Why Choose Green WordPress Themes?

Many Internet sites offer various green WordPress themes, including paid and free (usually, with built-in advertising). Despite the abundance of commercial and free green WordPress themes, finding a perfect one is very difficult. The fact is that most of the WordPress themes usually come with a minimal description. So, it’s almost impossible to immediately understand whether they are suitable for your future site or not. Besides, many themes that look perfect in the demos turn out to be incomplete when installed on the site, so you have to ditch them. There is often a problem with the scripts' inconsistency or the absence of any widgets or plugins. And the most unpleasant thing is the presence (in many free themes) of hidden links, embedded advertising, and sometimes even malicious code. From all this, the content of the future site can subsequently suffer. Thus, searching for a suitable theme design takes a long time and uses a lot of energy. But you can make your life easier by taking advantage of this section of the site, which contains a list of the best green WordPress themes that you can safely use. You can easily install many green WordPress themes presented in this repository on the future website without extra efforts.

So, imagine your future website. Is the content organized in a way that makes sense? Does the overall aesthetics and look of the company’s brand match? Do images and other visual features go well with content? These elements are necessary for successful websites. You can quickly implement them on yours by using a green WordPress theme. And for those who are creating (or planning to develop) a WordPress website, there is good news. The WP themes presented here make it extremely easy to embed content into your site. WordPress also has a whole library of plugins available for immediate installation and use. With these plugins, your business, no matter its size or type, can have a website with a unique and visually pleasing look and feel. In this section, we have listed the best green WordPress themes and categorized them by type. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a multipurpose theme or for explicitly designed for e-commerce or creative content. There is an option to help you achieve the look and feel you hope for your future site.

Features Of Green WordPress Themes

  • They have green color schemes for a strong first impression.
  • One-click demo installation to quickly start the website building process.
  • They come with parallax backgrounds and smooth scrolling.
  • They have many shortcodes for smooth and easy customization.
  • They come with awesome icons, fonts, and Google maps.
  • They have different company portfolio pages with filterable elements.
  • Different blog options.
  • Different heading variations.
  • They come with a retina-ready interface for your websites to look amazing, even on the most modern screens.
  • Their main menus come with cool icons for easy navigation.
  • They come with a premium page builder, the most straightforward and most advanced drag & drop tool.
  • They have ajax loading of pages and posts.
  • They come with a revolutionary slider for creating outstanding slideshows.
  • CSS3 animation.
  • They come with detailed help files.
  • Customizable logo and icons.
  • Various homepage layouts.

Green WordPress Themes FAQ

What’s the difference between free and paid green WordPress themes?

The most obvious difference is the price, but beyond that, the WordPress themes also have differences. Let’s start with free WP themes. Their main advantage is that they are freely available. But they are not without drawbacks.

  • Their functionality and flexibility are lower than those of paid ones.
  • They are not unique, dozens of sites use popular themes, and it isn’t easy to stand out.
  • Support is not guaranteed.

The paid ones are much more flexible in terms of customization and have better support. They are also regularly updated. The competition in this segment is high. So the developers try to please the customers with functionality as much as possible. But excessive functionality can play a cruel joke on the buyer if there is no experience. There is also a risk of slowing down the site due to incorrect theme settings. In terms of choice, it depends on your experience, site requirements, and budget.

What are the criteria for choosing the best green WordPress themes?

It’s almost impossible to select the best design based on objective criteria. The problem is that there are no universal criteria for choosing a theme, even for sites of the same type. Evaluating visual appeal is pointless since everyone has different tastes. And it won’t be possible to compare WP themes by individual parameters either. For example, it’s impossible to rank WP themes by download speed since this characteristic depends not only on the quality but also on the server parameters, published content, and site settings.

What are the most notable green WordPress themes settings?

The themes have a considerable number of them, many of which are relatively standard for any WP theme. For example, you can change the font, colors, page layout type, and add social network links.