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Free Education Joomla template
ESP University is a simple e-learning theme for Joomla. Suitable for creating sites of various educational topics. The design of the theme is neat and discreet, but at the same time, it's not...
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Support: 3/5

Free Joomla Templates & Themes

Joomla is one of the most popular and easy-to-use website building content management system (CMS) available. It gained the high rates thanks to its open source solution and availability for everyone. That’s why more and more web designers and developers choosing Joomla for their online projects. With this CMS you won’t have any issues with explaining your clients how to manage the installation and navigation processes. It would be piece of cake if you choose Joomla!

Website creation can be a hard deal. Whether you decided to build a website and start your own business with it, it might be a little bit risky to invest your money in it from the very start. To help you out, we’ve created the collection of free Joomla templates so that you can try yourself in website development sphere without even spending a penny. Free Joomla templates are just the thing for those who are unfamiliar with HTML and CSS coding. Even if you are a newbie, you don’t need any programming skills to build your own website. Our free themes have a user-friendly admin panel that will help you conveniently build a website. Here you can find the templates that can be used for any type of a website from a personal page to a business resource. These templates have a vast variety of features that can boost any website, whether it’s a tech resource, an educational web page or something else.

Responsive design
It is hard to overstate the importance of this feature in our modern world. This feature helps your site to adjust to any digital device whether it’s a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. All themes designs are 100% adaptable and cross-browser compatible, so you can be sure, that your potential customers will see every photo, video, module or content piece the way it planned.

Easy Customization
It’s no doubt, that every website creator has its own vision and thoughts on its design. With these free templates, you’ll be able to change colors, fonts, content modules and enjoy the wide range of functionality options. Set up your multilevel dropdown menus and improve the usability! You don’t need to be a professional web-designer to apply all these changes. Customize your online store in accordance with your needs easily.

Additional features
What distinguishes a successful online resource from its competitors? The key features that attract customers from the first sight are user-friendliness and interactiveness. Give your visitors whole spectrum of options, that will ease their user experience and won’t let to leave your site. Create a powerful, functional resource by integrating a Google Map plugin, social sharing buttons, diverse Google fonts and so much more.

Great layout and amazing design won’t keep you at the top unless you have a template, that is exactly optimized for this purpose. Our highly professional developers created the themes, that have valid semantic coding and improved structure. It leads to fast page loading and the web resource flexibility in whole. Boost your conversion and enjoy the Google search leadership positions!

Don’t miss a chance to try out completely free Joomla templates and make sure they are perfect for your new online project!

More of Free Joomla Templates Advantages

Sample Content

Web designers' work is usually underestimated. Any person can run into the sand when it comes to visual and contextual ideas for a website. Therefore, the sample content we provide will inspire you to organize layouts, text blocks, add images, background videos, etc.

Google Maps Integration

Such a feature will boost any business' reputation, as modern people prefer to spare their time and effort. This way, potential clients can reach you without looking up the address and entering it into the search form. Moreover, Google Maps integration increases customers' trust as it shows that your staff is not scared to meet a client personally. Thus, leading customers directly to your office, company, or shop is to benefit both you and your client.

Variety of Web Forms for every Purpose

With free Joomla templates, you have many options:

  • Contact form - keep in touch with your clients;
  • Login form - ensure an account for each customer;
  • Advanced search - provide an extended MegaMenu for more precise search results;
  • User registration;
  • Newsletter subscription - send news about recent updates and assortment extension;
  • Search form, etc.

Easy to Navigate Web Interface

We did our best for you to surf the free Joomla templates web page efficiently. Thus, there are columns on the left for you to make the right choice. They include:

  1. Categories;
  2. Topics;
  3. Colors;
  4. Tags;
  5. Compatibility;
  6. Features;
  7. Styles;
  8. WebForms;
  9. Rating;
  10. Price, and more.

Opt for several characteristics and enjoy using the best free Joomla template.

Who Can Benefit from Joomla Free Templates?

