HTML5 Landing Page Templates - The Best Choice for Your Business

Many companies provide various services, goods, or information in the modern world. They are constantly competing and struggling for customers' attention and high income. To be at the top and on the hearing, you certainly need to use new methods of promoting your company. With the active development of the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to Internet solutions to conduct business effectively. Some create full-fledged websites and move wholly or partly into the online realm. However, it is no secret that launching a web resource is time-consuming and requires investment. Moreover, not everyone is ready to puzzle over the development of design and structure. HTML5 landing page templates are a great solution in this case.

A landing page is a cool way to establish a presence on the Internet. A one-page website allows you to turn visitors into leads, which may become your company's regular customers. It is a great marketing engine that does its job one hundred percent. One more good news is that such a resource is easy to build with templates. Ready-made themes provide a fresh design and the best features to launch a web form and promote your company quickly. How to work with layouts, and what are the advantages of such websites? It's time to figure it out!

What Do You Need to Know About the Landing Page?

Until a few years ago, collecting potential customer data and attracting them to your company was a time-consuming, almost overwhelming task. Landing form revolutionized lead generation and made it possible to simplify all the processes several times. What is this miracle tool, and what is its value?

A landing page is a resource that prompts users to take action, such as leaving their details, signing up for a newsletter, or even buying a product. Most often, consumers get to the target form from search results or advertising on social networks. Such a resource consists of a catchy title, a unique offer, and bright images. Cool material should always be in sight, so the visitor scrolls to the end. Thus, each subsequent block stirs interest in the product and removes objections. On the last screen, the user performs a target action: leaves data or buys a product.

In a nutshell, a target form is a great marketing tool to generate leads and increase company revenue. Its main strengths include:

  • simplicity - the website has the simplest structure and is not cluttered with content, which allows the visitor to concentrate on the offer;
  • flexibility - consumers quickly find the right material and take action thanks to modern technologies;
  • easy to launch - HTML5 landing page templates help you quickly and inexpensively create a brilliant resource and enjoy the result.

Why Do Users Appreciate HTML5 Landing Page Templates?

HTML is a language for structuring and presenting content; HTML 5 is its new, improved version that supports multimedia without complicating the code. It offers advanced option for markup and makes it much easier to work with videos and images. Target websites are very popular and in demand among IT consumers. It is unsurprising because such websites are distinguished by speed, flexibility, and high SEO optimization. In addition, they are not deprived of cool characteristics and modern design elements necessary for high-quality lead generation.

Of course, you need basic coding knowledge to create such a website. What if you do not want to fool around with the code and enjoy the easy resource launch?

The solution is HTML5 landing page templates. It's a great solution for entrepreneurs who don't have time to spend on development from scratch and, yet, still want excellent results. The themes offer stylish design, clean, easily modified code, and all modern functions, including web forms. All you need to work with them is a little coding knowledge for editing and many ideas and creativity to spice up your project. So, the HTML5 landing page template offers impressive features and equips the user with all the necessary tools to promote a business and build a client base.

HTML5 One Page Templates - Main Features

Launching a full-fledged website requires a lot of tools. The urgent need for cool features is primarily because the main task of this type of website is to hook the visitor, stir up his interest in the service, and encourage him to take action. Luckily, HTML5 landing page templates are equipped with all the modern functions to fulfill this goal in the best possible way.

One of the main details is that the ready-made themes are fully editable. It lets you completely change details and translate your ideas into a spectacular target project. As for the rest of the functionality, check it out right now to apply it to your work:

Fully responsive

All elements, buttons and images of the responsive themes adapt to any screen size and look attractive on any device, including computers, smartphones and tablets.

SEO friendly

Promotion is a key element in the effectiveness of a website. All HTML layouts are fully SEO optimized and guarantee that your resource will be at the top of the search results.

Performance optimization

Each HTML5 landing page template provides fast and error-free operation from any device and in any browser.

Google Maps

A high-quality target resource should contain as much information as possible about your company. Add a location using Google Maps so visitors can find you quickly and without problems.


Do you want to present your services as effectively as possible? Use a portfolio layout and talk about your strengths and projects.

Team members

People enjoy working with people they know, so introducing employees is integral to a successful resource.

Blog module

Layouts allow you to maintain a high-quality blog with articles and illustrations for them. If you want to complement your photography resource with cool posts, then landing design layouts with a blog are at your disposal.

Dropdown menu

Ready-made layouts offer a convenient drop-down menu for quick and easy navigation.

Reliable documentation

Each product comes with well-prepared documentation with instructions on how to use it. So, dealing with them is a pleasure, even for newcomers to IT.

Secrets to Building a Successful Resource with HTML5 Landing Page Templates

For the web project to bring the desired result, it is very important to think through every detail, from appearance to functionality. Of course, ready-made themes make many tasks much easier. Layouts provide a well-thought-out design with all modern graphic and 3D elements, a convenient structure and cool features. You just have to take care of filling the project.

Don't know where to start? Take a look at some practical tips and get started:

  • Determine the target action to implement the necessary functions. For instance, subscribe, buy, sign up for a consultation, try a demo, and so on. By the way, a contact form is great for leaving requests for the business services target website.
  • Get creative with your design. Choose a modern, trendy theme with various eye-catching details, such as GIFs or 3D elements. Edit it to add uniqueness to the target project.
  • Consider structure. All materials must be placed in ascending order to increase interest in the offer.
  • Come up with a catchy headline that showcases your services. Approach the task creatively because it is the name that determines whether the user will stay on the resource or not.
  • Create a call to action. The button should be bright and attract attention. The text, in turn, is catchy and memorable.
  • Add web forms. The target website is not complete without various forms to receive information about the visitor and turn it into a lead.
  • Run ads. Make sure that the resource is at the hearing. To do this, refer to posts on social networks, newsletters or advertising.

Top-notch Free Fonts for Your Project

Effective landing is a winning combination of all sorts of elements, including colors, images, and fonts. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of not paying enough attention to creating clean, modern typography. However, this is a very important stage on which the text's readability and the website's overall appearance depend. If you are ready to be creative and build a real masterpiece, then a selection of free fonts is what you need. TemplateMonster YouTube channel prepared a cool video where he collected the top 10 best solutions for your project. Follow the link and get inspired!

HTML5 Landing Page Templates FAQ

Is it possible to edit HTML5 landing page templates without coding skills?

Unfortunately, no. You need to intervene in the code to change themes and add elements. However, do not rush to upset. HTML5 is a fairly flexible version that allows you to work with layouts using basic tags.

Why are premium themes better than free HTML5 landing page templates?

First of all, premium solutions have a unique design and offer many integrated tools ready to be launched. In addition, 6 months of free support is provided with paid solutions, so you don't have to worry about problems.

How to choose the best HTML5 landing page template?

Everything is very simple. First, decide on your preferences in design, structure and functions. Then, in the sidebar, set the parameters you want to see options that suit your needs. Choose the most winning solution, try the demo and read the reviews. If you are sure this is what you need, proceed to the order and start working!

What if I'm having trouble working with the HTML 5 target website theme?

Don't worry. Contact the TemplateMonster support team or layout author to fix any problems as soon as possible.