Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing And Adujustment

Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing And Adujustment

Created: Nov 10, 2022

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

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The Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing & Adjustment is a high functional plugin with many features. This Plugin is easy to install and easy to understand workflow of this plugin with dominant admin panel. This Plugin help you to set discount and pricing of your online store product. with different types.

It Is very Simple to use. Just create the conditions and rules for applying different type of discount. Once you have created the rules then you have to enable the rule from settings tab after that you can see the discount on your online store .

Every discount rules have multiple condition for set discount and how to you want to set discount on any product or category etc.

Here With the help of this plugin you can add coupons to any product or any categories. You can customize pricing Structure on your Woo -commerce store using this plugin to introduce a range of Discounts including:

Product Based Discount.

Category Based Discount.

Cart Based discount.

Bogo Offres.

You can set Tier Discount for product and category.

Product Attribute Based Discount.

Product Tag Based Discount.

Discount For Plus Member.

Discount For Specific Customer.

Shipping Method based Discount

Payment method based Discount.

Creating upcoming sale

How this Plugin Works on Your Woocommerce Store ?

It is very SImple to use Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing & Adjustment toolkit. Just create the conditions and rules for applying diffrent discount from the settings. Once you are done enable or disable any of the rules after that meets these preset rules and conditions discount will apply.

With the help of this plugin you can increase sale of your product and you can attract customer on your online store easily. Customer are likely to return for moree for more saving more with this bonanza offers.

Save Time

Once You have created rules and conditions successfully after that you have do nothing. it is easy to implement any di of choice for any customer.scount

Other Features:

Select Multiple Products.

Make Duplicate Products.

You can show discount price on shop ,cart, product page.

Exclude product from discount.

Show offer message to logged out Users

Give Discount On Nth Order.

Give Next Buy Bonus.

Show Up- Comming Sale Offers

Change Browser Title

Can set Product quantity based discount On cart.

Payment Gateway.

Cart Item Quantity.

How to work with Woocommerce Dynamic pricing & Adjustment

Step 1 : Go to woocommerce option and click on Woocommerce Dynamic pricing & Adjustment.

step 2 : Just create the rule which you want.

step 3 : After Create the rule save it.

step 4: Go to Settings Option and just enable the rule.

Step 5 :After That Select All Match or first Match Rule or Best Match Rule and save it.

Step 5 : Go on Your Shop page you will able discount on your shop page.

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  • Fixed bugs in category rule.
  • fixed countdown timer js issues.
  • fixed some other minor bugs.

20-11-2022 Some improvements in category rule. Fixed bugs in bogo category rule. -Fixed minor bugs.


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