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Black WordPress Themes - Stylishly Emphasize Your Online Business

Minimalism, a combination of several colors, and a minimum of heavy elements is a trend that still does not give up its position. For this reason, TemplateMonster offers more than 1500 exciting and multi-functional black WordPress themes. The collection is growing more and more, so every customer can find a product to suit their taste.

But despite the cool design, the dark themes are quite pampered. You need to carefully select colors, fonts, additional pictures, blocks, etc. And if you consider all the subtleties, your site will be the most outstanding, and competitors are smitten.

WordPress is a confident CMS that allows creating any online project. Knowing the platform's immense popularity, we never stop designing templates that offer more cool features.

If this is not the first time you build sites, you know how much time and effort it takes to get a great project from scratch and achieve the desired result. So the theme is a rescue. It is a strong base that makes everything easier. You need to buy/download a template and get to work.

Elegant Black WordPress Themes For All Goals

Whoever says what, the color of the site affects the audience. White and black are the most common variants because the colors combine well and any information is better displayed.

Use the black design for any subjects and easily make sites for:

  • architectural agency,
  • IT companies,
  • business consulting,
  • translation agencies,
  • language schools and training centers,
  • medical centers,
  • travel agencies,
  • cosmetology salons,
  • design studio,
  • night clubs, bars, and restaurants,
  • sports clubs,
  • photo portfolio,
  • personal blogs, etc.

With built-in features, you can quickly add any elements, set up languages, connect social networks, mark your organization on a map, and so forth. Also, WordPress themes include built-in builders. In turn, with the help of the drag-and-drop technology, they simplify working with the product.

Colors Combination in Basic Black WordPress Templates

For better perception of information, the only black color is the highest intensity. Therefore it is preferable to combine colors and be ready for experiments. It is recommended to add 1-2 other colors to the main black.

There are many variants: red, orange, pink, white, green, and other shades. The main thing is to make sure that all used components are visible and easy to read.

Dark themes are not just a temporary trend in interface design. They help your target audience discover a product from a new perspective or quickly immerse themselves in unfamiliar spaces. Developing the perfect UI is not easy without experience. You need to know the details.

Do not use clean all-black WordPress templates. It is recommended to use shades of grey rather than pure black. Excessive contrast affects usability. Dark gray areas reduce the load on the eyes and provide a wide range of colors.

Saturation of colors. Bright shades that look great on a light background, combined with dark, can give poor results. When viewing, the content will look blurred. As a solution, use light tones and check the display on different displays.

Choose a style. To avoid offering your audience only dark color, you can add a switch to light style.

Simple Black WordPress Themes Advantages

There are no common rules for choosing between color schemes. A dark product has great benefits:

  1. Readability. The criterion is responsible for the ease of perception of information from the device screen. If users have problems, they may go to competitors. Therefore, the dark color is winning here because of the low light perception of information is easier.
  2. Reduced stress on the eyes. The dark background provides a comfortable perception of information in a dark time.
  3. Increasing the battery of the smartphone by optimizing power usage is easy.
  4. Availability. Ability implies the same access for all segments of the target audience. Color scheme affects users differently depending on age and other parameters.
  5. Responsiveness. Content must be displayed in full on all devices, from PCs to tablets.
  6. Style. You have a wide field for applying contrasts. Any experiments with light tones are ready. You can add more light elements or combine different shades of dark.
  7. Emotional perception. Dark colors are often associated with elegance and mystery. Moreover, black is often related to formality, prestige, and power. It is probably why many influential brands build their overall visual presentation around the black and white scheme, dominated by dark and light as a medium for the user.

Check out our article with the best websites in dark design: Black Websites: Top 30 Dark WordPress Themes 2020. They will surely inspire you to create your awesome project.

Black WordPress Theme Key Features

Our products offer powerful functionality that enables easy workflow, saving time, and effort. We provide:

  • built-in Page Builder,
  • responsive design,
  • SEO-optimization,
  • parallax effect,
  • additional layouts,
  • ready-to-use blocks,
  • color scheme options,
  • clean and valid code,
  • sidebar and widget manager,
  • integration with social networks,
  • media library,
  • easy installation,
  • integration with Google Maps and fonts,
  • comment system,
  • registration and search forms,
  • cross-browser,
  • multilingualism,
  • detailed documentation,
  • professional technical support and more.

Steps to Buy Black WordPress Theme

Purchasing products on our digital marketplace is straightforward and user-friendly. First, you need to choose the right product and click on it. The next item is to add it to your shopping cart. But if you are the ONE subscriber, click "Download this Item for Free in ONE." If you are not, then continue to follow the steps. After adding it, you may choose services that can help you create and configure the site. If you don't need it, continue purchasing and filling out the form with your mail, phone number, and choose a convenient payment (namely: Stripe Card, PayPal, or PayProGlobal). That's all, make the purchase and wait for the link to the e-mail.

Free VS Premium Elegant Black WordPress Themes

In every digital product, quality is first and foremost important. We can undoubtedly say that free products are worse, but why lie? If the authors on TemplateMonster provide exceptional high-quality free-to-use items. Of course, there are differences anyway. It is primarily the functionality. The premium option is much more powerful and includes built-in page builders, sometimes even plugins. Besides, constant updating is also an essential advantage. If we talk about design, all products are unique, stylish, and trendy. Choose the free version if you are starting to work. Premium product is suitable for powerful projects, will provide huge opportunities, built-in blocks, and ongoing technical support.

How to Make Dark Mode UI Trend More Accessible in Black WordPress Theme?

Check out this video to learn more about tips for using dark templates, combining them with other colors and items. Follow these tips to make your site amazing.

Black WordPress Themes Q&A

How to get premium red and black WordPress themes for free?

It would help if you did not go to the crime to do it. It is much easier than it seems. Free access to all premium products is available with ONE subscription. It is our impressive service where you can find our graphic products, templates of various topics. And when choosing a theme on the main page of TemplateMonster, pay attention to the ONE mark. It means that if you are a subscriber, you can download the selected product for free.

How to sell blue-black WordPress themes?

We will help you to do this as well. Become An Author on our digital marketing platform. Register, confirm your account. After that, send your work. Our team will review the project, and after confirmation, welcome to our TemplateMonster family.

What is mobile-friendly, and why is it so significant?

Responsive web design is the practice of creating an appropriate website for any device with any screen size, no matter how big or small, mobile or desktop. Responsive web design is centered around an intuitive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Desktop and mobile users, they all benefit from responsive websites. In short, it is a progressive improvement for the convenience of each client.

Can you help with the black WordPress theme installation?

Yes, we are always ready to help you. That is why we have special services. You will find assistance in everything: setting up, installation, complete creation, filling of content, logo creation, customization of blocks, and even you can hire a designer.