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WEKITHEME - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template
The Wekitheme - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template is one of the best light and feature rich responsive template for Joomla. It's very Easy to customise. Wekitheme will make your experience of creating website much smoother than ever before. This Template ready for use for Store, School, hospital, corporative, travel, fashion, jewellery and any business.Template Features
  • 19 Demo Design Included.
  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder and SP Page Builder Pro Integration. With 65 Premium Addons.
  • Very Customized Virtuemart Design
  • WHM Portfolio component – Advanced, custom built version of WHM Portfolio with additional 4 styles , lightbox gallery, Perfect portfolio solution for designers, photographers, artists, professionals and all kinds of creative business.
  • Multiple Headers. Wekitheme comes with several header layouts to match your personal taste. Classic header with navigation, centered or inline, transparent, white or coloured + 2 Sticky Header Styles.
  • “Parallax” scrolling Or Gardient effect for Pages Tiltle.
  • Multi-languages Support.
  • 2 Search Module Styles (Modal and Normar Search Bar)
  • Profseeional Login Form With Modal Or normal Style.
  • Full & Boxed Template layout
  • Layout Builder
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Module positions
  • Fonts Option
  • Powered By BootStrap 4
  • Built With Scss
  • Rich typography
  • Shortcode Support
  • Logo Options
  • CSS & JavaScript Compression
  • Google Analytics
  • Compatible with Joomla
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artgallery - Art Responsive Elegant Joomla Template
The website of an art gallery should be a piece of art by itself. At least this is what visitor expect to see when entering the gallery homepage. If you are looking for a beautiful and efficient template for your art company - this Joomla template is just what you need. Its design and functionality are accurately created to meet all the requirements. Firstly, it is elegant and good-looking. It is important for a visual art website to not distract the visitor from pictures, but at the same time to be pleasant for an eye. And secondly, it has all the modules you could need - marvelous gallery, blog, testimonials block and contacts tile. This Culture News Joomla design template is Retina Ready What is it?Retina display screens are called so basically because they have this sort of resolution that the human eye doesn't identify distinct pixels within just it. Thus, the retina-ready web template is made for such displays and it means that your web page will seem superb on a Retina screen. Why is it Good?Your pictures and
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Jaden Art - Art Portfolio Joomla Template
A beautiful and powerful theme, which is made specifically to increase the popularity of your personal art portfolio website. It has the rich set of all sorts of elements and functions. This is an excellent adaptive Art Portfolio Joomla Template, very flexible and easy to adjust, with an impressive homepage, landing page layouts and blog pages that will make it possible to implement the most daring design ideas. Also, the installation process is very easy. Firstly, the template is equipped with a powerful installer that makes the installation process extremely simple. That, undoubtedly, will please newcomers. Secondly, it’s possible before the start of the installation to save all the settings of your site and, if necessary, return it to its original state. This is a Bootstrap Art Community Joomla theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for webpage and apps design. Why is it Good?Bootstrap allows you to create better websites quicker and easier. Browse for more Bootstrap Joomla design themes here This Art Blog Joomla design theme is Retina Ready What is it?Retina Ready themes are the most
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Fine Art - Art & Culture Gallery Responsive Joomla Template
The Fine Arts Gallery Joomla Template an excellent modern solution for a gallery or portfolio, as well as for a site that offers pictures for sale. This is a simple and clean template with a gorgeous elegant design and easy to use out of the box. This template is specially designed for the art-related websites. The ideal choice for a website about fine arts. This template will help you to easily create a fantastic website for your art gallery. It includes awesome page layouts and artworks. This template for your future website is fast, user-friendly and easy to customize to better suit your art gallery type.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale. This Art Exhibition Joomla theme is Responsive What is it?It is a capability of the website to instantly adjust to any display dimension and resolution. Why is it Good?It is good considering that the website is available
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3D Printing Joomla Template
This responsive Printing Services Joomla Template is perfect for companies dealing with 3D printing, which is so popular nowadays. Everyone can buy a 3D printer and consumables, and start one's own business, but how to present your services to a wider audience? This template will help you with creating an effective website that sells. Its front page with innovative layout has been optimized for better conversion rates. Such modules as a phone number in the header or a Google Map widget in the footer will significantly increase the number of orders you receive. The template's monochromatic design and nice typography provide unmatched contrast and readability.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale. This Print Store Joomla design template is Responsive What is it?Responsive design means well adapted to the displays of all dimensions on any device. Why is it Good?It is great since the website is available for more users
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Artesma - Art Multipage Clean Joomla Template
Artesma Joomla theme is designed with a style which is highly important if your site’s subject is art. This art gallery template has a quite minimalistic design which allows the visitors to concentrate their attention on the astonishing masterpieces you invite them to observe. You can place the information about the exhibitions taking place, the schedules, the information about the pictures or other exhibits, about your experts, - whatever you want. This template has lots of sections and tabs. If you are in a search of a perfect theme for your art gallery, we doubt you can find better than Antesma! This Culture News Joomla theme is Responsive What is it?It is a capability of the website to instantly adapt to any display dimension and resolution. Why is it Good?Responsive webpage design helps to enhance user experience and provide you with a full access to the website page details from any device.View latest Responsive Joomla designs here This is a Bootstrap Art Blog Joomla theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for web page and programs design. Why is
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Folitz - Art Studio Minimalistic Joomla Template
When it comes to art it is important to present it well. And if you want to present art items only you need a special website developed by professionals. Our developers made Folitz specially for art studios. It is both creative and minimalist. Moreover, with Folitz you can use many types of pre-developed pages and sort your product. Or you can blog about new exhibitions or arrivals. And of course, Folitz includes a top-notch gallery for presentation purposes. You can also share information with social options, or spread feedback via testimonials feature. Folitz is also highly responsive and works without issues on laptops, PC and tablets. You can find out more about this Joomla theme on a product page. It has more information about price, developers and included features. You can also check the design.
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3D Evolution Joomla Template
3D printing puts the power of creating any object in the hands of ordinary people. The stylish theme demonstrated here with the main focus put on imagery can come in handy to develop a website devoted to this art. The black and white color scheme will never go out of fashion. Making use of geometric background, the theme dips us into the atmosphere of creativity and design. Though being content heavy, it doesn't look cluttered. Grid based layout contributes to this. To put it shortly, with the help of the offered design you can create a trustworthy web resource with stunning photo galleries, informative content blocks and a bundle of other features, which will be of interest to any person specializing in 3D printing.This template is a part of our 10 Best Joomla eCommerce Templates top collection.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale. This is aBootstrap Joomla theme What
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Art Studio Responsive Joomla Template
This Culture Joomla design theme is Responsive What is it?Responsive design is a technique of web design that enables web pages to adapt to a screen resolution of any type of device - whether it's a pc, a tablet or a mobile phone. Why is it Good?It is great since the website is available for more users from the huge variety of devices. Click for more Responsive Joomla templates here This is a Bootstrap Digital Art Joomla theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for site and programs design. Why is it Good?Working with this sort of framework tremendously accelerates the process of constructing web pages. Common styles are super easy to modify, that offers an adaptable and easy process for building site themes.Click for more Bootstrap Joomla design themes here This is a Bootstrap Art Portal Joomla design template What is it?Bootstrap is the entirely free front-end framework which gives for quicker plus trouble-free website development training. Why is it Good?Bootstrap helps to make better websites . Fresh Bootstrap Joomla templates here This Art Blog Joomla theme is
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Adding Creativity with Joomla Art Templates

