Choose The Best One Page Landing Page Templates

It's not an easy task to create a small website where you place all the information compactly. However, it immediately becomes easier if you approach it wisely and think about strategy. We'll tell you how to make a stunning, convenient and complete website using One page landing page templates. With the help of this article, you can sell any product or service. After reading this article, find out our layouts' features and how to fill sections with the most amazing content to get a tangible and desired result. Below we'll try to answer all the most important questions. In the meantime, start to proceed to view the themes above.

Landing Page One Page Theme: What Is It?

First, let's look at the main differences between this type of site compared to standard portals:

  • Compact placement of data.
  • First, it tells straight to the offer's point, then reveals its details.
  • Suitable for selling a small number of services or goods.
  • All the latest design technologies are implemented on the Home page to impress the visitor as much as possible.
  • Ideal for spontaneous purchases or subscriptions. (Depending on the main purpose of the website).
  • Higher conversion rate. However, leads won't always mean real sales. After all, an unpaid order isn't yet considered bought.
  • All information and the good's advantages are conveyed in the form of abstracts, short and clear.
  • Quick launch of the project. Therefore, you may get the first customers in a short time.
  • More aimed at selling, not creating and shaping the company's image. (This task isn't the meaningful one in this case).
  • Mass promotion with the help of SEO in search engines is impossible. However, this tool is useful if you see this expediency and the service is not seasonal.

If speaking about the visual aspect, you easily realize your design idea with the help of simple layouts you see on our marketplace. After all, the new appearance our buyer gets immediately after theme installation.

In essence, a one page HTML template is a site layout created by web designers that changes the look of the website. However, in addition to the visual results, all buyers receive other improvements. We'll talk about them below.

One Page Landing Page Template: Who Needs It?

There are several common cases where this type of site is the most suitable option.

Firstly, all service firms find such a solution the most attractive and financially beneficial. To promote them, you don't need a full-fledged portal. You sell only a few goods, not thousands, as the online shops have. Most likely, you have 3-7 similar offers to describe. Consequently, you don't have so much data to demonstrate to a potential audience. The most favorable way to present your offer to people is through a concise site with compact data.

Secondly, when you are a large company and want to promote a new product or individual goods. Placing up to 10 products isn't a problem. Additionally, you can make relations with the main online store. For example, place a button the user must press to get a bonus card from a supplier. So, the visitor moves to the official online shop after clicking.

Thirdly, the use is appropriate for attracting subscriptions and collecting data. For example, you want to survey a specific topic. Or get subscribers to company news, promotional offers and more.

Fourthly, a huge portal isn't required to register for event participation. A concert, training session or performance can be quickly and efficiently gathered with its compact counterpart. At the same time, there is all the necessary information before deciding with the client in full.

Fifth, concise websites will be required as an intermediate part of the buying process. For example, place useful articles with links to your items for sale in the text. At the same time, the link leads to the official online store.

Which Businesses Like One Page Landing Page Templates?

At the top of this article is a large collection of layouts for different activities. Therefore, it's safe to say that the goods are suitable for many businesses.

Among the buyers on TemplateMonster are the following companies:

  • Financial sphere - consulting, banking institutions to promote conditions for deposits and loans.
  • Training for personal growth, psychological, for professional development.
  • Language courses and schools.
  • Photographers, artists, painters, models, and creative persons for making a personal portfolio.
  • Dry cleaners.
  • Service station, car repair and tuning.
  • SEO specialists, copywriters, and marketers to promote themselves.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers.
  • Hardware sellers.
  • Factories of furniture and interior items.
  • Amusement parks, zoos.
  • Private kindergartens and circles.
  • Event organizers.
  • Restaurants.
  • Catering.
  • Dental clinics, psychological consultations, private clinics.
  • Call centres.

We may continue the list of activity types. After all, small sites are useful as the main portal and an additional tool to attract customers. The list of potential audiences is so large that we can't fully describe it. Try to approach business development creatively. If you want to launch a project quickly, then a single landing page template is the best way.

Meaningful Advantages

It's time to move on to reading the description if you liked the look. You'll find many useful functions in addition to the cool design in the list. We offer to learn more about the most popular and useful advantages and what they give the buyer.


This amazing feature makes your search engine rankings easier. Of course, you don't need this option if you plan to develop a website solely for collecting subscriptions. After all, the duration of the action and functionality of such a website is short. But if it becomes the official site on the network, then you probably want it to be on the Google list for the main key queries. After installing the theme purchased on TemplateMonster, you get a site ready for further work on SEO.

The web developer added several improvements:

  • Coded in a simple way.
  • Developed a meta title and description that are unique and understandable.
  • Created a search engine-friendly structure of sections.

These and other works help to quickly reach the desired positions since it'll now be easier for search engines to read the information. Therefore, Google or Yahoo will soon assign you a place in the ranking.

Responsive Layout of One Page Landing Page Templates

Now it's very important to have a perfect appearance on different gadgets. This requirement is because the share of purchases made from mobile phones is growing. Growth trends have continued for several years now. More and more people buy goods and order services online using their smartphones. It's more convenient to buy this way because your potential audience uses mobile phones everywhere - in transport, at work, and not just at home. Responsive layout quickly adjusts to any screen size. In this way, people are guaranteed to see all the key benefits of the offer clearly.

Big Slider

If you have several top offers, then a large and eye-catching slider will help! Smooth scrolling is slow and not harsh. You can display more useful and intriguing information on the banner due to the large dimensions of this element. You may even link a banner to another portal.


Almost no modern site can work without this visual effect. With Parallax, the look is more modern, stylish, and technical. This element is a must-have of today's design for every business.

