Vacation Rental Theme - Bookleum
WordPress Rental theme is a multipurpose solution for the hotel and vacation rental industry. Powered by the best-in-class premium MotoPress WordPress property booking plugin.
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Support: 3/5
Hoiet - Hotel WordPress Theme
Hoiet is a hotel WordPress theme and is fully responsive and created by Website Layout. You can create anything using the website, Home page, or service, Including about and contact
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Support: 4.7/5
Sanohimi Exotic Hotel WordPress theme
Sanohimi is a well-designed Hotel Booking WordPress Template. It is intended for hotels sites but is also flexible enough to be used for other sites representing different businesses and services....
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Gravity Traveler Wordpress Theme
Gravity Tours and Travel is a theme tailored for the tours and travel industry. It's built on Layers and Elementor Pro, giving you unlimited possibilities and control over the content layout
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Hotel Booking WordPress Themes or Why Build Multitasking Platforms with Off-the-Shelf Solutions?

Those who need a solid online representation for their hotel business should remember that design alone is not enough. An effective inn website must also provide great sorting and filtering options. You can engage your visitors with hotel booking WordPress themes to turn them into customers.

The presentation of accommodation and related services is the focal point of each WP hotel template. Their designs emphasize the visual aspect: jQuery sliders with various transition effects and beautiful image galleries where you can place all the best photos of the rooms and yard - all these things together will set your website apart from the rest. Within the bed and breakfast WordPress themes, you can find the built-in booking forms that will facilitate the customers to find and book the room they need in no time. Being professionally coded, our custom WordPress themes allow you to build a site without involving too much time and extra skills. Choose the theme you like, upload a logo, change images and texts and get a fully-functional site with a professional design.

Do not hesitate to take a closer look at our broad category of hotel booking WordPress themes and choose the one you like!

Key Benefits of Hotel Booking Themes

  • These 100% responsive WordPress inn reservation templates look great on any device and in any resolution. Doing so ensures that your website will receive adequate mobile traffic from people using mobile phones and tablets. This way people will be able to make bookings most comfortably.
  • There are many browsers through which you can promote the platform. Cross-browser compatibility shows pages identically in Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, and others.
  • A fully manageable interface is another advantage of B&B themes. Using drag-and-drop, you can design anything you want. You can assemble content blocks and arrange elements inside with just a few mouse clicks.
  • The intuitive content and quick access to all categories - provide this for user convenience. Themes allow you to integrate drop-down menus and mega menus. They supply overplay panels, pop-up lists of products and services, clear structuring of all data, and an attractive and clear look.
  • Along with numerous additional options, you get clean code. The entire HTML markup and XHTML code syntax comply with W3C standards. Valid code has no remarks and functions correctly in general.
  • Each WordPress theme for hotel booking is characterized by being search engine friendly. For what? The latter prefer a clear site structure and unique content. SEO-friendly template speeds up page loading, improves ranking, increases traffic, and promotes the site in search engine results.

Additional Features of Hotel Booking WordPress Themes

  • With a full set of customization tools, themes for inn reservations offer modern user tuning of visual effects. Smooth transitions, shifts, and parallax - dynamics are provided! This way, you draw attention to the web platform - customers enjoy sophisticated displays.
  • Referring to design, the wide range of shades is a vital bonus for you. Harmonious color schemes let you be proactive so your imagination runs wild. If you are unsatisfied with the default color palette, select it personally. Templates have almost limitless potential for customization.
  • Is the text informative but looks boring? It is important to choose aesthetically pleasing fonts to prevent the repulsive effect. Google Fonts are another edge hotel booking themes have. It is within your reach to make the text more tangible, readable, and visually appealing. Additionally, it complements the styling.
  • The collection contains items for users with different goals and objectives. Blogs, portfolios, online stores, landing pages, or multi-page websites - find the perfect product for your criteria!
  • Being fully customizable, themes for guests and boarding houses have an alternative editing method. The user-friendly admin panel enables novices without basic coding skills to customize and modify the platform, add details about the hotel and main services, and succeed.
  • Consumers enjoy fast and reliable support when they need it. There is no necessity to read forums or find answers to questions on the web. The template author fixes functionality bugs for free and helps solve technical problems.

WordPress Booking Plugin: Run Online Hotel Businesses Faster

One of the key arguments for the templates' proficiency is that they come with a WordPress booking plugin integrated into the template. It creates a platform aimed at 100% cooperation and communication with potential clients. The plugin has earned a reputation in the market as a reliable product for service reps and consumers. For each of you, it marks the beginning of a new phase in business development. A virtual hotel page opens up more opportunities and puts your services in demand. The plugin provides powerful search options, allowing visitors to sort the search results by price, room size, capacity, and more. They can check the availability and book the room they like directly on your website.

Building Website with Hotel Booking WordPress Themes: Where to Begin?

