Lovely Blue Landing Page Templates To Make A Trusted Website

Light shades of navy, sky, and dark tones of azure increasingly appear in architecture, design, and objects surrounding us. Usually, the color calms, commands reliability, and inspires trust. The excellent taste of its owner also distinguishes it. Look at the beautiful blue landing page templates that create an atmosphere of comfort and ease on your site. These ready-made designs are combinable with every type of activity. Watch the demo to decide on the choice and order on TemplateMonster.

Who Needs Blue Landing Page Templates

Those types of activities where there are no associations with this color are increasingly common among buyers. For example, most people immediately remember tourism and recreation companies, as the look resembles the sea. It's often helpful in medicine, where calmness and restraint are needed. However, the following companies regularly order designs in this shade from our marketplace:

  • Banks.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Psychotherapists.
  • Training courses.
  • Consulting.
  • IT business services.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Bookmakers.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Camping equipment.
  • Real estate
  • Apartments and houses for rent.
  • Cargo transportation.
  • Gadgets.
  • Computers.
  • Yoga.
  • Sports sections.
  • Foreign language courses.
  • Coaches.
  • Government organizations.
  • Charitable funds.
  • Auctions.

As you see, the list of clients is so diverse. So, it's possible to conclude the universality of the color. After all, it isn't the shade that is important but what kind of emotions the company owner wants to evoke when viewing the website. Feel free to use azure, navy, and other options if you want potential clients to be tranquil and trust.

Advantages Of Blue Landing Page Templates

TemplateMonster is a progressive marketplace that continually strives to give the client a little more than he expects to receive. That's why designs get additional functions and improvements. The healthy competition between the authors of layouts also plays a significant role. After all, the more a web developer can offer, the more purchases he receives.

Only after reading the product description, you may discover what functions are characteristic of it. However, there is a list of the most common ones, which you'll learn about below.


Excellent design, which can also be adaptable to any gadget, is a real find. Developers don't need to develop an App or create an expensive mobile version.

Retina Ready

Screens with high pixel density previously inconvenienced site owners and made all pictures blurry. Now with this technology, images look great and look sharp.


The built-in function allows you to create impressive online resumes. This approach to the job search appeals to the personnel manager.


Universality allows the use of a layout with this function for different businesses.


Write valuable articles about how to use your product or choose a suitable tariff. Add keywords to the text you promote in the search engines. Apply for the services of a professional copywriter via the link.


This block or complete section shows the most outstanding works of the company.


Demonstrate a professional visualization of your skills. It's also a chance to show off iconic projects.


Place such a picture in the background so the visitor remembers the specifics of your activity. Select the content for this and other purposes by following the link. This extensive category includes icons, logo templates, social media banners, etc.

Background video

Place separate content for each block or section. For example, upload a video at the top and pictures at the bottom. To search for interesting materials, follow the link.


Sooner or later, plugins or CMS will update. You need someone to maintain the design and correct errors. The authors care and do the necessary work to keep the appearance attractive and gorgeous.


Immediately after payment, buyers receive a layout and detailed documentation for use. The file contains descriptions of necessary settings and how to use the design.


All companies want to get into the TOP 5 of Google. However, it's necessary to work for a long time for this goal. It's good that web developers have already done several preparatory works to make it easier for the SEO specialist to promote your project.

Please find more details about the functionality of each product in its description.

How To Use Blue Landing Page Templates

It isn't enough to buy an instrument. It would help if you used it skillfully. Of course, you may read all the critical data in the instructions. However, after you have installed and configured the appearance, search for the content - pictures, video, audio, and write texts. Here are some tips on what to upload into blocks:

  • Choose only high-resolution images. Thus, you get a guarantee that everything will look elegant and high-quality on a large monitor.
  • Turn off the audio initially. To not frighten the visitor, allowing him to turn on or turn the musical accompaniment off is necessary. Even the most pleasant melody can sound frightening if people forget to pick off the speakers.
  • The content should be combinable with the layout. If you have chosen our selection, you understand that some shades don't go well with the azure, sky, or dark version. Pictures on banners and the background should emphasize the overall design, not stand out against the concept and look ridiculous.
  • For texts, it's better to contact a professional. If you are an SEO copywriter, do it yourself. In the second case, all data uploaded to the site play a significant role in promotion in search engines. It's worth ordering a paid service.

We hope you get the most out of our products!

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Blue Landing Page Templates: FAQ

Is there support for paid blue landing page templates?

Yes, it's the main difference compared to free analogs. Enjoy a half-year free period of services from a web developer.

How to download blue landing page templates?

Place an order and pay online. Before paying, check whether you have entered the correct email address. Receive an e-letter with an archive containing a layout and instructions. Download this file and start the installation!

How to get a discount?

Visit our sale section to find a vast assortment of graphics and content. The list of goods is regularly updated. Remember to open the area with discounts from time to time to see new products periodically.

How to become a web developer and sell graphics on TemplateMonster?

Immediately visit the link and register as an author. Upload your unique projects. Start selling today!