Convenient Contact Form

Web developers are buyers too, and place orders on other portals. Thus, they understand the importance of a simple, understandable, and, most importantly, a small contact form. You need not make many fields to collect all the contact details. Indeed, often a person doesn't even use the email that indicates. You need a logical and concise contact form to avoid overloading potential clients with unnecessary and boring tasks.

Subscribe to News

People often make a small site to tell potential clients about their business for this goal. Therefore, pay close attention to the look of this component. As with the contact form, the newsletter subscription banner should be as concise as possible.

Embedded Blog

This section helps you in promotion in search engines. Add articles that contain keywords and have semantic value for the reader. The more visitors read the more positive the search engine treats the sections. Therefore, raise you in the rankings. Of course, in this case, you can't start the business without high-quality content in the Blog. Please note that on TemplateMonster, visitors may order additional services for creating high-quality, interesting and SEO-friendly texts. For more details about the conditions and prices, see the link.

Retina Ready

Modern gadgets are made using different types of screens. Nowadays, Apple isn't the only company using screens with a high pixel density. If your sections are not Retina Ready, all the pictures will look like a blur. That's why the option is very important. Web developers took care of it in advance and implemented the task by adding Retina Ready to the themes.


There are many opponents and fans of this visual effect. Be that as it may, such an opportunity to attract the user's attention in the right place will not be superfluous. The main thing is how discreet and smooth the animation is. If used in moderation, this effect brings many benefits to the business owner in the form of orders and the potential audience to find key information.

Additional Benefits For Every Customer

In addition to the cool appearance and characteristics described above, there are other features. Please note that you won't find them in free products.

First, the huge and informative documentation. This document describes all the most popular and useful settings and how to edit them. Actions are explained step by step and in plain language. Thus, having special programming skills or additional knowledge isn't necessary to master editing. You must have a desire and a little time to read the instructions and practice.

Secondly, every customer receives free support. A web development company provides the service. A qualified and specially trained manager helps you in case of complex issues not described in the instructions. You'll not be alone with the product. After all, for additional support, you have a manager.

Thirdly, high-quality pictures, editable graphics, free plugins and other bonuses are a nice plus. These useful additions are a great gift for customers. However, not every offer has such a bonus. Please read the product description carefully.

Secrets of Writing Perfect Content

After completing all the technical work, you must think about what to fill in the sections. Of course, the content must be of high quality. Also, the content has its specifics because it isn't about filling a large portal.

There are several great tips for perfect texts:

  • Brevity is everything. No need to write many long sentences. Fill the blog with epithets and high-spirited phrases. In your case, it's necessary to provide all the key information in the abstract concisely and as briefly as possible.
  • Complete understanding between the reader and the author. Consider whether visitors may interpret the main slogans differently. Perhaps the key meaning of the phrases will be completely different from yours. To have no doubts, try testing the finished text on colleagues. At the same time, the focus group must have at least ten people of different ages, interests, and lifestyles.
  • It is important to follow the correct structure when presenting information. It's like a press release. The key idea is to tell the visitor about your offer itself. Start with the main point and move on to the details while describing your proposition. After opening the site, a person from the very first reading moment must understand the service's key essence. Otherwise, the visitor may instantly close the website.

Now you know the rules for writing texts. If you want to order a service from a professional copywriter who writes content not only beautifully but also competently in terms of SEO, contact TemplateMonster.

Five Reasons to Partner with TemplateMonster

When planning to purchase a single landing page template, pay attention to the key advantages of our marketplace:

  • Many ready-made layouts from different design firms. In this way, you easily evaluate all the companies' offers and compare what each proposes.
  • Large selection to suit different types of business. The list of main activities you can find in the product filter. If you didn't see your business in the list, select the similar one with the same tasks as yours.
  • Frequent sales on selected items. We set discounts randomly. In addition, you have an amazing and profitable opportunity to buy unlimited downloads. Just buy MonsterOne and download without restrictions. There are three tariffs for our customers to choose from the proposed ones.
  • The convenient search filter. With it, you set clear parameters by which you are looking for a design. Therefore, create the most suitable list of goods for yourself. The filter is on the left.
  • Cool Demo. With it, you fully appreciate the beauty of the layout, be able to test animated elements, and see how the design will look on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Therefore, you make a purchase confidently because you have already seen the site's appearance after installation.

As you can see, TemplateMonster, besides more than ten years of experience in its field, has a few useful advantages. Don't wait too long. Start choosing.

Cool Video on One Page Landing Page Templates

Discover how to select the perfect font!

One Page Landing Page Templates Q&A

Can I edit one page landing page templates?

Yes, all buyers may edit topics. Please use the instructions you'll receive by email after paying for the layout purchase. Documentation greatly simplifies settings.

Can I try one page landing page templates for free?

Because you get results immediately after installation, there is no test period. It's technically impossible to control the process and determine if a person has deleted a topic. However, please note that the goods are not expensive. Even a start-up business may afford such a purchase. At the same time, you get a high-quality and expensive-looking design for little money.

How are the one page landing page templates different from the free ones?

The main difference is the appearance people usually seaning when viewing the demo. We ensure that graphics are more stylish and modern in paid layouts. It also uses TOP technologies to improve the appearance, such as parallax, slow scrolling and animation, etc. Also, all buyers receive free support for six months and instructions for editing the theme. Don't forget that the layouts are constantly updated, guaranteeing trouble-free operation.

How to order one page landing page templates?

First, make your choice. Then add a theme to the shopping cart and fill in your contacts. Proceed to payment and complete it. After the money comes to our account, you instantly receive an email with a link to download the product. As a bonus, you'll also receive chic and informative instructions.