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Real Estate PrestaShop Themes and Templates

Owning or running a real estate business is definitely a challenge of its own. When you are looking to buy, rent, or sell a property for someone else, things can get tricky. Now add in all of that air B&B stuff, weekend rentals, and summer cottages, and you have a monumental task on your hands. Luckily, when it comes to building your real estate website, there are tools to help make things much easier for you. You already have enough on your plate in terms of managing a real estate business, so you need to make website design as easy as can be. Stop wasting time and money when there are awesome real estate Prestashop themes at your disposal. If real estate is the name of the game and eCommerce is your thing, you have definitely come to the right place.

Premium Real Estate PrestaShop Templates

Who Are These Themes Right For?

There are a number of different people and real estate related business that can benefit from using these Prestashop templates for web design. If you are a straightforward real estate agent or agency, these themes can help you big time. They can help you easily promote flats, promote properties you are selling, and promote houses too. If selling houses or condos is your business, then these themes should be the means to do it.

If you are running an apartment or condo rental agency, you might want to seriously check out these templates. They can help you showcase the apartment and the real property site online. People love seeing potential rentals online and with these themes, you can help them do that.

Any kind of realty broker, real estate agent, or real estate business can benefit from these themes. Whether you are a whole business or one agent, getting your name out there with a great website is a big deal.

If you are just a small-time motel, hotel, or bed and breakfast owner, these themes can be helpful too. Now, it might not exactly be real estate sales so to speak. However, the whole air B&B thing is quickly growing, and growing fast at that. If you want to rent out your home as an air B&B, these templates can definitely help you out.

Who Can These Themes Benefit & How?

The real estate market is a cutthroat place, which is true for the buyers or renters as much as it is for property owners and real estate businesses. People on both sides of the equation can greatly benefit from the vast number of PrestaShop real estate themes. So, who exactly can benefit from them?

  • Homeowners looking to sell their home
  • Homeowners looking to rent out a room or the full property for an extended time
  • Homeowners looking to do some B&B or air B&B business
  • Anybody looking to buy or rent a house, apartment, or condominium
  • Real estate agents and business promoting their services
  • Individual realtors looking to make a name for themselves
  • How Do These Prestashop Templates Help Real Estate Businesses & Agents

    There are a number of different ways in which these templates and themes can help realtors and agencies. What kind of benefits do you as a realtor or real estate business get from them?

  • When you have a great looking website, people want to look at it and look at what you have to offer.
  • When you have a really well-functioning website and one that is easily navigated, people will be able to locate what they are looking for with ease.
  • Real estate agencies and single realtors can quickly and easily create home profiles and display what they have for sale.
  • Building brand recognition, a name for yourself, and for a business is much easier with a comprehensive and good looking website.
  • Displaying homes and condos is made easy and beautiful with wide range of options available with these themes.
  • These templates are so easy to use that you don’t have to waste time, money, and effort building a website that doesn’t work right. With these themes, things are made quick, easy, and very simple.
  • Thanks to SEO and related properties, these themes make sure that your website is always first in search results list.
  • Some Of The Best Prestashop Features For You

    PrestaShop templates have a great number of useful features for you to take advantage of, so let’s go over those quickly.

    1. SEO-Friendliness
    2. With great SEO, people will always come to your first when looking to buy or rent a house, condo, or apartment.

    3. Social Media Integration
    4. Getting the word out there is crucial, so having your business talked about on social media platforms is a big bonus.

    5. Functionality
    6. No matter what browser or device you or potential clients are on, your website will always work.

    7. Easy Customization
    8. Things like the drag and drop page builder and easy to create navigation menus make things easy. They allow you to quickly build your website without waste time. They also allow for customers to quickly navigate your site too.

    9. Live Changes
    10. The fact that most themes allow for immediate and live changes is great. As soon as you add a listing to your website, potential buyers or renters will be able to see it right away.

    11. No Coding
    12. When you use these themes, there is no coding involved, and if there is, it’s just a minimal amount that anybody can handle.

    13. Tons Of Media/Content Options
    14. Whether you want music, pictures, videos, or slideshows, or maybe all of the above, they’re all right here. There is just no better way to showcase a home.

    15. Widgets Galore
    16. Whatever kind of widgets you can imagine, they are available right here. Calls to action, timers, calendars, appointment books, contact forms, and so much more! These widgets make it easy for you and your customers.

    Real estate Prestashop themes are without question the best way to go about website design. Whether you are a solo agent, a realtor, or a full-fledged business, these themes come with all of the tools you need. Creating a beautiful, easily found, and a functional website has never been so easy. If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out the plethora of real estate themes at TemplateMonster today!