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3 Best Online Chat Joomla Templates 2024

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Pintex Responsive Joomla Template 93 $55

Joomla Online Chat Templates

Do you own an online store or service website? Do you have to deal with customers every day? In this case, we can make your communication more efficient and productive. We provide beautifully designed Joomla Online Chat Templates that include all the necessary quick and comfortable dialogue functions.

Socializing and rapid feedback is one of the most important keys to high sales in any business. Each person sometimes wants to feel exceptional, and that's why it is important to show your special attitude. The easiest way to do this is to give the consumer enough attention and answer any questions he might have. Even the slightest delay can force them to contact another company. Live Joomla chats with their multifunctional and bright themes can solve this problem.

Our templates are cross-platform and available for any browser and device. They include a minimalistic interface, the ability to add attachments and receive instant responses 24/7 (or depending on your work schedule), as well as a simple "registration" which saves the client's time. Many people would not like to make purchases or get advice through personal social networks or register on a website for these purposes under their names. Now anyone can ask a question anonymously. In a competitive market, a high level of service is the essential way to stand out. You may get all this right now and watch the credibility of your work grows.

Reasons to Try Joomla Online Chat Templates

  • You'll be capable of instantly processing all the requests from users, and they don't have to call or write an email, waiting for an answer for too long.
  • During communication, you recognize the client's doubts and prove why they should choose your company. You can also help them if they have not decided on the choice of a product or service.
  • The Joomla online chat window icon will always remind the customer that he is significant and can ask for help anytime, which brings them more confidence. Positive emotions from communicating with a company representative increase the chance of purchasing goods or supplying.
  • One online advisor can have multiple conversations simultaneously, so you don't need to hire a large crew.
  • People have the opportunity to contact a consultant outside of working hours.
  • Will increase the coverage of customers from other countries, for whom a phone call is not a convenient way of communication.
  • The appropriate location of the live chat window allows the website guests to save time and continue scrolling the site while the advisor is typing an answer.
  • The integral part of any business is maintenance. If it's of high quality, then the product can be sold at a higher price. It means that a pleasant pastime in online chat helps people to spend more money.

Are Joomla Online Chat Templates that Good?

Definitely yes. And that's why:

  • Real-time chat;
  • Ability to exchange files and media; images are displayed directly in the chat;
  • Ad-free;
  • Ability to share url with a link;
  • Sound notification on the site or email notification;
  • Notifications about new messages on email for offline users;
  • Saving the history of correspondence;
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Notification about the typing of text by another user;
  • Ability to minimize the chat and open it again at any time;
  • Online/offline status display.

What Tips do Exist for Improving Your Use of Joomla Online Chat Rooms?

Dialogue box is one of the most popular and advanced communication methods, which means that you must make sure that the level of conversations is always at its best. Here are some tips to help you connect with your customers more appropriately, professionally, and personalized.

Staff Tips:

  1. Hire qualified and proactive employees who are well versed in what they are dealing with. Online consultants are the bridge between your company and the client, so they need to have good communication skills and make a good impression on anyone. Counselors should be polite, say hello and goodbye, show interest and genuine involvement. The consumer won't contact you again if your workers are rude, boring, and cannot answer clearly.
  2. Train your crew. Create rules and teach them how to sell more. Managers should be aware of all news, promotions, and launched products or services.
  3. Prepare a list for your crew with answers to all possible applications. This helps reduce the response time and allows the manager to pay more attention to establishing contact rather than thinking about finding a solution.
  4. If possible, do not use bots. It is cheaper, but it won't bring you the desired profit. "Real" operators will be able to provide quality advice and exhaustive response to any question.
  5. If you own a large company, distribute the responsibilities of consultants depending on their competence (sales, returns, additional services, etc.). So the answers will be accurate and clear.

Tips for Organizing Work Process:

  1. Prepare the FAQ list. This step saves time for both the client and the chat consultant. Most of the appeals are related to delivery, payment, terms of services, price and other basic details, which can be written separately.
  2. Respond to messages on time. Joomla online chat is not just a beautiful icon on a website. It's as important way of communication as well as a call center or email, so don't let it become a useless widget.
  3. If your experts don't work around the clock, indicate the time when the customer can ask for advice. However, even if the support service is offline at the time of contact, make sure that the other methods of communication are visible - phone number, mail, social networks, etc. No one should feel abandoned.
  4. Place the popup window button in a potentially convenient place for the users. It doesn't have to interfere with viewing the content on the site. It should be visible, but not annoying or importunate.

What Can You Reveal, Analyzing the Data of Online Chats?

Analyzing the number of applications and the response time of the company is the main task. Some potential clients cannot wait a few minutes for feedback, so you may need to expand your staff.

Note when the main part of all massages occurs and organize work at this time if your consultants do not work 24/7. It becomes possible to evaluate the work of the consultant. This will help you draw the right conclusions about the adjustments that can be made.

Regularly interrogate the staff to find out about the most frequent questions and problems they face, whether they have time to respond to all requests in time, or cases when it wasn't possible to agree with the client. Also, poll them for technical issues. Such surveys help to make decisions right in time and improve the quality of service.

Why Joomla Is the Best CMS for Online Chat Websites

In recent years, we can observe a positive trend towards an increase in the number of sites that use CMS because CMS makes our life much easier, whatever the specifics of your website. Of course, you may hire a huge team of IT-professionals, designers, marketers and SEO-managers, but why, if there is the magic of CMS?

Easy installation for inexperienced users and support of access control protocols (, OpenID, LDAP) are some of the main advantages of Joomla. Also, you will be pleased with a convenient admin panel with a wide range of functions: templates, styles, colors and much more.

Joomla is a platform that will help you create a solid internet space with a full range of trending features. You can verify this by watching the video on our YouTube channel.

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Joomla Online Chat Templates FAQ

Who will Benefit from Buying Joomla Online Chat Templates?

  • Online business owners;
  • Companies and agencies, providing various kinds of services;
  • Internet technology professionals;
  • Event organizers;
  • Creators and blog owners who want to connect with their audience or sell goods;
  • Freelancers and others.

What are the Benefits You Get from Buying Joomla Online Chat Templates?

  • Improving the quality of service;
  • Increase in average sales;
  • Ability to analyze received data;
  • Saving time and money in comparison with using the call centers and emails;
  • You will always be aware of new trends, needs, and demands due to communication with potential business partners.

Do Joomla Live Chat Templates Come with Responsive Web Design and Available on Any Device?

Nowadays, responsive web pages are necessary, as there is a wide variety of platforms and devices with different resolutions.

It’s true that all of our products come with responsive web design and are available on any device and operating system, including iOS and Android. It means that any user can access the widget and appreciate its convenience and beauty. It also allows you to spend less money on development than creating a mobile version or an application.