provided by themes’ Authors. Just in case you need more help, TemplateMonster services are at your disposal.