  • Room Reservations. Generate listings of available rooms so the client is guided. Activate the online booking option without additional calls and bureaucracy.
  • Quick Search. Provide an intuitive filtered board that displays the number of vacant rooms. Place the board where it is most convenient for you - right, left, top or middle. There is no crucial difference as you construct everything to your liking.
  • Different payment methods. Set up online payments via Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, and other systems. Specify the possibility of paying on arrival and after checkout, and always mention the terms and conditions.
  • Service Package. Depending on the level of the hotel and the room itself, there may be additional offers. For example, guests are immediately interested in whether free breakfast/lunch/dinner, room cleaning, and car parking are included. In addition, create a list of special services for hotel visitors: sauna, pool, gym, restaurant, and so on.
  • Easy control. The WordPress hotel booking theme gives your team members access to data for internal use. They can easily track transactions, check payments, manage room reservations, keep a booking calendar, edit any data, update page information, keep statistics and actively interact with your audience.
  • Communication and notifications. Provide qualitative, timely mailings. Notify people about the current status of room reservations, updated costs, possible services, discounts, and loyalty bonuses. By the way, take into account the loyalty system.
  • Pricing. Pricing policy depends entirely on you and the spectrum of services. Focus on the competitors, and designate the room cost in your hotel. Set flexible prices (discounts and coupons are welcome) for different seasons. It should be commensurate with the services provided - the less the customer cares, the higher your responsibility and price.

Hotel Booking WordPress Theme: Free or Premium?

As one of the leading marketplaces, TemplateMonster presents all the necessary products for website development from scratch at different costs. There are different views on the paid and free templates, but are they all true? Is it worth focusing on the pricing when choosing a theme? Does the quality correspond to the cost?

The category of free hotel booking themes is heaven for all users in search. Indeed, newcomers usually begin their way with a free one. The main reason for this is financial accessibility. Possessing a wonderful design and a set of options for customization, they are a good starting point. With them, you get basic skills and enough experience in UI creation, working with code/alternatively, admin panel, and decorating without the financial expense.

When the basic package is over, novices look for more features and prefer the premium segment. Paid themes are characterized by a more flexible configuration system and advanced tool kit with various add-ons and extensions. Their significant advantage is uniqueness. If you want to impress visitors from the first seconds, you need a premium product. Thanks to qualified customer service, dealing with premium items is several times easier. The product's author provides timely assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Do you have a question? Ask them directly to the developer - he knows best how to solve the problem. By the way, the paid templates are updated frequently. The developer dedicates a lot of time to digital product upgrades and modifications because their level of performance determines their popularity. Premium hotel booking WordPress themes are always about modernity, speed, efficiency, and uniqueness!

More, More, and More... What Extensions are Must-Haves?

You need a hotel booking website with advanced parameters and numerous options for successful online communication with visitors and accurate reporting. By default, templates are relatively highly specialized. However, they are great at supporting modules.

  • WPML. Any platform on the web should have multiple language options. Your inn site is no exception. A multilingual plugin helps to provide free translations into the languages you need. It makes the page target foreign clients as well. If you are gearing up to take your motel business to the international arena and collaborate with cross-border partners, start with WPML.
  • WooCommerce. As a WordPress plugin, it performs 5 out of 5. It has a flexible customization system and, oooh, so many options. Although it is originally positioned on the market as an e-commerce tool, it is acceptable to implement it into all kinds of resources.
  • MailChimp. Entrepreneurs often need to pay more attention to the role of email marketing. And yet it is the key to attracting attention and increasing traffic. It is especially true during global digitalization when it takes a few seconds to click on a link. This plugin helps keep in touch with hotel visitors, collect data, and send special offers based on their preferences.
  • Revolution Slider. You dream of a modern and attractive visual, don't you? Being easy to use, the plugin offers a wide palette of additional tools for visually filling pages. Animated user interface elements, sliders, and carousels make the platform more dynamic and memorable. With Revolution Slider, you won't feel any problems due to a lack of skills - affordable and simplified customization methods await you.

Hotel Booking WordPress Themes Video

To create a sticky navigation menu with Elementor Builder, you do not need experience and profound code knowledge. Please watch the video tutorial and repeat. It is simpler than it seems!

Hotel Booking WordPress Themes Q&A

Could I use hotel booking WordPress themes with no site-building experience?

Sure. TemplateMonster has user-friendly digital products. It is not a problem, even if you have no basic knowledge or experience. First, along with the template file, you get a documentation file (a kind of instruction for use). Second, you may always get qualitative help from the developer.

Could you customize a turnkey website based on hotel booking WordPress themes?

Yes. TemplateMonster WebStudio provides customization services for a fixed, reasonable price. Specialists install the chosen template, replace the demo content with your information and logo, tune the color, activate the contact form, and integrate the map. As a result, you get a ready-made website and don't have to worry about dirty work.

Could I save money by buying premium hotel booking WordPress themes?

Yes, it is possible if you are a subscription member. MonsterONE is a special unique offer for regular marketplace customers. Three tariffs with fixed prices and a flexible range of opportunities are available to you. You can download unlimited products from a 200,000+ assortment with a subscription. In addition, like any premium user, you get half a year of free tech support and constant updates.

How many times could I apply the hotel booking WordPress theme?

A maximum of 50 times. It depends on the product and license. For example, to use the theme once, you only need a personal one. With the commercial, you are free to use it five times, and the business license allows you to import the theme up to 50 times and build unique designs.