The design of our free Joomla templates is flexible. Therefore, you can create:

  • website/web page;
  • landing page;
  • portfolio/resume;
  • blog/gallery;
  • online store/shop, etc.

The Multipurpose Joomla free theme is a key to success as it is suitable for personal and commercial purposes. The range of users can spread from an average teacher or food blogger to a vast corporation entrepreneur. Check out the topics involved:

  1. Business and Services;
  2. Sports, Outdoors and Travel;
  3. Education and Books;
  4. Design and Photography;
  5. Home, Family, Household necessities;
  6. Real Estate Templates;
  7. Cars, Vehicle, and Motorcycles;
  8. Fashion, Beauty and Trends, etc.

Reach your goals quickly with Joomla free templates. They are ready to use, have a simple editing process, and are multipurpose. Thus, having an online store, you can always transform it into a blog, gallery, portfolio, or whatever you want.

How to Attract New Customers to Your Website?

Do you want to make your presence felt? For such a case, we prepared several useful tips on how to attract more clients and make them stay on your website created with our Joomla free templates:

  1. Make your brand name memorable. Screaming colors in your logo or unique design is a good decision in such a case. Moreover, an earworm slogan plays a huge role in promoting a product. We can help you with it. Use our logo-creation and copywriting services, and our staff will employ all its marketing skills to make you sound.
  2. Increase your website visibility. Employ SEO techniques to reach top spots on search engines. Ensure full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility as people do not like running into value tiny letters. If your website is of low quality, then it transfers such an impression on the products and services you offer. It will not happen with Joomla templates free.
  3. Interact with your audience. Customers are fond of feedbacks. Therefore, useful free Joomla templates web forms will come in handy. Moreover, the social media integration allows your customers to share your products via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Some ways of boosting traffic flow - conducting a GIVEAWAY or a competition.
  4. Cooperate with influential brands. Some well-known labels are on the verge of collapse because of the lack of ideas. Sell your thoughts to them in exchange for advertisement. Do not be afraid. Reputation is acquired, while talent is a natural gift.
  5. Perfect and monitor your online reputation. Introduce your business clearly and effectively. Do not use redundant words or layouts and stick to minimalism. Employ only well-qualified staff and sell only high-quality products. In addition, optimize your website regularly and test it for your customers' convenient surfing.

All of these and even more are parts of free Joomla templates. Feel the top-notch feature in practice while using the TemplateMonster amazing web assets.

Top 5 Free Joomla Templates Plugins to Consider

Joomla is known for various extensions possible. We are pleased to introduce some to you:

  1. ACYMailing. This extension is a full-fledged mailing tool that allows you to comply with a list of emails and even add users via registration. This quality saves you both money and effort, as you do not have to add customers manually or hire somebody to do it. Sending notifications or acknowledging people of recent updates is a marketing 101 no one can cope without.
  2. JSitemap allows you to make friends with Google. This search engine influences traffic flow the most. Thus, it is important to make your content visible for Google. It might seem challenging, but in reality, it requires access to only one feature - an XTM sitemap. It also involves other search engines as Bing, Yandex, etc.
  3. Contact Enhanced Component. This plugin ensures that successful Google Maps integration and the availability of the 'Contact us' form. Captcha is your key to safe communication with potential clients. The plugin also includes FAQ opportunities. Such a thing is a must in our free Joomla templates.
  4. Hikashop. Do you fancy creating an online store? Hikashop extension is what you need. It integrates an online shop with your website. Thus, you might present your products and services on one web page and sell them on another. It is a convenient alternative to having an overloaded store with redundant text and pictures.
  5. PayPlans is a subscription-based opportunity. Such a plugin is a must for movie websites, daily online newspapers, applications, online TV Chanel, and many more. Sometimes people subscribe to marketplaces and get products for the time mentioned. Even TemplateMonster uses such a feature and sells web items wholesale with MonsterONE membership.

