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Sehr einfache Landingpage passt optimal für mich. Es wird für eine Nachsorgeeinrichtung umgestaltet.
Шаблон очень понравился, покупаю уже не первый раз, большое вам спасибо!
There were three reasons why I purchased the template - Look, responsive design, and met the clients requirements. I am primarily a developer with a little design skill. The client needed the landing page up quickly for the summer camp season and to include in flyers for prospective clients. The template provided 80 percent of what was needed including forms. I had to do a little shifting around and incorporate client specific images, the HTML code was sufficiently documented. I did have to go through the online documentation to make use of the PHP based forms and upgrade the version of PHP to 5.4 on the server. It would be good if the version used was incorporated in some of the documentation (unless I missed it). I am very satisfied with template monster as a service. Cost effective and easy to use. Thank you, Michael Grant

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