Since the invention of the internet, art became a large market for the modern world. There are many contemporary artists that want to open their websites for showing personal artworks. People want their website to be effective and bring more potential visitors. Those visitors may like their art and easily purchase it for a solid sum of money. Also, people may create special online art galleries for showcasing multiple paintings of different artists. Investors that want to start a business in this sphere need to have an effective online resource. Business owners are recommended to use Joomla art templates for their business needs. Joomla is an effective CMS that may help to create a profitable online gallery website. People may use the services of the TemplateMonster platform for this purpose. It’s the best place to download Joomla artist templates, plugins, graphics, and other valuable web assets.

Who Can Benefit from Using Joomla Art Templates?

Those templates were created for people that like different kinds of artworks and galleries. People like visiting such websites to see the artworks of their favorite artists. Also, people like purchasing the paintings that impressed them most of all. Such types of websites have a big audience of potential visitors & consumers. It is profitable to work in this industry because of millions of people visiting such types of websites. Business owners & investors need to have an efficient online resource for satisfying their purposes. Our experts recommend using the Joomla art templates. This is the best CMS for creating effective art gallery websites. Consumers may use the TemplateMonster platform to download the best Joomla artist templates.

Joomla Artist Templates Features

  • Mobile-optimized - Joomla art templates need this crucial feature because it allows them to work properly on all users’ mobile devices (smartphones, tablets & smartwatches). This templates feature can potentially increase the number of websites visitors;
  • Solid SEO optimization - Business owners & investors need this important characteristic. It can help the visitors to find the users’ websites with the help of the organic search engine results. It makes a positive impact on the number of visitors & generated income;
  • Blog section support - Consumers that want to have an educational blog are making a very smart move. It can assist them with better interaction with their visitors. It is possible thanks to the SEO optimized news & articles that are posted to the websites’ blog section;
  • Responsive - Joomla artist themes need this feature because it makes websites adaptable to all modern screens & devices. Website admins need this feature because it can allow increasing the visitors’ number;
  • Google maps support - One of the most helpful art themes characteristics is Google maps support. Thanks to this feature, the visitors can find the physical location of the users’ companies. It works through Google maps services integration;
  • Retina-ready - This important feature can help the users’ online resources to work perfectly on all high-resolution screens. It’s recommended to have this crucial feature because there are many users with such kind of screens & devices that may be your potential clients;
  • Dropdown menu - One more important themes characteristic that is crucial for the Joomla art websites. It can help the visitors to find the particular hidden web pages on the website;
  • Gallery feature - This is a helpful feature for every art gallery website. It can help to attract visitors with the help of eye-catching & beautiful galleries. It will have a positive influence on the commercial and non-commercial website created with Joomla artist template;
  • Our artist templates for Joomla work perfectly with such modern technologies as Html5, Html Plus JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sliced PSD.

Best Web Design Inspiration Tools for Joomla Art Templates

Please, consider checking this educational video guide. It will show the best web design inspiration tools. Web designers may use those tools to create their web design for the Joomla artist themes.

Joomla Art Templates Q&A

Who Can Help Me with Joomla Art Templates Issues?

Our company has skilled customer support service. All our clients can send a message with their web development problem to the customer support team. They need to visit the contacts page. It can allow sending the message with the problem to one of our experts.

What Hosting Works Perfectly with Joomla Art Templates?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. They have some difficulties with choosing the best web hosting company. Our experts prepared research related to this problem. Please, consider checking this article where they discuss how people can choose the best hosting provider. Also, consider analyzing our pick of the best web hosting companies.

Can I Sell My Joomla Art Templates On Your Platform?

Yes, our company cooperates with a large number of talented developers & web designers. They all are selling their web assets on our online platform. New content authors need to visit the authors’ page. It can help them to send the new author’s application. Our skilled customer support service will verify the new authors as soon as it is possible.

What Purpose Can I Use Joomla Art Templates?

As long as the customer is following our rules, he may use our web assets for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Our rules need to be followed by all customers that downloaded free or paid web assets from the TemplateMonster platform.