Why Is It Important for Joomla Free Template to Be SEO-Friendly?

There are numerous reasons for free Joomla templates to be SEO-optimized. To name but a few:

  • It boosts your website traffic. There are three types of SEO: on-page, technical and off-page SEO. The first one makes sure of keywords relevance. A successful Google search depends by 27% on it.
  • SEO improves web page visibility by placing it on top spots in search engines, building quality backlinks, developing new content, etc.
  • With search engine optimization, you will gain strong credibility and trust. Why? Search engines such as Google and Yandex are very demanding to their content. Therefore, if your website is unreliable or is reported with fraud, then it undergoes ban. Being risen high in google means that you create safe and relevant content. Thus, potential customers appreciate it.
  • SEO is a contribution to your future. While advertisement results are temporary, SEO ones are more stable and permanent. Moreover, if you mix these promotion methods, you will get a vast traffic flow and attract more customers.
  • This feature, when employed properly, is an advantage over your competitors. Numerous businesses are investing in SEO. Do not fall behind and keep up with the latest marketing solutions.
  • SEO assures a positive online reputation. This way, your website might appeal to possible partners. Extending your business through cooperation can bring lots of benefits.

Premium VS Free Joomla Templates



Extended features.

Fewer functionalities.

Affordable on TemplateMonster marketplace. Each theme costs up to $99.

They are free, with no strings attached. You can get them with several clicks via social media sharing.

Well-documented and licensed.

There is the possibility to encounter legal issues of problems with software if downloading them from unreliable sources. However, it is not the case for our marketplace.

Vast assortment.

Fewer choices.

Technical support is included.

No support.

Regular and relevant updates.

Few or no updates are encompassed.

Bigger in contents file, but more template functions.

Light file implies a fast downloading process.

Joomla Free Templates Related Video

Enhance your online business learning about graphic design trends 2021. Subscribe to our YouTube Chanel to get to know more about web trends, SEO, E-commerce, plugins and extensions, Joomla, and more. Welcome to the TemplateMonster family!

Free JOOMLA Templates & Themes FAQ

Are Joomla Templates Free?

Yes, they are all free! To get one, you need to:

  1. Pick up the one that suits your concept;
  2. Share the link on your social networks account. Choose from FB, LinkedIn or Twitter websites;
  3. Add it to the cart;
  4. Download and start customization;
  5. Launch your project.

Please keep in mind that the TemplateMonster platform does not provide support for free products. Only premium products are backed by support services on our marketplace.

What are the Best Free Joomla Templates?

We have 24 best Joomla templates available for you. You can choose one or more depending on the industry you are specializing in. Our inventory has various designs suitable for:

  • Corporate Services;
  • Fashion or Beauty industry;
  • Outdoors activities and Traveling;
  • Photography hobby;
  • Fancy vehicles;
  • Hospitality including business related to Food;
  • Educational examples;
  • Home or Family themes, etc.

What Coding is Used For Free JOOMLA Templates & Themes?

You can easily edit out examples, which have the following coding:

  1. CSS 3 with updated CSS2 rounded corners, gradients, shadows, and other elements.
  2. HTML 5 for easy adjustments to your web page appearance.
  3. JQuery included, which helps it to use JavaScript much easier for your website.
  4. Semantic Code is embedded to describe the content of your platform.
  5. 1170 Grid System, which allows developers to construct design prototypes.
  6. The pack of LESS files.
  7. Grid system for content arrangement.

What Are The Additional Functionalities of Free JOOMLA Templates & Themes?

Besides being fully responsive and SEO-friendly, our products have multiple other features for your project. Here is a list of them:

  • Useful Back To Top Button;
  • Easy to navigate Dropdown Menu;
  • Favicon;
  • Google Maps integration to add your enterprise’s location;
  • Most popular Google Web Fonts;
  • If you need, we also have Alternative Module Layouts;
  • For your convenience, Joomla items also have Advanced Theme Options;
  • Commenting System available as well.